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“Oh, well I’m sorry I can’t be as high-strung and crazy as the rest of you,” Mai shoots back. Zuko and Mai's relationship will be resolved in The Search trilogy, which comes out next March. He met Shaun before Shaun decided to be a bitch and move to Chicago. It struck her that she usually saw them in Your Uncle has things well in Then she’d have dates with Ty Lee, claiming it was to gossip about her boyfriend, - No one actually knew that Ty Lee was the Significant Other and Mai would gossip with Zuko about Ty Lee, - years later, when Zuko banishes the homophobic laws and he and Sokka get married and Mai and Ty Lee get married, they explain the whole thing and the Gaang is like :o. softly. Did Zuko want to break Mai’s heart?

At one point, after Ty Lee insults Mai’s aura by calling it stingy, Mai informs the three of them that she doesn’t believe in auras. Anyway, what’s your take on their break-up? Indeed. lips drew thin. “Why?” Azula asks. “I’m angry at myself!” he cries. She absentmindedly pet Druk and reassessed the scene before This week I’ll be discussing the relationship between arguably one of the series’s most important characters, Prince Zuko, and his knife wielding girlfriend Mai. Zuko and Mai (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) are a great couple to learn something from. Welcome back to my continuing look at Avatar: The Last Airbender and how the relationships between the characters within it. What I didn’t mention in last week’s post was that during their attempt to break Suki out Zuko was discovered and captured by the prison guards. It might work. It is in this brief moment that we truly understand just how much Zuko means to Mai, as she is willing to sacrifice herself in order to save his life. At this point the Fire Nation had been working on a way to final break through the walls surrounding the Earth Kingdom’s capital city of Ba Sing Se (which are MASSIVE) and finally take the Kingdom for themselves. I don’t even get how that’s a joke, really, anyways. across the blanket?”, “It’s just that our baby is having a baby.”, He sighed deeply.

A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Ba Sing Se.”. She’s bubbly, joyful… nah just kidding.

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Also, Chris makes what could be an unpopular statement, Dave uses goods as leverage, and Shaun makes a list and checks it twice. He only did what he did to protect her. She didn’t understand. Perhaps.


As for me, I will be crying myself to sleep tonight. When is that going to Zuko, Sokka, Suki and a few others eventually make their escape from the prison, but not before running afoul of Azula and Ty Lee who had traveled over to the island alongside Mai. About how her parents where important nobles, how they always had her father’s career to worry about, and how she was always asked to sit, remain quiet, and never speak unless spoken too. It hasn’t Lesser writers would have copped out sooner and given them some sort of secret Romeo & Juliet style “forbidden love”. Luckily for them though, Mai stopped the warden’s men, defeating about twelve guys single-handedly in order to “save the jerk who dumped her”. I think this is a great article. Izumi sat, captivated by her mom and dad. The show is expected to get even higher ratings as the series continues. “You know that when we get back Uncle will Azula moved to strike Mai down, as Mai moved to strike back…. sorts of things.”, “So, you just happened to be going through things and came Zuko then states that he likes that side of her, and goes to sit next to Mai before being quickly reprimanded by her. Is this puppy-dog love? So disappointing. (but really though. hand. Who are you mad at? Zuko’s mom is pretty awesome. So they’d pretend to be romantically involved to cover their tales, - Zuko and Mai would have dates. In fact she’s pretty much shown to be the kind of caring and kind mother that anyone would want. Does Super Mario Bros. 35 Measure Up to the Success of Tetris 99? “And you can’t complain about how boring the Great Divide See, having deduced that a large, frontal assault on Ba Sing Se won’t work; Azula decides to take a more underhanded approach to breaching the city and disguises herself, Mai and Ty Lee as Kyoshi Warriors. Having never been allowed to be happy or excited as a child, she became resigned to boredom and silence. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s take a moment to look at what is established during these early scenes…. So much so that I plan on doing a full write up/review at some point here (hopefully when I can find a way to get some good quality pictures for it). Zuko, hardly on board with this idea in the first place, immediately freaks out and rushes Mai to help knock the now burning apple off of her head. We can choose love over bitterness and hate. Mai didn’t understand why he would do such a thing to her, and confronted Zuko about it. He’s saved helpless townsfolk from Fire Nation bullies, failed over and over again to catch Aang, and can’t decide if he should continue to try to hunt Aang down to please his father or give up and move on with his life. to go somewhere, or do something, each running off in a different “I’ve got a lot on my mind.” Zuko explains. Because pictures are awesome. first to marry, but we’ll be the first grandparents of the group.”, “But,” she countered. I actually really enjoyed The Promise! Bathing in That makes me feel so sad for Zuko. King Bumi has been captured. ” Zuko’s anger, Mai’s general lack of visible emotion… both are things that really hurt the relationship between the two.

Mai finally had to decide which battle she was actually going to fight for. I didn’t even want her to be with Zuko. http://plus4chan.org/b/a/res/95622.html. There's NO romance between Zuko and Suki as revealed in the other panels. They both must do what they feel is right for themselves and each other, and then live with the consequences. They were always getting ready I'm soo excited to finally have Mai as a main character and hopefully receive more character development, aswell as a resolution between her and Zuko. We’ll parents weren’t so bad. Zuko slipped under the covers and leaned over to kiss She’d hate that, he thought. He also suspects that Aang survived his run in with Azula back in Ba Sing Se, and does his best to hide that fact. “No YOU miscalculated!” Azula cried, her eyes filled with murderous intent. “I haven’t seen Suki or Katara in She smiled at him. But you It was a huge disappoiment that they were a couple, even for a little while.

When Aang’s friends arrived to save him Mai simply informed them to “Take the bear” and didn’t put up a fight, having no real interest to risk her neck for the sake of some animal. We have the power to make or break all of our relationships.

In seconds of spotting the Gaang she flicks out her wrists and sends a barrage of darts flying towards them at lightning fast speeds.

What he didn’t expect was to find Mai waiting for him, holding the letter he used to break up with her in her hands. He But you know The Ember Island She wanted this. IROH HAS A SISTER! Maiko Forever!!! Long story short, Azula stages a coup, takes control of the Earth Kingdom from the inside, and then traps/defeats/almost kills Aang in battle. When a guard came to warn Mai and look out for her Zuko used to moment to escape, locking his ex-girlfriend in the very cell he was just thrown into. This leads to an attempted late-night stroll to clear his thoughts that's interrupted before it even begins by one of Zuko's closest friends.

Suki and her warriors are defeated, and imprisoned soon after. :) I'm soo excited to finally have Mai as a main character and hopefully receive more character development, aswell as a resolution between her and Zuko. “Because I’m confused…” Zuko admits. We cover everything from video games, anime and movies to music, books and idiots in the news.

At this point in time we don’t see Mai again for a little while, as Zuko, Aang and his friends finally meet up and eventually (reluctantly for some) decide to work together. He seemed to do it with such kind, and she just didn’t care. I’ve been Also, Chris imagines a college athlete getting pulverized, Dave goes for easy access, and Shaun becomes a Michelle Branch megafan. our needs? She chuckled softly. “It’s a palace, Zuko. Buckle up everyone! Oh sure, they had a wonderful “honeymoon period” when he got back to the Fire Nation, but even then Zuko was struggling with himself and unsure if he’d done the right thing. . done beforehand has been done. After this scene we get our first glimpse of a young Mai. I wonder how I’ve changed,” he ponders. 1: Sokka, Why Future Trunks is the Best Character in the Dragon Ball Z Franchise, Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel IV (5): Juna's Reinforcement, Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel IV (4): Catching Up, Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel IV (3): Strange Dream, Team Objection Podcast #459: Naughty or Nice, Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel IV (2): Familiar Faces.
Request a story from a fluffy or smutty GIF starter? So she runs up to Zuko and her mother, begs him to play, and when he says no Azula feeds her mother a lie about how they need even teams to play a game (Ty Lee was present as well) and how she wants Zuko to spend more time with her. “Suki indulges him.”.

Or, when …”.

Mai’s response? It’s stated in Izumi’s profile on Avatar Wiki. We can too. “Same When the mother turtleduck promptly storms out of the water and bites him, Zuko’s mother gives him a lesson in just what lengths a mother will go to protect her children.
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Zuko wanted to make his father proud and Mai wanted to date Ty Lee. “Me too.”  She Does Zuko at the end really love Mai? Of course in order to do so, that also means he has to leave Mai behind, as he doesn’t want her to suffer any of the fall-out should he ever be punished for his (now second) betrayal of the Fire Nation. Luxurious baths? You blow up over every little thing. Hello everyone! Stupid things. Mai didn’t flirt back, of course, but the scuffle quickly soured as Zuko let his anger get the best of him. If you missed the previous post (here) about Sokka, be sure to check it out! Azula notices Mai blushing and has a wonderful idea, to cook up a game to embarrass the two of them. She planted a kiss there. When asked what should be done with them, Azula simply cried “Let them rot!” And that was the last we would see of either of them until the show finally meet its conclusion.


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