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Anybody that is from France. Gay Urban Dictionary Challenge (ft. Mike Rizzi) - … In the context of Urban Dictionary, "definitions" include not only literal definitions, but also descriptions. This video is unavailable. I meant to post this earlier this week but I've had dance camp so I've been super busy. Slur for an Asian with big lips and slanty eyes, popular on East Coast of U.S.A. In the context of Urban Dictionary, "definitions" include not only literal definitions, but also descriptions. There’s no changing it. What was once a beautiful video sharing website made by three former PayPal guys, it's now one owned by Google and it has changed for the absolute worse. It creates a visual definition for Urban Slang using online videos. 1: Much Ribbit 2: Very Wow 3: Such Not Doge 4: Like Doge, but Froge Thanks to Google, YouTube channels look very tacky. Get a what the frog mug for your mate James. URBAN DICTIONARY CHALLENGE - Dirty Words w/ the #GoonSquad - Duration: 17:55. Watch Queue Queue. Get the Thoughts and prayers neck gaiter and mug. Surveillance term for following (tailing) a subject with at least two or more vehicles. I take some time to read Urban Dictionary. "Thuggin It" represents a new twist to viral videos. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 17:55. Channel layouts are too big and users can't see their custom backgrounds well. make sure to check out the challenge we did with Ian; subscribe to TheIanKemama; this video we try to guess slangs derived from the urban was a train always give credit where credit is due;airhorn sound effect; music; Deaf Kev - InvincibleLink; DEAF KEVSoundCloud another one;Rhastafarian by www.audionautix.comlink: thank you so much for subscribing to my channel, it really means a lot. Watch Queue Queue LostInPlace Recommended for you. Meaning what the fuck. HI THERE!


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