why are liebherr fridges so expensive
It's been over three months and still waiting for a part, and of course, a part NOT covered, warranty runs out after 2 years. Our engineers don’t develop a refrigerator today and a cooker tomorrow – no, they are real specialists in refrigeration, freezing and freshness. Initially I was told that all fridge related enquires are handled out of the Miami office. Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator – $41,000. I told her that I needed to speak to someone in Canada. We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. I like to cook fresh food. They were able to put my in touch with Customer Services (LCS) and Liebherr who immediately confirmed my registration. Liebherr was recognised as ‘Specialist Trade Brand of the Year 2012’ by the Plus X awards and, in 2014, Liebherr received the quality seal ‘Favourite Brand Gold’ – Consumers’ Choice. None of these are serious, just minor niggles to get used too.If I had my time again I would have bought the 110Cms tall one to get a bit more fridge space but SWMBO wouldnt go for it! Both Liebherr and NAA were fantastic. It was an expensive built in fridge and the ice maker no longer worked. Awful company, categorically don't recommend. I bought an integrated freezer and biofresh fridge believing that it was similar in quality to Miele. 3 degrees one day, 18 degrees the next. It had been such a good refrigerator for so long, I thought the company deserved another go! Didn't mean to get anyone excited thinking I'd found a great price :-) I should have said "over $2000" - I really didn't know what they cost but think $2000+ is a lot for a frig. Also the doors don't always close - maybe user error but it still happens. I have had approx 8 engineers in little over 2 years of owning one of their fridge freezers, its still NOT WORKING!! Liebherr is the most expensive brand I've bought and definitely the worst quality. But because I got no response to my Registration I escalated this to the online supplier RDO (who I rate highly BTW). Then they send new fridge freezer guess what same story keep breaking down with in a year. Keep it in the fridge, Five foods to get you through the cold and flu season. That was shortlived, however, the fridge is now collecting ice in the corner again and Liebherr has stopped responding to my emails. I think it depends what you're looking for a fridge to do, what your priorities and needs are. Told her that was the wrong place and she didn’t know who I could talk to in Canada. They push you off to the store you bought if from, and the appliance store pushes you right back to Liebherr.

I was told they came from the same factory with different labels. By uniquely combining premium-quality materials and classic form our refrigerators and freezers fulfil the highest design criteria. Very impresssive and I just thought that I needed to acknowledge it. I have thrown away enough food to fuel a small town including the post-Christmas goodies. The fridge size is a little misleading as only small items can be put on the top shelf due to having to fit them under the light assembly at the front that protrudes someway down from the roof across the whole width (having said that a front mounted roof light is brilliant (another pun) compared to the previous rear wall unit that was blocked by food). Instructions to do this incomprehensible as do not seem to fit model number and require non-standard UK screwdriver head. Needless to say, never have they called back. Not what I had expected for over £800 initial cost. Recommendations for Appliances - Blue Star, Liebherr, Bosch. I have owned a large Liebherr Wine Cooler for 9 years. Well, it’s up to you… What’s it going to be? When we ask why is it like that the company spoke person don’t have answer for it . Will never buy a leibherr product again. Is it really worth it? Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Malaysia and India. Advertised as doors reversible. By combining the most advanced precision electronics and highly efficient refrigeration systems, Liebherr offers an attractive and ultra-economical range of appliances in the highest energy efficiency classes, across all product groups. It cost twice as much as cheaper brands. For those 5 years it has all been excellent and worked well.During the last month the freezer unit has been failing and now stopped working.I contacted them via email as I could not get any answer by phone. The 36" Liebherrs run $5000-6000 depending on freestanding vs. built in. We’ll be the first to admit that a Liebherr refrigerator (or freezer) may cost a little more than most at the outset but, in return, you’ll get such outstanding quality, such convenient features and such great design that you’ll never want to be without them again. If I could give this a zero, I would. They don’t really light up the whole fridge very well.

I will never buy another Liebherr appliance. I am still waiting.Contrast this service to others even during these times and this is 1 star service.My advice is try someone else!!

Built quality and the design is an extraordinary when compare to other brands.. Just something to consider. I was facing the same dilemma as you. LCS were very helpful and responsive and put a replacement in the post immediately. By choosing to buy a Liebherr appliance, you elect into a promise from all of us here at Liebherr: a promise of quality, design and innovation. Or perhaps you’ve decided you’d rather go for a ‘Liebherr’? It seems strange to me to pay more for less cubic feet just to get counter depth. I called back to the Canadian HO and again the woman who answered Tried to direct me to the US. BTW - love my fridge and freezer too! I did a lot of research and decided on a separate 30 inch wide each all refrigerator and freezer by Electrolux. Unbelievable that a company which sells high end products treats their customers so poorly.

I'm very excited to start using my new appliances...waited a long time for this! We have a 24" all fridge model, so the Liebherr was uniquely suited to what we were looking for. No handles making opening it a feat in itself! I feel compelled to give my feedback in the light of all the negative feedback on this site.

As I said - I want a quite frig that works well. Domestic appliances from Liebherr are a symbol of quality in Europe and beyond. AVOID at all costs. Do not under any circumstances purchase a Liebherr Fridge or Fridge/Freezer. To understand how some factors influence the prices, you must first be aware of the technology that wine fridges employ. Keep away from this brand. Unless it's quite small... (24" or less). Why Are Wine Fridges So Expensive? Should you keep chocolate in the fridge? They are only interested in taking money, no interest in giving service. They are separate units and have their own controls. Apparently it's my fault that the freezer door doesn't snap shut and this results in the fridge loosing its cool (and me!). I was informed that the freezer door is faulty and it would take 3 weeks before it arrives from Germany.
They have many features the "Sub Z" does not. From your perspective, this service means outstanding convenience and reliability. Silly me -who knew the door bounces open and the alarm doesn't sound!! Every day, the trust you place in us as customers motivates us to keep on working to produce the highest-quality appliances.

Find out here. Offering freestanding, under-worktop and built-in appliances; and whether you’re talking refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers, wine storage cabinets or humidors – with a range of over 200 models, Liebherr offers the perfect freshness solution for pretty much every customer, in both the household and commercial sectors. For all the discussions & articles I read on appliances I just felt best all around with Wolf. Well, I know that above mikasmom1 says that it is ridiculous to spend a lot on a refrigerator, but we are totally redoing our kitchen right now, and we just took out a SubZero that had been there for 31 years...and it was still running when it was removed!

Where did you see a Liebherr refrigerator for $2,000? I phoned Liebherr back and was offered a repair from a different company on the Wednesday. We’d like to help you to make the right decision the next time you’re thinking about buying a new refrigerator, so, ask yourself the following: Do I ‘just’ want a fridge? Firstly, a door bolt broke, which resulted in the door falling off. From our perspective, we believe that this service is our duty to you as a premium manufacturer. They were advised I was shielding and to ensure the engineer took necessary health & safety precautions. What size family? The digital thermostat was not working and had to be replaced. They told me that they don’t hire Canadian issues and to call the HO in Burlington.

I had a problem with the ice maker in my Liebherr fridge which I purchased 6 years ago. No more defrosting, so you have more time for other things: our NoFrost appliances provide professional-quality refrigeration performance and promise reliable long-term freshness. I phoned Liebherr again and I was told it’s a design fault requiring a new freezer door and a kit. Right now, my frig sticks out a few inches and it isn't terrible but having one that was flush would be nice. This fridge freezer has been nothing but trouble since I bought it. Customer service is excellent, they are available for questions any time and are extremely helpful. The total cost for me to install this kit now was over $800. Are built in refrigerators worth the expense? I'm pleased to say that arrived quickly and in perfect condition this time. Original review: April 19, 2020. Most 36" counter-depth refrigerators today cost close to that and more from "regular" manufacturers like GE, Samsung, Maytag, KitchenAid, etc.

I just want quiet and reliable. Will you have a second refrigerator elsewhere (if the Liebherr is a small one)? Choice was Kenmore Elite or the Samsung.The only ones we found that were flush or less with our counters were the Sub Zero and the Liebherr but they are pricey if you want 36". That was two months ago and still have heard nothing from him. The technician came the next day and he admitted to it not cooling, Inspite of contacting the service center and the area sales manager, there was no resolution. I wanted built in look , but I wanted more space than 22 cubic feet, and I did not think I wanted to spend 8-10 thousand dollars. Every appliance undergoes intensive testing during manufacture to ensure perfect quality and perfect functionality.

If you’re buying a new refrigerator or freezer, there are many good reasons why you should choose a Liebherr appliance, and our overview sets forth ten of the most convincing reasons why you should go for a ‘Liebherr’. EDIT: Since my review Liebherr have been in contact with me and replaced my faulty fridge freezer with a brand new upgrade. After much wrangling, Liebherr eventually sent out an engineer at their cost and it was during the lockdown.

I got a Steam oven 48" Thermador. If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to use the comment function below this post or start/join in discussions with us on Facebook and Twitter. I went without having a working fridge all weekend and I was informed that it couldn’t be fixed until Friday. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Im not wasting my money and time any more getting rid of thid fridge and buying another one. Who ever is leading Liebherr Canada should take dome training in customer service. We are a family of 2. I highly recommend not to purchase this product as you will have lot of trouble to get it fixed if anything goes wrong . Super Service. DH does 90% of the cooking so he got to choose the appliances and even though he liked the pricey ones he went with the Samsung.


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