who said afghanistan is where empires go to die
Given Barack Obama's call for a greater focus on the Afghan War ("we took our eye off the ball when we invaded Iraq..."), and given indications that a "surge" of U.S. troops is about to get underway there, Afghanistan's dangers have been much in the news lately. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The council did not authorize the United States or any other country to use military force against Afghanistan. ", During an interview in April 2004, he admitted this intrusion occurred fairly regularly and interfered with patients receiving medical treatment. You don't need an excuse to vote early. And there's a good reason for that -- at least in Washington. "The rules are that medical facilities are not combat areas. Soldiers demanded that hospital administrators inform the […] Subscribe to NewsClick's Telegram channel & get Real-Time updates on stories, as they get published on our website. I deny information for the sake of the patient. Christine Sidenstricker, a public affairs officer for the US Navy, confirmed the raid, and told The Associated Press, "Complaints like this are rare.". Let us recall November 8, 2004, when the US military launched its siege of Fallujah. Polling hours on Election Day: Varies by state/locality. According to the director of the aid agency, Anders Fange, troops stormed through both the men’s and women’s wards, where they frantically searched for wounded Taliban fighters. To find articles by the same author, please click on the name. US soldiers regularly entered hospitals to search for wounded resistance fighters. –  Compared to the same period in 2008, Taliban attacks on coalition forces using Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) has risen 114 percent. And today, the US Empire is on the fast track of its demise. But your state may let you vote during a designated early voting period. During my first four trips to Iraq, I commonly encountered hospital staff who reported US military raids on their facilities. Afghanistan, Where Empires Go To Die January 7, 2010 at 10:32 pm ( Global Issues , Politics ) ( Afghanistan , army , US ) Last month, President Obama announced that he would send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. At multiple points, the land has been incorporated within vast regional empires, among them the Achaemenid Empire, the Macedonian Empire, the Indian Maurya Empire, and the Islamic Empire. ", "There is the Hippocratic oath," Fange added, "If anyone is wounded, sick or in need of treatment … if they are a human being, then they are received and treated as they should be by international law.". Despite escalating worries about the deteriorating situation, no one in our nation's capital is ready to believe that Afghanistan could actually be the "graveyard" for the American role as the dominant hegemon on this planet. For the Nov 3 election: States are making it easier for citizens to vote absentee by mail this year due to the coronavirus. 7-Year-Old Plays Paganini Violin Concerto # 1, TMS Edtior receives prize for Peace and Social Justice, TRANSCEND Track Record on Conflict Solution 1958–2018, ANGLO AMERICA, CENTRAL ASIA, MILITARISM, COMMENTARY ARCHIVES, 19 Sep 2009. "The only exception to that under the Geneva Conventions is if a risk is being posed to people. Then, too, like this recent incident in Afghanistan, doctors, patients and visitors alike had their hands tied and they were laid on the ground, oftentimes face down, and held at gunpoint. –  Overall Taliban attacks on coalition forces in the first five months of 2009, compared to the same period last year, have increased 59 percent. The Median and Persian Empires, Alexander the Great, the Seleucids, the Indo-Greeks, Turks, Mongols, British and Soviets all met the end of their ambitions in Afghanistan. Get the latest reports & analysis with people's perspective on Protests, movements & deep analytical videos, discussions of the current affairs in your Telegram app. It is your right and your responsibility. Dr. Abdulla said that one of their ambulance drivers was shot and killed by US snipers while he was attempting to collect the wounded near another clinic inside the city. "Some days we couldn’t leave, or even go near the door because of the snipers," he said, "They were shooting at the front door of the clinic!". Today is National Voter Registration Day! Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die. It is now a commonplace -- as a lead article in the New York Times's Week in Review pointed out recently -- that Afghanistan is "the graveyard of empires." A desperate conventional military, when losing a guerilla war, tends to toss international law out the window. They prevented doctors from reaching the emergency unit at the hospital, and we quickly began to run out of supplies and much-needed medications." DISCLAIMER: The statements, views and opinions expressed in pieces republished here are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of TMS. According to the director of the aid agency, Anders Fange, troops stormed through both the men's and women's wards, where they frantically searched for wounded Taliban fighters. A recent article by Tom Englehardt provides us more key indicators of this: –  In 2002 there were 5,200 US soldiers in Afghanistan. Sometimes circumstances make it hard or impossible for you to vote on Election Day. The first thing done by the US military was to invade and occupy Fallujah General Hospital. According to the director of the aid agency, Anders Fange, troops stormed through both the men’s and women’s wards, where they frantically searched for wounded Taliban fighters. All rights reserved. He also stated that several times Marines kept the physicians in the residence building, thereby intentionally prohibiting them from entering the hospital to treat patients. "He was a volunteer working on the ambulance to help collect the wounded," Dr. Rashid said sadly. Just as they are in Iraq, the other occupation. Both he and Dr. Abdulla said the US troops never offered any medicine or supplies to assist the hospital when they carried out their incursions. These are all indications of a US Empire in decline. Describing a situation that has occurred in other hospitals, he added, "Most of our patients left the hospital because they were afraid.". Your vote is your voice! Visit your state election office website to find out whether they offer early voting. facebook Genghis Khan could not hold onto Afghanistan. For your voice to be heard, in most states you must register before you can vote. "We saw them on top of the buildings near the mayor’s office.". Jamail reported from occupied Iraq for nine months as well as from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey over the last five years.GO TO ORIGINAL – TRUTHOUT, Share this article: They are always coming here and asking us if we have injured fighters.". It’s unacceptable for a medical facility to become an area of active combat operations," he said.


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