yahweh egyptian moon god
(Gen 1:7) And that is what happened. Joseph: (Gen 30-50) Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob who was sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers. In Arabic, the crescent moon is known as al hilal and the full moon is known as al badr. According to Exodus, the conflated god, El/Sin-YHWH/Wadd, met the Hebrews in the Wilderness of the Moon on Moon Mountain or Mount Sinai from whence he issued the Law. Wadi El Qura was dominated by the Minaeans (Biblical Dedan). Seth: (Gen 4:25) Egyptian god sacred to the Hyksos; god of desert storms and foreigners and the ancestor of the Hebrews. Sara is also an alternative name for the Sumerian goddess Inanna whose counterpart was Ishtar, the Assyrian & Babylonian goddess of love, war, fertiltiy and sex. The Hebrews viewed YHWH similarly as the Egyptians viewed Wadjet. Menorah: stylized tree of life or frankincense tree. It wasn’t until around 600 BCE did we have Monotheism start taking root by strict Yahwists and reformists, and where Ahserah was seemingly edited out of the bible as Yahweh’s consort. The Hebrew version of Moses’ name, Mshh, currently means ‘to draw out’ in Hebrew. “I will not fail to speak of Leviathan’s limbs,its strength and its graceful form. Abram ratified the covenant with Yhwh by circumcising the males in his clan (Gen 17:9-27). A comparable description of YHWH as a fire breathing astral dragon can be found in 2 Sam 22:9 & Psalm 18:6-15. : Egyptian creator and crocodile god who crawled out of the pre-creation watery chaos (Nu or Nun) to create creation. : A philosophical representation of the earth (microcosm) as the mirror of heavenly events (macrocosm) represented by the constellations. : (Lah/Hebrew & Lah/Lwh/Arabic) Wife of Jacob and mother of the tribes of Judah & Levi. : (Numbers 10:12) a reference to the great desert located in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically the Tabuk region located in Northwest Saudi Arabia. According to Exd 16:1:” Then they set out from Elim, and all the congregation of the sons of Israel came to the wilderness of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, …Exd 19:11:   And be ready against the third day: for the third day  YHWH will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai…Exd 19:17:  And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with Elohiym; and they stood at the nether part of the mount.”. However, the Arabic word ‘sn’ derives from the root ‘sn’ and means to sharpen, to hone, as well as to introduce, enact and/or establish a law. According to 2 Sam 5:11 & 1 K 5-7, Tyre also established trade relations with the Hebrew tribe of Judah whose capital was Jerusalem, where the Bible locates King Solomon’s legendary temple-palace complex; a construction that lacks archaeological validity. So, Yhhwh/YHWH means ‘the living snake god’ or ‘Yhh’, the coiling one’. (Old Negev script Y + H, which is written: >—–O). These directions were the Sinai, Seir and Paran where was located Teman. Ancient Mesopotamian cultures associated moon gods with control of fresh and salt water and rain. ‘Asha’ means to settle, become established. El may have been associated with the crescent moon. YHWH was worshiped in the form a snake according to 2 Kings 18:4. Such tent shrines can be seen engraved on ancient Egyptian ivory labels dating to the First Dynasty of Egypt (3200-3000 BCE). Laban: (Gen 24:29) His name is Luban in Arabic and means frankincense. The fact remains, even if scholars pervert the evidence: there was no Abraham in 2500BC. So, Masoretic scholars relied on the Arabic language and scholarship to understand and reconstruct their Hebrew texts. How then can "yah" As a Benjamite,  he became a ‘son of the south’; a phrase that replaced ‘Edom’ which was located to the south of Judea. The persona of Yah is associated with radiance, as from the sun and the head of the radiant Serpent. In Arabic, her name has astral associations and means to appear, come in sight, to become visible, to begin to show (dawn), to shine, gleam, glimmer, shimmer, to wither etc. Herodotus describes these flying serpents in (iii 107):. Macrocosmic Hwh (Eve) (Gen 3:14,15): In these verses, YHWH threatens both Eve and the serpent that tricked her into eating the forbidden fruit: “YHWH said to the serpent because you have done this, cursed are you above all the cattle and all of the wild animals; you shall crawl on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life. This alternate spelling affirms that the original meaning of Yhwdh/Yhwd was Yah is Wadd. : Another form of the name, Ya,which can be found in the ancient gods of Yemen. Baal-zebub=2Ki 1:2 Ancient Yemen, especially under the Sabeans, was renowned for its gold and gemstone mines which, along with frankincense, myrrh and lucrative trade routes, made this land famous for its wealth. They settled in Edom, Moab and the Northwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The sycamore tree was sacred to Hathor/Qetesh which explains the presence of ‘poles’ or ‘groves’ next to the Hebrew altars. His name indicates that he was a caravaneer trading in incense. ‘Shasu’ may well have been the Egyptian translation of  the Semitic word for walker, an apt description of a caravaneer. Judah/Yhwdh  & the Origin of the Levites: The name of the Biblical era southern state in Canaan and of the 2nd son of Jacob & Leah.


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