yak cheese price in nepal

12: Butter Packed 250g. Only Free range yaks used ! With increasing global temperature, who knows these docile animals might extinct in the future due to lack of adequate habitat. Are these dog chew made from fresh non fat yak's milk? DDC offers Best Himalayan Yak Cheese in Nepal at Budget Price. ), Crude Protein Min .......................70.71%, Crude Fat Min ...............................3.77%, Crude Fiber Max ...........................0.37%, Moisture Max ..............................12.30%, Ash Max ........................................5.92%, each treat weighs at least 6+ ounces (over 3/4 lb.! On average, there are 60-65 pieces in this 32 oz bag, ho... 20% off for Novelty November! The Corporation, meanwhile, has fixed the cheese price at Rs1,801 a kilo and Rs1,000 for a kilo of butter. Made in Nepal. And, also its dung is used to prepare fire cakes. Made in Nepal. For you, I recommend having a Nepal trekking. Made in Nepal. Sourced from free-ranging, grass fed yak in the mountains of Nepal. Specs: each piece weighs between 4 - 4.99 oz and is barcoded. The NDT Alpha Chew 2-Pack contains (2) XX-Large Monster chews: XX-Large chews are appropriate for all but smaller dogs, and are best for dogs weighing over 60 pounds.

Road trip? The Corporation, meanwhile, has fixed the cheese price at Rs1,801 a kilo and Rs1,000 for a kilo of butter. Having a very less number of motorable roads, most of the goods have to be carried with the help of yaks. All Rights Reserved, Thulo Group | Developed by by: NCS.Technology | Privacy Policy, D'lecta Extra Dry 84% Unsalted Butter Fresh - 500gm, Amul Cheese 10 Slices - Processed Cheese Spread, Emborg Junior Processed Cheese Slices with Mild Cheddar (200gm), DDC Kanchan Cheese 200g (Made of Cow Milk), Emborg Tasty American Processed Cheese Slices with Cheddar 10 Slices x 20gm - (200gm), Dlecta Cheddar Cheese Slice (lws) - 765gm, D'lecta Shredded Mozzarella Cheese - 500Gm, Emborg Real Italian Processed Cheese Slices with Mozzarella 10 Slices x 20gm - (200gm), Kraft Singles Cheese Slice (100g) (AD-0026), Essential Living Farmveda Healthy And Tasty Unsweetened Creamy Peanut Butter - 320 g, Kraft Singles Cheese Slice (200g) (AD-0027). Ingredients: Yak and/or cow milk, salt, lime juice. A soup made of beer and sharp cheddar cheese – can it get any better. It is a multi-purpose animal there which is a good source of income for many farmers. When the winter season begins, yaks are sent to lowland areas. Its horns are used for decoration purposes. NEW FEATURE: Your tracking number will be e-mailed to you once your order ships! They are very popular in the cities of Nepal, eg Kathmandu.


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