uss wichita azur lane

Her HE guns are also no slouch; Triple 155mm is generally regarded as inferior to Twin 150mm TbtsK, but stacking bonuses from skill, armor types, and burn damage allows Belfast to clear chaff very quickly. You the Commander? She buffs the reload speed of all escort ships and she heals the fleet for 8% of HP when launching an airstrike. I'm Ausburne, the leader of the Little Beavers. Some people point out that Belfast uses the Oxygen Torpedo better than Fortune, but I think switching would result in a case of optimal ship, sub-optimal team. At max level Laffey's post retrofit barrage activates a 200% increase in her loading. But, The Rare duo of Bush and Kimberly both have the Anti-air Vigilance skill instead of Full Firepower, but can be grouped as their own moveset clones as a result.

My own commander!
At the end of February, Wichita returned to Norfolk via Philadelphia, where she participated in further training through May. A torpedo from Japanese submarine I-26 caused a huge explosion and Junueau sunk within 20 seconds. In PVP teams, the escort’s job is to survive, and HMS has access to some of the best defensive CLs in the meta. However, she is farmable and functions with virtually zero investment in her skills, which makes her good for new players. SR: Vestal- A lesser version of Akashi, Vestal doesn’t even have the reload buff of the former, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll include her in your comp. This is because we lack competitive CVs and rely entirely on our AA guns to defend ourselves from the CVs that dominate the non-HMS meta. Let's join forces and fight for the future of the world! She relies heavily on torpedo bombers to deal damage, but because these aerial torpedoes are launched in two separate volleys, they often miss even slowed targets. Yes?

The ship was assigned to join Task Group 51.19 the next day to bombard Tsugen Shima in company with Tuscaloosa and the battleships Maryland and Arkansas. West Virginia was sunk at Pearl Harbour but was refloated, which is why she's portrayed as undead.
[4], By August 1945, the ship had been equipped with numerous smaller guns for close-range anti-aircraft defense. [17][18] After successfully escorting the convoys, Wichita returned to Hvalfjörður, arriving on 6 May. I hereby submit to fate's guidance and join your fleet. She (eventually) doesn't get mad if the Commander gropes her chest (highly unusual for a tsundere) and even comes to like having big breasts upon realizing the Commander might like them big. I'm Cavalla, the Eagle Union submarine!

Monstrous stats with an amazing skill that is both offensive and supportive. This is much easier to do properly in manual mode than auto mode.

The two leading compositions are cruisers (Edinburgh + Leander Kai + Belfast) and defensive cancer (Juneau + Fortune + Belfast). This is largely averted nowadays, as recent patches have limited Sandy to just the Light construction pool. She departed Okinawa on 10 September for Nagasaki, arriving the following day as part of Task Group 55.7. Great for farming Worlds 1 to 4.

Hey, could you please stop staring?

The Germans organized a powerful task force, centered on the battleship Tirpitz and three heavy cruisers, to attack the convoy; the operation was codenamed Rösselsprung (Knight's Move). Wichita is THE … Illustrious is a defensively oriented HMS CV with double fighters and a skill that provides an HP shield for your escorts. SSR: Enterprise- Single-handedly the best CV in the game, USS Enterprise boasts stats that are head and shoulders above the rest. She certainly can.

[5] Wichita arrived in Reykjavík on 6 August, along with the carrier Wasp and the battleship Mississippi. It's a pleasure to meet you... Oh evil being who conspires against cuties... in the name of the moon, I will punish you!

I love you, Miss Ranger!" She also repeatedly assures the Commander that she doesn't hate them, and takes offence at the notion that she can't be nice.


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