yoruba proverbs about gratitude

(It is wise to know what one is negotiating to buy.). We can ... Mika asks: Hi Jen. Finally it learned to say Yes to every request but escape when the animals were not looking. (To expect the impossible is to delude oneself. ), A k p k k e k w . One does not carve a tall statue without resting its hand on something. ✬ Àgbọ́ká etí ọlọ́ràn á di / Some things should be ignored. (When one has found success, one does not persist in grubbing. Fagunwa’s Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmale (1938). ), Alr k ru in. ), A k m bn tetere. It is in furtherance of one's own fortune that one calls the name Temidire. (It matters nothing if one is derided, as long as one knows what one is doing and why. (One does not turn one's back on one's means of livelihood.

), A k fi l j iy. ), Ad lrnkn j. (One should not slight one person in order to humor another. We strive to keep a child from dying, and you say he resembles neither the father nor the mother. See also, gblagb ti k r . (Children should not be praised too highly; they should always be made aware that they can be even better.). [Back to text], 44. ), Abiyam, kgbo wr; j l. One does not shave a head in the absence of the owner.

), A k fi ran ikn gbn ti gbnrn n. (It is in the nature of sheep to follow and to lack initiative. (Those who are patient will have the best of things.

jp yan lko, allye- n j ppy. (One should consider the possible consequences of one's actions before one acts. [Back to text], 6. ), A k gbj-u ff l ad gg; a k gbj-u yyan l algm. [45], yangb j dn; gbn k la j kj t yan? Note the play on the syllable, j, which as a word means fight, and which forms the main part of the name j, which can be taken to means a person who fights. ), A k d r ikn pa or. (When one is in need, one cannot be too choosy.) [Back to text], 3. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. One does not compete with another for a chieftaincy title and also show the way to the king's house to the competitor. An elder shows a smooth belly to the world; but what he will do is known to him. Padlocks do not share their secrets with one another. (One's success cannot exceed one's enterprise.) (Ineptitude makes an impossible job of the easiest tasks.) Aj ti er-e r b dnilj l d s ehoro. (Chicks foraging at the dump are easy prey for kites. [Back to text] 18. A bm k gbn, a n k m k; k n pa m b gbn? 29. Tortoise says that since the day it learned the trick of saying yes its neck has ceased to shrink. (One should make provisions for the future in one's youth. - Fans question actress Chacha Eke after she shared new photos with hubby, This little baby becomes famous on the internet after reciting Nigerian states and capitals (see video), Former governor arraigned by EFCC over alleged N3.1bn fraud. (The woman, certainly. (A person who has no part in paying for a thing is seldom careful in using it.) [28], gbkan l r If adit. (Some tasks are impossible to accomplish. [8]

Sitting-without-leaning-the-back-against-something is like standing. One does not position the commander of the army at the rear of the column.

One chases conspiracy away, as though one would have it disappear into the bush.

), A k yin md lj ara ; fshn n kngun . The creeper is destroying itself, but it thinks it is destroying its host. (Never try to go in two directions at once.) (One must not do the forbidden if one does not expect trouble.) [Back to text], 2. A little bit of it is a little bit of it: the policeman's short pants.

), wtl n j m gbn; m k gbn lsn. (One would be wise to avoid adversaries confident enough to show their hands beforehand. The palm-wine tapper of Ijaye: instead of looking to his own affairs says Agboroode has been destroyed by invaders.

[10], A n rk ni y pa md, boj-whn; j n j? (A person for whom everything must be spelled out, a person who cannot make deductions from the most obvious hints, is daft indeed.

The world here stands, of course, for people at large. A k lm lhin k onj. ), A fn lb o tami si; o gbn ju lb l. (One does not settle a matter in the absence of the person most concerned. 28. ), jp n k s oun t d b oun t a m e; n b n b rn lko p, kkan a ma b sun lnu. One does not tease a warrior by saying there is a war (or an invasion.)

A washerman does enter harbor a grudge with the river.

(One should not dwell on what favor one has done. One does not consume salt according to one's greatness.


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