viking oven problems
Nothing is as quite frustrating as when your high quality Viking oven stops working. But also, your oven might not heat enough or just will not turn on. To fix that problem you will need to replace the DSI Module. Home → Stove Repair → Easy Repair Tips For Your Viking Range. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Viking oven selector switch makes you choose the oven cycle you want to use. We are a family owned and operated appliance repair company specializing in Viking brand appliances. After you pull off the burners examine them carefully and make sure there is no visible damage. Call (844) 930-2782 and we will send a professional tech to diagnose your Viking range within the closest possible time window! Do you live in Denver, CO or in a town nearby? It is important to replace the oven ignitor with genuine Viking spare part because it will last longer then any other similar igniter. A thermostat and temperature sensor are the parts of the range that control the temperature within the oven. The burner orifice is clogged. Some of the most common Viking range problems are: If your stove keeps clicking after you turn the knob, it may simply be enough to carefully clean the burner. Disclaimer: The Technical Reference Materials (hereinafter “Materials”) at this site are intended for viewing and use by qualified appliance service technicians. These are the 5 most common reasons why your Viking oven not working properly. Unscrew the lid and carefully rise it in order to get access to the burners. Oven thermostat is nor working properly, 5. MD Appliance specialize in Viking Oven Repair. Depending on a type of a burner, the electrode may fail to build an electric arch with the burner’s surface if it is located either too far from it or simply if the burner has food residues, rust, or burnt surface. 7 Series Custom Panel Built-In Refrigerator Repair, Professional Series Beverage Centers Repair, Professional Series Refrigerated Drawers Repair, Professional Series Undercounter Refrigerator Repair, Professional Undercounter Wine Cellars Repair, Viking Professional Product Line Wine Cellars Repair, Repair Your Viking Range Before Christmas, Viking Refrigerator Not Working? Make sure the cap won’t wobble as you touch it. If you have a gas oven, the problem may also be … This is not a problem most of the time, however sometimes you may accidentally plug in your range in a wrong power outlet. Try This, Repair Your Viking Range Before Christmas, Prepare Your Viking Oven For The Thanksgiving. Make sure to check the breaker box before you proceed with the troubleshooting! Some of the most common Viking range problems are: Igniters won’t stop clicking Gas burner fails to ignite Igniter won’t spark Oven takes too long to heat up If the problem does not go away, however, we recommend checking the electrode. Please avoid testing your kitchen power outlets without appropriate equipment and experience in electrical engineering! There is no easy way to test the control board, so we recommend replacing the control board only if you find visible signs of burning or other damage. Does your range have no power at all? Despite the high quality of these American-made appliances, your Viking range may eventually develop a problem that has to be addressed. These appliances feature numerous innovations developed and patented by Viking Range, LLC. Replacing the oven igniter will fix that problem. Other electrical problems that may prohibit an oven from turning on or properly heating include a faulty infinite switch, a malfunctioning thermostat, a faulty Viking oven temperature sensor and a damaged control board. The oven will take longer time to start, it will fail to maintain temperature or will just not come on at all. Most commonly your oven will start overheating when oven thermostat fails. When your burner orifice is clogged it will reduce or stop the gas flow to the burner. Simply call (844) 930-2782 for professional appliance repair and diagnostics! Also had problems with oven door hinges. The problem you describe is common (sorry) to viking ranges, your oven igniters are going. Series 5 and 7 ranges are a part of Viking Professional product line. Carefully examine the burner and clean it thoroughly. Call us right away and we will send a professional appliance tech today, tomorrow, or within the next week at the time most suitable for you! Problem with Viking VGSO100SS wall oven not staying hot. 3 series is the only series that does not belong to the Viking Professional product line and features more simple and affordable ranges. Oven igniter glows to the certain temperature, opens up the gas valve and the oven turns on. A different approach to both finishing and functionality of Tuscany ranges makes them ideal for fitting into the most elaborate kitchen interiors. Of course, these problems may vary by severity – some problems can be easily fixed manually, while in other cases you may have to call a professional technician for help. Sometimes the igniter may work correctly, but the food residue or the misplaced igniter itself could prevent the electric arc from appearing close enough to the gas stream in order to ignite it. If you have a problem with a single electric heating element in your range – chances are that simply replacing either the element or its socket will solve the problem. But even the Viking appliances are not perfect. If your oven fails to reach the required temperature it is very likely that one of these parts is faulty. Turn off the gas supply if you are disassembling a gas range! Barely any of our customers can complain about the quality of their Viking appliance, but even the most durable home appliances are bound to break. Your email address will not be published. The Tuscany series of Viking appliances boasts a stylish Italian design. Need to contact our corporate offices? Have a look at the igniter and make sure the spark actually does appear when the igniter is clicking. Learn how your comment data is processed. MD Appliance LLC disclaims any and all liability, to the fullest extent permitted by law, arising out of your use of the site and Materials. Check the temperature sensors contacts with the multimeter – it is located at the back wall of your oven. Water or corrosion on the burner or even the food residues may obstruct the gas flow. Direct Spark Ignition Module is not working, Viking Range Repair – Viking Oven is not Heating, Washer is Not Spinning - MD Appliance LLC, Washer is Making Noise - MD Appliance LLC, Washer Machine is Leaking Water - MD Appliance LLC, Washer Won't Stop Filling - MD Appliance LLC, GE Monogram Refrigerator Repair San Diego. We offer same day service at no extra cost and our service call is free with a completed repair. When your burner orifice is clogged it will reduce or stop the gas flow … We've replaced ours on average every 3 years for about $300 cdn each time !!! Please avoid testing your kitchen power outlets without … And if you are trying to find out how to troubleshoot your Viking range – this post is for you! A control board can be a frequent cause of many appliance problems. MD Appliance LLC © Copyright 2013. If you do not possess sufficient mechanical and electrical skills and the ability to comprehend, understand and follow all safety warnings and cautions on the product in these Materials, do not attempt to undertake the repairs that are depicted in these Materials. These ranges boast advanced design comparing to their predecessors. Besides increasing the overall BTU, this series offers an increased sized baking pan, a new oven igniting system as well a number of improvements in the efficiency and performance of gas and electric ranges. Check your thermostat! If the stove’s burners come on but the oven is not heating, the problem could be a dirty or faulty igniter. For the proper and safe Viking oven usage and operation give us a call or schedule your service visit online. In fact, Viking as a company started with a production of durable, efficient ranges, this is their trademark and they make sure to offer as much flexibility in colors and configurations as possible. It is recommended to check the contacts and make sure it is working as intended. Unplug your appliance before you proceed with the repair. Viking Commercial product line offers a wide variety of ranges that bring the power and efficiency of professional cooking appliances for your home. To clean the burner orifice you can use the sawing needle or a paperclip. Replacing the Viking oven thermostat is not an easy project. Swap the burners and if needed sockets, close the lid and try turning on the appliance again.


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