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Introduction. If you have played Zenonzard extensively enough or have at least read through a lot of the cards, you may feel very differently about some of our picks and that is something we accept and hope to be enlightened about. Infrerno Ring costs 2R 3N, has 500 BP and 2 DP, that can instantly deal 200 BP to 2 opposing minions. The 800 BP for 6 mana is actually already a treat and the biggest downside is the 3G in the cost. If not, delete the game and install it back from the iOS App Store. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. While you want to be able to do deck-building and dueling all on your own, it is best for you to initially go with your buddy AI’s recommendations. Griphone, though, shines after getting boosted as Griphone – Droid of the Tundra has Charge, gives all your minions 100 BP and Resurge, and returns to active state after winning a battle with another minion. Hinaria is unemployed, gaming every day. Zenonzard The Animation Episode 1 Slated for January August 23, 2019 Chapter 8 "Eilietta" September 10, 2019 Bandai To Release The Battle Card Game Zenonzard On 10th September 2019 June 21, 2019 Chapter 1 "Nonoin" March 23, 2019 Release date for Zenonzard Deckcode:01 (Real life card game) With library control being among Blue’s specialties, Having several cards with those abilities can help you get the cards you need faster than other colors. Sven777 … Hard to block, strong disruption ability. Bandai Namco’s Zenonzard: Artificial Card Intelligence continues to grow in popularity, reaching top spots of the card category on the Google Play Store in several countries, and likewise maintaining largely positive user review ratings on both mobile platforms. At the end of your turn, all yellow mana returns to active state and you get to draw a card. For 4 mana, Lucia has the potential to be as strong as any of your dragon class yellow minions in the field. This means she can immediately attack the turn she is summoned and will also return to active state at the end of your turn. Useful in many decks. Alezan can move up to 3 minions from your base to the field in active state after being summoned, and he can have any of the opposing minions retreat to base whenever he attacks. A lot of the minion’s values are actually based on their abilities instead of BP and DP and shutting them down with Muo can critically ruin any deck’s strategy. Additionally, cards have unqiue colors; red, yellow, purple, green, blue, white, and colorless. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Another concern for beginners is the added cost of having to discard from you’re the top of library into the trash pile, which generally sounds like a threat. An avian kingdom, inhabited by angels and chimera. Purple - Thanatos - The Nation of Darkness. Eleksai can only be blocked by Dragons and Dragonewts. Good choice for Blue Aggro decks, synergy with Seawyrm deck. AI is the main focus of the game, which allows players to battle against AI, join hands with AI or even nurture your AI. At the very least, there are less threats for such an expensive minion since he cannot be targeted by the opponent’s effects. Related Pages. You need multiple copies for maximum effectiveness. Hot New Top Rising. Additionally, cards have unqiue colors; red, yellow, purple, green, blue, white, and colorless. By rerolling in the game, you can acquire the legend grade cards at the start and continue to the game with a strong deck. Token decks come in various forms in many CCGs. Games/Toys. While rerolling, your main aim is only on Legend cards. Muo – The Sword of Kanatana [Yellow – Cost: 2Y 3N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]. When you have an android minion in play and Chrome Charger is at level 2, Chrome Charger cannot be targeted by the opponents effects and magic. Not only that, but many of the ACI are interconnected and part of a bigger story. If the cards are good and you are satisfied, continue to play further. Though there are many decks you can create with tokens in Zenonzard, Jade’s appeal comes from the relative low cost of 5 and the condition that you get to have a token whenever you play a spell. Ninja Girls RPG Guide: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips & Tricks, Alezan – Moves minions to the field (Legend, Blue), Wallace – Grants BP and DP, Legend, Colorless, Baldrod – Eliminates one minion with 100BP, Colorless, Lachesis – Switches the life points, Colorless. Get Prepared for Global Launch! One day she decides to hack the servers belonging to the Beholder Group for some money, and she stumbles across a carefully secured record of two witches, Alice and Rimel. For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS – Like Us On Facebook – Gaming Soul, Follow Us On Twitter – Gaming Soul. Posted by 1 month ago. Magic block ability is trong, even when used alone. There are not any gems spending to rule to get reroll or drawing cards. We have consulted with closed beta Zenonzard players and created this reliable tier list for all the players. Easy to use. Chrome Charger at level 3 is at a completely different level as minions from the android class will always win in battle against the opponent’s minions regardless of BP. Once, you start drawing the card, your reroll will automatically start. The wild Land, which represents neutral colors in Zenonzard, represent a unique feature in that it can stand on its own as well as be used along with any other color with ease. Specialties: Focuses on the Resurge ability, which causes a minon to automatically return to the Active state at the end of the turn. If not, close the game and go to the mobile settings – apps -> Zenonzard – > clear data. Hi-Clay Studio. Given that Zenonzard has just got released and more cards are definitely on the way, some of the cards we will present here may vary in usefulness and potential based on the impact of new cards. Yahmy – Conjurer of Everlasting Night [Purple – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]. 10. pinned by moderators. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . save. Once he comes into play, you get to choose an opposing minion and that minion will not be able to attack, block, or move until the end of the opponent’s next turn. He can be evolved whenever you summon an avian minion and at level 2, the returned minion goes to the bottom of the deck instead of the opponent’s hand. You would want to attack with Marya as often as you can because whenever she does, you get to reclaim one magic card up to a cost of 5 from your trash back into your hand. Log In Sign Up. 10. With each color in Zenonzard sporting a unique evoker that calls forth a powerful, evolving minion, Kanatana does not lag behind in terms of the summoned arcana’s abilities. Lachesis – Decider of Fate [Neutral – Cost 9N – BP: 500 – DP: 1]. Lucia – The Thunderstrikes Rider [Yellow – Cost: 1Y 3N – BP: 400 – DP: 1]. Card Pack ALL PC:05 GLORY EX:04 HEROIC_MASQUERADE EX:03 Battle Spirits PC:04 FORBIDDEN EX:02 Revenant of the Sword PC:03 EVOLVE PC:02R DIVINE PC:02 CONTRACT PC:01R BEYOND EX:01 Nine Knights of the Magic City PC:01 AWAKEN BASIC Check Out – Best mobile games. card classic compact. Press J to jump to the feed. Deals big damage just for summoning her. Twin-Horned Treewalker – The Impaler [Green – Cost: 3G 7N – BP: 1500 – DP: 0]. As an added perk, Frieren can only be blocked by Dragons and Dragonewts. There are 7 basic colors that categorize cards with 1 color being neutral and forms part of practically every deck. On a more strategic aspect, this nation also utilizes minion movements more efficiently than all other nations. Weapon Vahn Jean – Bearer of Fruition [Green – Cost: 2G 3N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]. Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24/30/36/42/48%. Schniden can disable an opponent’s ability to activate magic cards provided that your minion belonging to the android or arcana class attacks during the turn. Another way to help you prepare your very own ultimate deck is by looking into the cards of the top decks in Zenonzard. Considering everything, the card draw ability is what makes him tick. Once he transforms into Orka – The Tempestuous King, he gains Charge, blue minions gain Infiltrate until end of turn, and your blue mana becomes active if he deals damage. Join. Childe best Artifact Perfect for toying with your opponent using combos and surprise attacks. Kanatana – Nation of Light (Yellow) should be a favorable choice for those who want to strategize around surprising opponents with instant re-balancing of minions’ strength and numbers in the field. Noblesse... Racket Renegade - Sports, gaming and Anime Fans. Baldrod – The Blazing Demon [Neutral – Cost: 7N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]. Her Arcana, Lunar Monarch, can place any of the opponent’s minion in the rest state until the opponent’s next standby phase after Lunar Monarch gets summoned. While his basic effect is already good to have, Hardin becomes even better when boosted as he gains Charge, give all your other minions 200 BP and 1 DP until the end of the turn, and when he attacks, prevents any opposing minion with a cost of 6 or less from attacking, blocking, or moving until the opponent’s next turn. Powerful boardwipe ability, even without androids.


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