worst year for mini cooper reliability
Both have their own problems! Nissan sold over 150,000 Pathfinders in the U.S. between model years 2013 and 2014. Power’s vehicle dependability list. Coincidentally, both the 500 and Hatch are listed in WhatCar’s 2019 Small Car Reliability Survey, and the MINI Hatch is 4 places ahead outscoring the Fiat 500 by 1.8%. The chart shows the number of problems reported across all service years for each given model year of the Mini Cooper. Controls were included to omit small routine visits to shops such as for oil changes. The redesigned Chevrolet Cruze upped the compact’s game, but the previous generation had a significant run as the most unreliable. This is 34 problems less than its performance last year. This result is consistent with JD Power’s US Initial Vehicle Quality study, which takes into account the first year of ownership rather than from the first to the third year. This is 18th place on the rating, and 0.09% behind Volkswagen. However, the ride quality of our S model test car was very stiff. MINI does have two prominent rivals though – the Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Beetle. The values shown for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are calculated in accordance with the measurement method prescribed in the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of approval. Heavy-duty models (2500) from 2012, 2014, and 2015 also rated poorly in the reliability department. Being a brand originally built upon its inexplicable charm and history though, the enthusiasts certainly found the new MINIs to be ultimately deprived of its original ethos. In CarBuyer’s Driver Power Reliability survey, Fiat ranks in at 15th place, ahead of MINI by 0.23%. The trunk door still opens outwards, but featured splitdoors for the passengers. J.D. At Mercedes-Benz prices, you would not expect your car to be plagued with issues from the start. Power’s rankings indicate that the Mini Cooper’s quality has significantly improved. In 2014, Consumer Reports named Mini the least reliable car brand on the U.S. market. Over the three years between 2006 to 2008, a PT Cruiser was a terrible choice if you wanted a reliable car. An all-electric version with a 110-mile estimated range is new. If you want to see just how reliable MINI Coopers are take a look at the 2019 J.D Power survey. Still, not too bad when compared to Fiat’s 173 PP100 score. Meanwhile, 2014 models made the 10 worst list. Used car shoppers should basically write off Mini Coopers from the past decade. While the company’s minivans had an extended stretch of poor marks, several Jeep models were right there with them. In total, six BMW models were called out for very poor reliability. But just how reliable is the Mini Cooper? The ride is rather firm, however, and road noise is noticeable. Controls take some getting used to, and the backseat is still tiny. From the beloved 3-door hatchback MINI Cooper, all the way to the ironically named crossover, the MINI Countryman. The manual transmission used in all MINIs built July 2004 onward was a Getrag unit ... 5-speed in Cooper models and 6-speed in Cooper S models (from day 1). Considering how it’s highly praised for its style, invigorating driving mien, and interior quality. It’s marketed as the most pragmatic MINI you can buy today because it’s an estate. Prior to this year, MINI was still producing the classic MINI Mark VII that received updates but still remained outdated in a rapidly evolving automotive scene. Consumer Reports said to avoid all eight editions of this truck on the used car market. Therefore, people kind of dove into MINI knowing what they were getting themselves into.


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