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Best Coursing Class at the National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty.

411 likes. A very unusual and exciting pedigree, with english, swedish and north american bloodlines.

For website information, or to report a broken link, please email Aaryn @ Sitehound. a Jetstream Whippets ‘WHIRLWIND ROMANCE’ litter, bred by Lorraine Burch.

Puppy of Achievement. Katniss (AmCH, Multi BIMBS UKC CH, IntCH Regalia Where the Heart Is), finished AmCH with back-to-back 5 point majors.

He finished as the # 4 whippet in 2009 CWA conformation (TOP Canadian dog!)


First time out as a Special, AOM at LMWA Specialty.

P A D M E ~ T R I S T A N (2013) BC, Canada, born June 13, 2013


Carnivora Photo

The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. Whippet Info. ~ Winner of Am Bred class at 2017 AWC National Specialty under Mr. Red Tatro.

Am RN Rally Novice in 3 of 3 trials. 5 puppies: (1 lightly brindled blue male, 3 red males) (1 fawn brindle female) We are very pleased to co-own Ginger, who enjoys living with the Lawlor family. Best in Match at Arizona fun match, first time shown. The WCOBC provides information, resources, and events for whippet enthusiasts and the general community.

Pinky WB/BOW for two 3 point majors, puppy of achievement, 3rd in 2018 10 – 12 month Futurity class Harry (Domino Maximum Red Sprite) Cee WD/BOW/BOS over a Special at exactly 6 months of age. ~ photos and info, (Multi titled AmCanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x Chelsea Come a Little Closer) / Cardiac (echo) and OFA eyes Normal

Hellcat (UKC CH, BIF Crossfyre Goblin Valley) CanCH Hilerica Jail Bait (Ginger), ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rikki (Domino Radical Red Ricochet CGC, TKP, ACT1, NAJ, AX) Best in Sweeps in very first show, 5 pt major Supported entry. K I W I ~ T R I S T A N (2013) BC, Canada, born December 8, 2013 "Sinclair" is a small Canadian  home based Show Kennel ~ 14 months. Whippet Archives pedigree, E T T A  ~  T R I S T A N (2017) Oklahoma, USA.

Siren CW-SD, SDS(SP), SDN 2018 1st AOM at Specialty (100+ whippet entry).

Jack (CanCH, UKC CH Hilerica Legal Alien O’Kisharo) Specialty WD, UKC Group placer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Although my

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY LITTERS CURRENTLY AT STORMHOLD. Phantom  (Whiparoo Mischief in Heaven NTD) 2007 Smoke placed in his first show as Best Puppy in Specialty. CKC registered Whippets. If Interested in a puppy or retired young adult from my Kennel please email me at lyndal49@telus.net.

Cee prenovice PCD at just 1 year, RN. Sissy Best Puppy In Match CWA National Match 2nd in Champion class. Whippet Archives pedigree, Including:

A moderate girl with nice deep chest and strong curvy body.

RATI All Whippet found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Welcome to the online home for Tarrango Whippets.

2014 Completed ExSn Bronze (Expert Snooker Bronze), which qualified for his VBA (Versatility Bronze Award) as his 33rd and 34th title, and only the third whippet ever with a VBA.

News & Musings. (Detailed contact information has been omitted. events and news will be posted to this page. Tessa (BIF Crossfyre Island in the Sky) CC New AmCH with Specialty WB/BOW Best in Match at the 2014 Arizona fun match, first time shown. This litter is bred by the lovely Toma Simonaityté. Although my main reason for breeding is to improve my show animals, I do have companion puppies and occasionally young adults available to loving companion homes. All males intact. Luka BOW for 5 pt major Eastern Specialty weekend.

Salem (MBPISS Ortona Bubble Witch), first show at Cascade Hound shows, BOB in Sweeps x 2 and Gr 2 Hound sweeps, Reserve WB/Best Puppy at CKC WCOBC and NWCC Regional Specialties. Am GCH. 7 puppies: (1 blue fawn, 4 red males) (1 blue fawn, 1 red female). Winston (CanCH Hilerica Tigh Na Mara, ARX, DPCX, PR) CWA NARX pointed, T E E N I E  ~  T R I S T A N (2020) BC, CANADA, Born May 26, 2020. Daughter Zarina (Hilerica Saturna) New Can CH. SDDA nosework Advanced (SD-A) with two Firsts and a Second. Welcome to Stormhold Whippets, located in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. Poppy NTD

(LT JCH, LV CH, LV JCH Mafija Gracija Red Rose). BOS in 2015 Arizona Specialty Sweeps.

CanCH Highbridge Lady Byng, Group 4th Made the cut in BOB 2018 AWC National. Enter your zip or postal code above to access our up-to-date directory).
~ photos and info, (Am.Ch & Can.GCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x NSBIS AmCan.Ch Ortona Junie B Jones, JC) / Cardiac (echo) Normal

Our kennel name was inspired by one of our favourite movies/books ‘Stardust’. Qualifications in Barn Hunt included High in Trial in Novice/First, a Second and a Third in division. ~ Started CKC Ch with BOB over Specials first weekend out, then Specialty WD x 2 to finish in 3 shows/4 entries at 8 months, undefeated in the classes.

CC (AmCH, UKC CH Ortona Candy Crush at Runners, RATI, NC) Specialty majors, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Multi titled AmCanGCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x PL CH Elise Majesticanis), T I P S Y ~ T R I S T A N (June 2019)  California, USA, born June 4, 2019 in California, USA We are so grateful for your friendship and to be part of your future. Finished AAC Advanced Jumpers level, and Master Snooker Dog of Canada MSDC.

We believe in health testing and temperments.

a Hilerica Whippets ‘VANCOUVER ISLAND’ litter, bred by Carole Adley and Darien Adley

© Whippet Club of British Columbia.

Tristan was shown very lightly in US Specialties in 2016 and 2017. This litter is bred by Ania Spigarska and Maja Dabrowska. All puppies are beautiful. 2009 Completed 2 racing titles: DPC (Dual Purpose Champion) and TRP (Title of Racing Proficiency). F O X  ~  T R I S T A N  (2018) Utah, USA Congratulations to her owner, Ariana Jones for her stunning rise through the ranks, finishing her MACH with SEVEN Gold title scores! 3 boys, 2 girls.

He also finished his first agility title in Jumpers AGNJ, followed by Novice Standard AGN and Agility Dog of Canada ADC.

a Chelsea Whippets ‘SPANISH’ litter, bred by Kim Newell and Deann Christianson born June 13, 2013 a Hilerica Whippets ‘VANCOUVER ISLAND’ litter, bred by Carole Adley and Darien Adley 7 puppies: (1 blue fawn, 4 red males) (1 blue fawn, 1 red female). "Great news " Brook now has her Grand Champ!!! Hellcat UKC CH, BIF for 5 pt major New Canadian Grand Champion Can GCh, including four BOBs and Specialty BOS and Selects. The subject of inoculations should anyway be discussed with the breeder when agreeing the purchase so all parties are aware of what is expected. This litter is bred by Adrienne Dente (DelCrown Whippets) and Donna Lynch (Hamrya Whippets). Mouse (Crossfyre Fiery Furnace, JC, BCAT, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, RN)

c4 ~ photos and info, (Multi titled AmCanGCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x BIF Domino Frabjous Fascinator SC, OTR, RATI, ARX, TRP, PR, NARX) / Cardiac (echo), BAER and OFA eyes Normal First in Class Excellent Interiors.

View the AWC Breeder Directory .

Offspring: Tarrango Whippets are active in the show ring and can be found on the lure coursing field as well. (Jetstream Tryst at Stormhold, NS, RATN, CGC), by Multi titled AmCanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x AmGCH NSBIS CanCH Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw / Breeder: Lorraine Burch, Jetstream (pedigree on Whippet Archives) YOB: 2015. Evie NS In one weekend, 4 UKC Hound Groups firsts and Back to Back BEST IN SHOWS, New UKC Champion.
2008 Finished his Show Championship CanCH in the summer, including a Best Puppy in Specialty, and completed 3 racing titles his first year: DPC (Dual Purpose Champion), TRP (Title of Racing Proficiency) and OTR (Oval Track Racer).

Alaska Grand Champion GCh.

10 puppies: (1 fawn, 3 red males) (2 red brindle, 4 fawn brindle females) Vito ORT, NW1

CKC registered Whippets. Luka (Jetstream Tapestry’s Red Mesa) new Am CH.

CanCH Highbridge Firebird She is only the 2nd whippet to have achieved this level. Fino ADT, SDN, SDIN, ETD Joy Best Puppy in Match, BOS Puppy in CWA National Match Here at Vrymeer we believe less is more. Dustyn BBPIG, NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, TDCH, TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP, ADP-L1/2/3/4/5, ADP-CH, PKD-T, BOB over Specials/Grp 3, Specialty WD x 2 for CanCH, National Best Puppy, Specialty SD x 2, RATI, Puppy of Achievement, SDS-SP, SDN, AKC WD/BOS over Special(s) x 2 Welcome to Stormhold Whippets, located in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. All reputable breeders will have the dew claws removed from the front legs of the puppies prior to purchase. ALERT!!!! All males intact

8 puppies: (2 fawn, 3 fawn brindle, 1 red brindle males) (1 fawn, 1 red brindle females), (Multi titled AmCanGCh Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x AmCH Hamrya’s Tequini with a Twist), M A G G I E  ~  T R I S T A N  (June 2019)  Alberta, Canada, born June 7, 2019 in Alberta, Canada ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Watson (CanCH Hilerica Tofino, FCH), BOB both June 2015 VILCA Lure Coursing trials (#11 Whippet in 2015), BOB Oct 2017, BOB June 2018, CKC CH incl a Group 3. c6 ~ In loving memory ~

Whippet parent Laura runs a graphic design business and has a second degree black belt in Taekwon Do, a first degree black belt in Sun Hang Do (mixed martial arts) and is developer of 4 on the Floor Dogwear dog collars.

Chaska NatBA, RATI

Photo Lennah Snell.


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