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Once you do this you will never look back. I have a Ouija board at work me and my secretary play on occasion during the day. we said good bye and got stuffed animal and put it in closet. A human physical being should not try to communicate with the other world, it is very dangerous. Need help to know if a spirit of some kind from a Home made ouji board is with from age 15 years old? Everything About Shadow People You Need to Know. Tim Wood. This is Jeffrey have a question, did you had this skeptical that ouija is made of toy right, so the question is did you tried it first time & it has worked instantly or how long did you waited? Zozo is a demon that people report encountering during hauntings or when using an Ouija board to contact the dead. They may tell you what you want to hear. It then went to 2 and repeated it. It needed to stop messing with me, I only wish to talk to my grandfather, I’m stronger than it thinks and I won’t let anything happen to me or my family. I woke up to her mumbling gibberish this morning. Taking inspiration from the strange stories of Zozo, a horror film titled I Am Zozo was released in 2012. The following are a handful of stories about Zozo that have appeared throughout the Internet. Don’t believe anything that they say. Zozo has never turned negative on me. That was so long ago but I think I would remember if anything more happened. It hurts so bad. This, I’m afraid, is not an easy question to answer. It literally did not quit moving for that entire time, and I finally ended up taking it down because it bothered me so much. I haven’t played with one since then and never plan to. It went to the numbers. After all, there’s no reason to believe that ghosts and other strange entities must tell the truth. where can i get a ouija board in canada!?!?!? After reading into things a lil more i really believe we contacted something evil my children and i have both heard the names zozo abd mama. A few hours later we used it again and we got mama this time. If you do it then your ***** stupid. Never speak the name of Zozo or any demon name for that instance. A Curious Etymology, 5 Signs Your Ouija Board Session Has Gone Horribly Wrong, How to Break a Connection With a Ouija Board. He said he was 8 years old and was from Boston. Do not ever use the same Ouija Board again. Do not burn, cut, or attempt to destroy the Ouija Board. In the Bible God says that it is an abomination to communicate with “spirits”. They don’t have to play by any rules. But recently I had a very spiritual coworker and we decided to do the Ouija board just so I could finally see that it worked. The whole time I felt as if in a trance and I felt like I was doing it because everytime I thought something it would say it on the board. Cant you see its dangerous. My grandfather recently died. What people don’t seem to understand or want to believe is that every thing that you encounter on a Ouija Board or via other occult devices are all demons. What happened to your friends may be lies, but the Ouija Board is not one at all and if opened, should be handled properly, if not, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. my mum use to live across from a cemetery and she once contacted zozo. At that exact moment, her friend began to complain of a terrible headache. We asked it once what it was most afraid of, and it answered God. I was about 9 years old when this experience occurred. My girlfriend was like “What’s the matter? After that I never touched a ouiji board again until 2 years later and one of my old friends had invited us all over for a party. I asked her if she wanted to tell us anything. Could the name ‘Zozo’ actually be a trick? He said he cannot hurt me because im too vital. help me. It was a name of an actual demon, that was described as being very sexual. Beware Zozo demon the Ouija Board demon and learn how to identify and protect yourself from the demon Zozo. A couple of friends and I played with a Ouija board when we were in high school. so, he has a spirit in his house, he can only really call a priest to bless his house or he can try to do it himself which is a bad idea, because if he does it wrong the spirit will get worst. So please, I beg you, if you are considering experimenting with one, DON’T DO IT! We later looked it up and found the name on Wikipedia. The demon sometimes pretended to be a different spirit, lied or tried to convince Evans that it was someone else. Jimmy’s astrological sun sign is Capricorn, and if you know your astrology you will know that Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Instead, we should always look for the common denominators in such cases and try to find a correlation between agents and their environment. You indicated that someone in your family has been diagnosed with HS. My sister has been sick and I asked for extra protection via two guardian angels. I also asked ho i would die he said when im 12 and sayed seatbelt and i was like wtf and i was crying so ya maybe ill die in a car accident. I started to feel alot of negative energy so i took my hand off and it stopped moving. The Zozo demon is a male demon. As a self proclaimed Zozologist, these trends and a large influx of Zozo encounters, I have launched a new website at ZozoDemon.com. Guess I’ll be letting other people deal with Zozo. We even went to the library to see if we could find anything with that name. I know the comments section in this article is probably deader than St. Jude, but oh well. The Zozo spirit waits for users who play with the Ouija Board and are inexperienced. They searched and searched for her. They will trick you. I’m scared, terrified, but I won’t go down without a fight. Yeah, it happened to me and my boyfriend and friends. They did not know that in truth, Philip was just someone the researchers had made up. If you read some of the stories on here, you will see that some people actuality did become possessed. I said no that never happened then said. Z O Z O. She’d recently moved in with her sister, and to celebrate they’d had a few friends over. If anything i think he likes pranking people. Most people do not know they are talking to Zozo until it is too late. It was at that moment they decided to end the Ouija session, though the strange feelings seemed to linger on. In 2012 a movie about Zozo was made: I am Zozo. I couldn’t even count how many times it happened, but it was a lot. Prefers the number 28, which is connected to the feast of the Beast. But what are the warning signs, and what should you do if you believe that you have come in contact with the entity? well at least he said that you were pretty. Don't!!!!! I wish I could be that way but I literally have no choice because it’s a part of me and if I do ignore it, I usually wind up in the hospital or become serverly depressed. It isn’t a toy at all. I asked what it was angry about and it said my grandfathers first name. She said ZoZo was coming, I knew who ZoZo is and got a little freaked. It can’t really feed on your soul, that’s wives tale, just forget about it. And it seemed to do just that, as my friend began to do what I now know as “automatic writing’, and Bible verses began to be written word for word. If the Ouija Board’s planchette spells out ZoZo or if a player feels compelled to say it’s name while playing, STOP. But this could be a problem for those using the Ouija board. Always remember to close the session. They said that things kept happening even after not using the board. So Lucifer and one third of the angels were kicked out of heaven. In ancient Babylon times, sacrifices were made to a demon named Bahzozo, which may be the most ancient name for this demon. I asked questions like “what is your name?”, “where did you live?”, “when did you live?”, “when did you die?”. Regardless of their inability to capture any of the lights on film, they all claim to this day that what they saw in that house was something more than just Psychokinetic force at play. She said she lived in my closet and I didn’t care. From reality television shows to literature, Zozo is commonly reported as being behind paranormal activity and hauntings. They are not your friends or someone to talk to. Or is using the Ouija board alone, a portal to doors that should remain unopened, enough to bring about such a terrible fate? Omg i love ghost adventures! Take the quiz to see if your symptoms may be HS—a chronic inflammatory skin condition that may be linked to the immune system. just curious. When pimple-like bumps or boils start showing up in areas where skin rubs together, you may question what’s going on with your body. They don’t have to play by any rules. ahahah. Have you experienced tender, swollen bumps, either on or under your skin, that may produce foul-smelling liquid and scarring? They are demons NOT people that had died.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas. So, I ask: Have you ever used a Ouija board? They were sure that they had spoken to Philip’s ghost and that he’d answered their questions. My friend wrote in my notebook she borrowed, and that she said Zozo 5 times and been’s hearing noices around her house ever since- particularly bells and banging on her back door. The demon will most likely want you to submit to its whim, once you have its done its job. It's important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. 9 Small But Meaningful Alternatives To Date Night, Here’s How Embracing 12-Step Principles Can Help Us Through Everyday Struggles, 60+ Witty Mae West Quotes On Men, Sex, and Love, How Each Zodiac Sign Usually Apologizes To Their Person, 6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Committing To Someone. I did that constantly, and then he would say that it was him because he did not know the answer. There were 4 kids sitting around the Ouija board. They are not always aware they are being possessed as Zozo may lie and pretend to be a sympathetic spirit instead of a malevolent ouija board demon. “We were both in tears,” she wrote. But the terrifying reality is that, in either case, the demons are real and whether they are in our minds or elsewhere is to be debated. I asked it why it would say that and it said “I am angry”. He can pretend to be the spirit of a scared little girl or a beloved relative who has passed. It seems like females or those who have suicidal tendencies, depression, and other psychological disorders the most and seek to drive that person it attaches to mad, crazy, and mentally insane. My friends about a half an hour later decided to try again, but each time getting Zozo. I TRULY believe its evil at its core! If nothing happens, then I’m happy for you! never knowing that it was a world wide ancient phenomenon. They want us to go to hell with them. What if he posseses you and then he has all power and control over you? I went to the park and I contacted Satan and he decides to say zozo name 24 times. We all started crying and ran home to our mothers. Something came through,claiming to be her, and accurately answering several questions. Then all of the sudden the “eye” started to go to zozozozo over and over. Cats provide a way for demons to see into (but not enter) our dimension. FE for Iron Tongue. This is a true story. guys plz help me . After this conversation I knew I had to play it again to tell this thing to stop messing with me. Reading above gave me chills and i swear i can sense him from time to time when trying to learn more. Never partake of the occult in any way, not even by reading your, “Daily Horoscope.” It’s all a lie and will ultimately effect your life negatively whether you even realize it or not. I played with a Ouija board on Halloween last year, but for some reason every time me and my friends would contact a being through the board it would always tell us it was Zozo.


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