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Craig WassonCaptain Collins . Yet, if the good guys emerge as saints, Furie abandons the bad guys to caricature. Billy Ray Pike is an even more sensitive type, because he worries about having left his young sweetheart pregnant and later winds up hooked on drugs in Vietnam. You will be greatly missed and forever loved. Andrew StevensAlvin Foster . Imagine a serious-minded "M*A*S*H" and you have "Boys," soccer instead of football and a film that only nibbles at the edges of war's meaning - a case of producers (The Golden Harvest Group of Hong Kong with Columbia as distributor) cautiously sticking one toe in the pond of commerce to test just how much Truth the viewing public will pay to see. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. . The training is dehumanizing and brutal, de [2] It is the first in Furie's Vietnam War motion-picture trilogy, followed by Under Heavy Fire (2001) and The Veteran (2006). . "You may want to forget the war, but you'll never forget the Boys in Company C," this same ad continues. . Furie doesn't allow Shaw enough scenes to sustain a convincing conversion from dope-dealing ghetto cynic to courageous Cpl. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the, To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our. I'm sure he'll b missed/. . Next thing we know, they're in boot camp, being told things like "You see that guy next to you? . Shaw's stunning, street-wise performance is accented by the memorable crustiness of Company C's boot camp drill instructor, played by Lee Ermey. It is the first in Furie's Vietnam War motion-picture trilogy, followed by Under Heavy Fire (2001) and The Veteran (2006). . . He was the cherished grandfather of Bryan, David (Marcy), Dawn, Christopher, Brandy (Lee), Nicolas (Kayla), Chace and Heather. While "Boys" loads up on hackneyed Vietnam imagery - dope-smuggling, fragging, hypocrisies of body counts, the soldier as pawn in a larger game, etc. and by the banality of their roles. Overall, the players create an interaction that redeems a pseudo-anti-war statement film that hardly overstates. Interment will be private. . . BOYS IN COMPANY C, directed by Sidney J. Furie; written by Rick Natkin and Mr. Furie; director of photography, Godfrey A. Godar; film editors, Michael Berman, Frank J. Urioste, Alan Pattillo and James Benson; music by Jaime Mendoza-Nava; produced by Andre Morgan; released by Columbia Pictures. As far as the screenplay is concerned, this might as well be World War II.An opening sequence, which typifies the film's teasing tactics, introduces the five protagonists and establishes them as wildly different from one another, then robs them of all eccentricities as soon as they hop into uniform and have their heads shaved. Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. And it's hard to imagine a less appropriate occasion on which those qualities might reappear. Desktop notifications are on   | Turn off, Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post. James CanningVinnie Fazio . What emerges from the Philippines location footage of a collaborative screenplay between director Sidney Furie and Rick Natkin is a tale that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit, glorifies the Corps and reveals a cache of undiscovered talent. . Viewed as simply a film about the evolution of friendship under fire, it makes for a mostly sympathetic, sometimes moving, fast-paced war story. You think he's a $%/& or a *)%/ or a &!!/)? . . "boys" should do for actor Stan Shaw what "Roots" did for former unknown Levan (Kunte Kinte) Burton. Vincent proudly served our Country in the US Army. Vinnie Fazio Current Workplace. The first half of the movie tells the usual story. Stan ShawBilly Ray Pike . In 1967, five young men undergo boot camp training before being shipped out to Vietnam. Send your deepest condolences with fresh flowers. will always remember him from working with him at middleton's and bowling with him and his son joe. Born in Norristown, Vincent was the son of Rebecca (Roscioli) and Larry C. Fazio… Please consider a donation, as requested by the family. Vincent was the loving father of Larry Fazio (Kathy), Cheryl Ann Toth (Kevin), Vinnie Fazio and Joe Fazio (Lorrie). He resided in Norristown with his beloved wife of 55 years, Congetta “Connie” (Coscia) Fazio. ACCORDING to a recent ad, "The Boys in Company C" are "the craziest group of men this country ever sent off to war." . It stars Stan Shaw, Andrew Stevens, Craig Wasson and Michael Lembeck.It was among the first Vietnam War films to appear after the Vietnam Era, and was also the first role for R. Lee Ermey of Full Metal Jacket fame. . One reason you won't forget them is that they're already so familiar. But the actor likely to make the biggest splash is Stan Shaw. . There are Billy Ray Pike, a “good old boy” from Texas, Vinnie Fazio, from Brooklyn of course, and Alvin Foster,a would be writer from the Midwest. . To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. It's a lightweight sleeping bag!") He was preceded in death by his brother Domenic Fazio (Marie). May you Rest In Peace. Vinnie Fazio is a fast-talking ladies' man from Brooklyn. Vinnie Fazio is a fast-talking ladies' man from Brooklyn. In "The Boys in Company C," the latest slice of Vietnam to sally forth from studio, war is entertainment.


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