who owns actblue

“It fills in very easily and very quickly.”. Additionally, two major conservative TikTok accounts, @therepublicanhypehouse and @conservativehypehouse, both posted videos pushing the conspiracy theory, getting more than 370,000 views combined (even though TikTok has an anti-misinformation policy). The conspiracy theory popped up days later on June 5 on TheDonald.win, a new forum for the subreddit “r/TheDonald,” which was known for violent rhetoric and was ultimately quarantined by Reddit. Because it’s flexible and easy to use, it has also become a platform for little experiments that gently squeeze even more money out of donors. Video & Audio Following Owens’ post, the conspiracy theory began spreading to other conservative figures, such as Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch; a Florida Republican congressional candidate who has given credence to QAnon; Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier (who, like Owens, incorrectly called ActBlue a “Democrat super PAC”); Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk; and former editor-in-chief of Breitbart’s London bureau Raheem Kassam.
By August 2007, the site had raised $25.5 million. Specifically, there was the issue of the stickiness of ActBlue’s donation box amounts and the “tip” box. For example, many nonprofits ask donors to make recurring contributions on a monthly basis, and political campaigns have picked up on the tactic. ActBlue’s roots lie in the fund-raising strategies employed by Howard Dean in the 2004 presidential campaign. [2] The organization is open to Democratic campaigns, candidates, committees, and progressive 501(c)4 organizations. “Republicans can feel free to copy what we do, and they do," said Nate Thames, executive director of ActBlue Technical Services, which oversees the infrastructure for the site. At various times, Republicans have tried to form conservative versions of ActBlue, but generally the right has used various online fund-raising vendors and also relied heavily on direct mail programs to solicit smaller donations.

[14] In the 2005-2006 campaign, the site raised $17 million for 1500 Democratic candidates, with $15.5 million going to congressional campaigns. As a nonprofit, ActBlue runs its own, separate fundraising program and accepts tips on contributions to pay for its expenses. Among the most prolific is Sonia ImMasche, a retired university student affairs administrator from Fort Collins, Colo., who has made at least 3,000 federal contributions via the service since the beginning of 2007.
Update (6/12/20): This article has been updated with additional details. NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2020 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on September 21, 2020. ActBlue has led the movement toward small online political donations.


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