youku drama list

Episodes:  48 

Title: Growing Pain / 少年派 / Shao Nian Pai

I would say that I have watched quite a lot. However, if your main interest is romance, you likely won't be satisfied. The China's best drama is untamed. Episodes: 40  When chaos descends upon her home, she has no choice but to leave.

Wu Jiayi as Qu Manting. Episodes: 41 Genre: Family Guo Jingfei as Su Mingcheng

With the help of his assistant, they delve into the criminal mind.

Genre: Adventure, Suspense, Fantasy Starring: Episodes: 42

i think Love o2o is an interesting drama to watch, I watch eternal love and love 020.

The story follows a young man with a mysterious background. Qin Junjie as Zi Liping  In the posters unveiled, Flying Tiger 3 and The Impossible 3 were the first two in the lineup and were marked with “Youku VIP”, showing their blockbuster drama status.

The Story of Minglan3.

Joseph Zeng Shunxi as Zhang Wuji Episodes: 76

Despite this, true friendships play an important role in our lives, as this series demonstrates. Are they destined to find each other again in three different lives, in three different worlds? Genre: Costume, Wuxia If you love stories about gods, goddesses, immortals, and demons, dive into this drama! Starring: Title: Princess Silver / 白发 / Bai Fa A beggar with extraordinary talents in business meets the chivalrous hero who saves her, thus beginning a sweet yet painstaking romance that progresses from their first meeting to becoming friends and falling in love. Broadcast Period: February 14, 2019 Youku Genre: Costume, Wuxia, Romance Episodes: 48  I know love 020 is popular but never realized that people are sleeping on NIRVANA IN FIRE.

Genre: Costume, Political Genre: Romance, School I love Ashes of love most❤️ I really love Jin mi, she is so beautiful and I love the story too.

If sweet, simple stories are your cup of tea, don't miss this series! Arsenal Military Academy / 烈火军校 / Lie Huo Jun Xiao. Yeah!


June 9, 2019  Hunan TV, iQIYI, Tencent, Mango TV, Youku, The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With The Note / 盗墓笔记2: 怒海潜沙 / Dao Mu Bi Ji 2: Nu Hai Qian Sha. You'll also find a couple of mentions of wuxia and xianxia, which are terms you may not be familiar with.

A story that takes place during turbulent times when the Northern Song and Western Xia were at war. dramas which I loved watching: love020 legend of yunxi love the way you are here to heart princess is back skate into love w-two worlds the big boss dear prince my little princess. 2 movies with Chen Kun on the list - must see.

Which is a great historical Chinese drama. There, she is loyal and honest until she is manipulated into thinking that the current dynasty is built upon the corpses of her loved ones, those of a fallen kingdom. Episodes: 46 A story that follows a princess with amnesia who meets a prince that did not want to marry her and how they find a place for themselves despite the complications of the time.

Johnny Huang Jingyu as Li Fei If no one has watched it, you’re missing out!

Title: Le Coup De Foudre / 我只喜欢你 / Wo Zhi Xi Huan Ni Highly recommended. Based on the novel of the same name, Bloody Romance (媚者无疆) follows a beautiful woman thrown into a chaotically cruel world—and who has no choice but learn how to survive. Synopsis:

The story of The Endless Love (路从今夜白之遇见青春) centers on a young man who is a talented painter.

Xing Fei as Situ Mo  Neo Hou Minghao as Wu Xie 

Episodes: 40 Love all these dramas but UNTAMED should be included in this list. Tang Xiaotian as Fu Pei  Everyone is pursuing their dreams, but each faces challenges: struggles, departures, imprisonments, betrayals or deaths of loved ones. In the Victorian period, two children are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific.

Episodes: 24 On this quest, she gets to know the crown prince of Wuji, and she develops feelings for him. #MingDynasty #JoyOfLife #RoyalNirvana #SwordDynasty❤❤❤ please continue Eng Subs. Title: The Longest Day in Chang’An / 长安十二时辰 / Chang An Shi Er Shi Chen Youku's line-up isn't too bad.


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