vinocell vs cellartracker

That said, it’s a slow slog with almost no automation, and when you’re done, the data isn’t very useful. CellarTracker. Vivino is the easiest guide to the complicated world of wine! A search tool lets you search among your collection by parameter, and your wines can be displayed in sorted lists or in a visual representation of your cellar racks, with the app highlighting exactly the bottles you're searching for. Here you can add other users to your friends – then in the tab Following, you will see the history of their activity. (Favorite feature: First you add a wine, and then you pick the vintage from a quick panel of common options. Easily identify a bottle by its barcode or photo; Manage the placement of the bottles in your cellar; Describe bottles using such parameters as name, appellation, country, region; Sort your wine cellar by vintage, name, etc. We use cookies and other web analytics technologies to record the performance of our website to improve your browsing experience. Since CellarTracker has become one of the leading cellar management tools on the market.

Please refresh the page and try again. Snooth Wine Pro just doesn't work as advertised. After that, you must pay $10 per month or $100 per year to continue using the app. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but I put a premium on accuracy of data about the wine I buy and cellar.

Take a look at the screenshots available and other users’ ratings and reviews. The developers have gone further than Vivino in terms of socializing the application, turning your personal archive of wine notes into a blog, a live magazine dedicated to the wines you’ve tasted. Like Vivino, Delectable Wine initially focuses on photographing wine labels for instant rating, wine descriptions (taste, flavor) and reviews from amateurs and experts. Discover the iPhone & iPad versions in images and videos. Subscribe to... Journal Posts, Educational Content, Exclusive Offers & New Products & Services. We’ve tested popular wine cellar applications and chose the best ones. 4 millions sync wines... and growing! Users willing to do a lot of work by hand will find Vinoteka capable enough, but its limitations are quite significant.

In addition to the personalized recommendations, users can look up wines by pairings, keep a journal of wines that they've tried out and even look up recommendations for groups based on preference profiles for your friends, who might also be using Wine Ring.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Need more details about app features? In the UK, 8 in 10 people own a smartphone and it has become by far the most popular device for surfing the web. In each category, there are 6-7 options to choose from (salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc.). While CellarTracker (Android, iOS) isn't going to win any awards for its interface, it is an effective tool for organizing and keeping track of your wine collection, with additional features available for premium subscribers.

Type in the UPC numbers or use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode directly.

Mess up with a single-tap and you have to start all over. As well as this, the retail wine price reflects what you would buy your wine for (not what you should value or sell at) so, it will most likely include duty and VAT, making the wine seem like it’s valued higher than it would be elsewhere. The application on your smartphone connects you to the portal database. Find a new favorite with these apps for wine lovers! Another wine companion app, Vivino (Android, iOS) boasts a photo label recognition system that can quickly bring up information for a given wine, complete with reviews, ratings and tasting notes. By continuing to use and browse this website you agree to our use of cookies. The free tier brings up the first 50 search results, while a premium search tier removes search limits and adds filters and other features. The app also functions as a discovery tool, with users able to follow newsfeeds of top sommeliers, winemakers and wine pros, as well as explore curated lists of vintages. (An email to Snooth’s support account asking for help went unanswered.).

VinoCellar's level of detail makes it an excellent choice for hardcore wine enthusiasts; more casual collectors will prefer something simpler and easier to use. The system also lets you search by barcode, either through scanning the code with your camera or entering the UPC digits in by hand. It’s well-regarded for its large collection of professional and user wine reviews and tasting notes.

This is a tedious process that involves double-tapping an unplaced bottle then double-tapping a spot on the rack.

Interchangeable. The app honestly could not be simpler to use, as all it does is track basic inventory information. You can also ask the app for more unusual circumstances: choose a wine “to impress”, wine for a date or a celebration (up to Chanukah and Easter), wine as a gift to the boss, wine for a home poker game – the list of situations is really impressive.

On the whole, CellarTracker is a great wine app to be used as a cellar management tool and to check out unbiased wine ratings and reviews. Users can log their wine bottles, complete with label recognition and barcode scanning features to make sure you get the entries just right. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Snooth Wine Pro is surprisingly weak considering its longevity.

The wine world is actively embracing technology, and home enthusiasts can get in on the action as well, using mobile apps to help keep their stash tabulated and organized. It’s free to use all the primary functions. For wine lovers who love the opportunity to create their own wine cellar. TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot.


This app can do that portion and do it somewhat well, but in the end I just need to be able to know exactly where every bottle is placed in my cellar and be able to quickly add new wines as accurately as possible. Christopher Null is a veteran technology and business journalist. I do wish CT had some aspects of VinoCell’s interface; but in the end, accurate and thorough organization and barcode/label matching is the clear winning component of CT’s features which unfortunately still beats all the other competition out there in app-based cellar management.


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