versalife vault keycard

The main room itself - besides the three guards - has a weapons locker with ammo and a Holosight, and a locker room in the back that has a vent leading down to the security tunnel.

The Vault Keycard is inside the Safe in Bedroom.

VersaLife Vault Keycard: eBook: AJ09-0921 Patient X: Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme: Neuropozyne x5: Picking Up the Package. Which mission?

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. So ;et’s get started locating the Keycards. The card is found in apartment #94 of Libuše Apartments, which is located near Pilgrim Station. If, on the other hand, you haven’t been here before (or if you haven’t been here since night fell on Prague) enter via the vent on the north-eastern-most of the decorative fountain-pillars on “Market Square”.

Slip past him and go up the stairs, dodge or hack the camera, and hack the level 1 door to get inside the office. 50 – Corridor to the stairs to level 2 - Locked door (security 3). Once there(Mind the camera unless you <3 cops) you can use a convenient vent access to go to the corresponding building where there are more cameras, a civilian idling and a trapped room that contains the keycard among other goodies. Rather than just shoot your way through the place (though that’s always an option), Alex had someone plant a package to help you get through the bank - but it’s in the bank manager’s car in the employee parking lot - which is well guarded. Once you get inside the Apartment via balcony you will find this Vault Keycard after searching his dead body. It seems we have our next big mission ahead of us. Coinslot.

Before you think of dropping down, get a look of the area from above, and note the level 2 locked security laptop on the right in the server room, and a level 1 locked laptop hiding up here with you - which appears to be blank until you plug in a biocell next to it, turning it into a security laptop to disable the turret below.

There are a total of four guards here, as well as cameras and turret systems in place. Alright, I've found the Corporate Vaults. Also, if you go into the vault section the first vault there is a versalife vault (the name is stenciled on the side). in the garage therese a big running ♥♥♥ on the far left if you are coming in from the drive way. The vault contains a lot of hacking software, triangle code, a pocket secretary with the computer password. If you haven’t done this, skip down to “M13: G.A.R.M.” .

The vaults up here can be remotely hacked to be raised out of their holes, or hacked via the security terminals near them. Look right, through a watery Palisade sign to find a vent behind the waterfall. When you reach the top of this silo go through two doors to the north, crawl through a duct, then climb a ladder to reach your last obstacle - a vicious fan! Use your card on the pad in front of you to summon the VersaLife vault.

No hostile cultists to mess with or anything, you can just head on in there and loot. You can either use the cryptic code on the CEO’s email to play with the sculpture on the desk - raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise. It’s time to get out, and luckily Janus has clued you in on a speedy exit. So ;et’s get started locating the Keycards. No problem with this, i have all: EMP ammo for pistol, taser pistol, remote hacking, invisibility, lots of biocell. Use your card on the pad in front of you to summon the VersaLife vault.

The parking garage!

Ouch. Crawl your way east until you reach a wall, then turn north to find a Cable Duct Door.


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