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As we know, many are there because they paid to be there as shown by... GCSE lesson in which students work through a range of differentiated clues to work out 8 reasons which help answer the lessons’ enquiry question before evaluating how well a recent textbook explains it. This activity is different. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. They begin by annotating all they can see in the picture, available on the downloadable... To help students remember who the key individuals were in the history of Lots of thinking has taken place to decide the best way to structure the new Edexcel 9-1 GCSE history course. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The lessons are effective but not exciting, they say. This is followed by a critique of a KS3 diagram. Which cartoon best explains the paradox of the Nazi Soviet pact? Thomas Tallis School, Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9PX. You are well-catered for especially in the area of monitoring. All students will be required to follow GCSE courses in English, maths, 2 or 3 sciences, at least one ‘Ebacc’ subject (geography, history, French, Spanish or computer science), then 3 further option subjects. This means that key stage 4 students will be encouraged to attend numerous trips, events and after school activities. At the end of KS4 pupils sit GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations in a variety of subjects. This section, dominated by the Cold War focuses mainly on teaching its origins, its main crises and the reason why it came to an end. You may choose to visit the very popular 100 great teaching ideas, or the equally influential imaginative learning activities, all of which have been tried and tested by many teachers. The revised programmes of study for English, mathematics and ICT embed the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to develop functional skills (level 1 at key stage 3 and level 2 at key stage 4). Penicillin: From discovery to world-wide use? Pupils meet the statutory curriculum requirements through compulsory Areas of Learning and optional courses that lead to general and/or applied qualifications. Team A is clearly the best squad of 11, perhaps with a couple of There has been an 83% rise in unsolved violent crimes in London. SMART TASKS: Why did the US get involved in the Vietnam War? Key stages The national curriculum is organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’ (KS). Spanish conquest of Americas. It moves students from their own initial perceptions of cowboys, through to the harsh realities of life. ​The curriculum at key stage 4 offers a broad and balanced curriculum with both rigour and choice. Then NFER started producing statistics which became known as residuals. KS3 or KS4 task. Rotten apple or …. Great new KS4 resource on migration : Why were the Jews expelled from England in 1290? Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. For materials on the Crimean, Boer and First World War go to, Your best place to start is undoubtedly the AQA. Teaching international relations 1945-1990, Did everyone benefit equally from life in the USA in the 1920s? This is a short, fun SMART task. This enquiry asks students to look critically at the depiction of the massacre in the film Gandhi as a way into trying to determine the motivation of Dyer. What makes an outstanding lesson in history? SMART TASK: How significant was the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the history of Civil Rights? As we pride ourselves on producing high quality lessons based on outstanding practice seen in classrooms, rather than just producing resources, we have been faced with the dilemma as to what to focus on. SMART TASK Revision: name your best squad. They discuss each card and then... For suggestions for 20 top ICT activities using a wide range of data and applications click. Key Stage 4 Our Key Stage 4 teaching materials for 14-16 year old children have been created to build upon their knowledge and understanding of Remembrance. Was the life of a cowboy really so adventurous? SMART TASK: Causes of the Wall Street Crash. Excellent material to promote discussion of manipulation of leaders’ image and the cult of the personality. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. which offers learning foci for each of the three strands. Elizabethan England 3. Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to allow students study a broad range of subjects whilst providing guidance to ensure they follow subjects that provide a strong academic core. A glass half empty? The First Crusade  4. This lesson on a fairly familiar theme approaches GCSE cartoon analysis in a different way. At the end of KS (Key stage) 1 and 2 all students take Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Today, fewer than 5% of street robberies and burglaries are being solved across England and Wales. But in what ratio? Teaching GCSE History: Changing Warfare (Edexcel), Teaching GCSE History: Media Through Time. The first batch of lessons focuses on four examination favourites but each adds a different subtle twist that lifts the lesson and makes students much more active and involved in their learning. Resource on. Migration  2. SMART TASK: Why did Communism end when it did in Eastern Europe? This Essential Guide shows... Latest statistics prove invaluable when making comparisons across time. SMART TASK: Medieval medicine. You can read the full lesson description. A history mystery. It starts by revealing clues connected with the topic, one by one, to arouse students' curiosity. SMART TASK: Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start? What to look for in excellent history lessons, Evaluating websites in history at KS3-5: 3 pieces of top advice. What can we learn from just two photographs? This is because we believe these are an integral part of being a successful and positive member of our community and beyond. Moving up to secondary school marks the start of a new Key Stage for children. Richard I: Lionheart or loser should we keep his statue – SMART TASK. Ten things your KS2 pupils should know about language and communication in the ancient world. Key Stage 4: The IGCSE Programme (S10 and S11) Students must take a minimum of 7 IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) subjects over two years during their final key stage in S10 and S11 at Odense International School. These cookies do not store any personal information. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. How should Germany be treated at the Paris peace conference? There is a lobby of people who feel that his statue outside the Houses of Parliament should be replaced with a more suitable... Great lesson on the reasons for the First Crusade which uses a Zone of Relevance activity to show students how to answer the question set, not the one they want to answer. Beyond Face Value KQ4 Why did Ford Madox Brown paint this detailed picture of a scene that never existed? What about the Oxford team, Florey and Chain, even Heatley? All students will be required to follow GCSE courses in English, maths, 2 or 3 sciences, at least one ‘Ebacc’ subject (geography, history, French, Spanish or computer science), then 3 further option subjects. The task starts simply and then becomes complex. This is a very straightforward, yet highly effective task which asks students to distinguish between the generic and the specific, to speculate about possible reasons from clues, to think creatively about historical myths and just as importantly to know how to get full marks on... Students are taken back to the year 1860 before there was a transcontinental railway. Start with slide 2 which sets the puzzle, a paradox. A fun starter showing how Lenin and Stalin used the ‘airbrush’. With the advent of the new GCSE syllabi a few years ago, the number of options suddenly mushroomed, making it very difficult to provide lessons on every topic. This quick activity asks students to explore the detail in Rowlandson’s cartoon called ‘Amputation’. We DO NOT share this information with 3rd parties. Fascinating starter in which students have to spot and then explain the differences between three pairs of photos of Soviet leaders Lenin and Stalin taken between 1920 and 1930. They have now added an innovative digital dimension with great web links and activities. Teaching GCSE presents its own set of challenges, not least learning the code that you will need to crack to bring your students GCSE success. You can’t find this sort of material elsewhere. Terror of the Tramp: Why did vagrancy become such an important issue in Elizabethan England? To support this, materials have been created covering the First and Second World Wars along with evergreen Remembrance learning resources. Students are asked to consider the relative significance of 11 possible arguments that have been used by historians who claim that the Montgomery bus boycott was the real start of the Civil Right movement in USA. The likely impact of the Railroad: time for de Bono’s thinking hats and some creative products. You know the sort of thing: Roman soldiers wearing wrist watches. Quick ranking activity for GCSE/AS students. Key Stage 3. During this time, your child will study a range of core subjects along with a number of optional subjects they would have selected at the end of Key Stage 3. The 25 history departments I worked with recently showed an average improvement of half a GCSE grade for every student compared to the results two years previously. These gave a... Students have to divide a $100 million bequest to those people who did most to develop penicillin. All students follow a common core curriculum which prepares them for life beyond Whickham School. The incredibly useful advice on conducting student, interviews and work scrutiny will prove every bit as helpful as the very practical advice on classroom observation and feeding back to colleagues. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.


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