used kitfox for sale
Fits model 1-3, 503/582 mount. However, through the years and ownership changes, some tooling and parts for the older airplanes were unfortunately discarded.

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“The first piece of information I can share regarding buying a used Kitfox is one you’ll probably hear from several sources. 678-283-1445 • The only factory-supported school in the world – is Stick & Rudder Aviation near the factory in Idaho. Also introduced in 1991, the Model IV-1200 was the final evolution of the original Kitfox design. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Yaw stability is positive, and handling characteristics feel similar to a certified aircraft. He cites examples of a purported Model IV-1200 (according to its builder-supplied ID plate) that was actually a 1050-pound version and a Kitfox Model III that was being sold, with modifications, as a Model IV. A powder-coated fuselage frame became available in the early 1990s, which forestalled much of the corrosion threat of aging steel. FS: (for sale), WTB: (wanted to buy) If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Given the scarcity of available used Kitfox airplanes, pricing will be subject to the seller’s eagerness to dispose of their plane. After a landing gear bungee cord broke due to its age, he installed the wider spring gear rather than replace the shock cords, and he also installed hydraulic brakes for better handling. The spars were strengthened, allowing an increase in gross weight to 950 pounds. $400.00 + shipping. Empty weight is typically 650 pounds, with a 550-pound useful load. Although it looks similar to a Model IV, the Series 5 is a totally different clean-sheet design.

A short-wing Series 5 Speedster variant was tried as well. email, or text. Orginally designed by Dan Denney, the first Kitfoxes were powered by the then-popular two-stroke Rotax 532 and 582 engines of 64 hp. Posted October 27, 2020. While the basic design features remain, the more recent, sleeker Series 5, 6 and 7 Kitfoxes are much more capable airplanes. Fortunately, the Kitfoxes are not orphans. Fits model 1-3, 503/582 mount. Since April, 2006, Kitfox Aircraft LLC has held the rights to the design. Cruise speed is as much as 127 mph, but this will vary depending on prop pitch. Posted October 26, 2020, 2nd Owner Always Hangared Total Time 270 Hours Rotax 912ULS w/Soft Start System Warp Drive 3 Blade Carbon Ground Adjustable Prop w/Nickel Leading Edge 32'Wingspan Series 7 Elevator TK1 Shock Monster landing gear 26” Goodyear Tires BRS Parachute Mounted w/Camlocks Cleveland Brakes/Wheels Maule Tailwheel w/T3 Suspension System Dynon 10.5" Skyview Display w/Integrated Engine Sensors,GPS,Mode S Transponder w/ADS-B In & Out Indash Mini Ipad w/Usb Port Icom A210 Radio w/Intercom Dual Controls,Toe Brakes,Cabin Heaters Custom Sheep Skin Seats w/Tool Trays 5 Point Hooker Harnesses Whelen Led Nav Lights, Telephone: All rights reserved worldwide.

he arranged for an instructer to check him out and before he could make a full go around they wrecked it and turned it upside down. Posted November 1, 2020. There’s also a radial engine that fits under the round bump cowl: the 7-cylinder, 110-hp Rotec R2800. A Kitfox Series 5 design came out soon after the SkyStar acquisition, featuring an adjustable stabilizer for pitch trim and optional aluminum-spring landing gear. Most recently it received a brand new Rotax 912UL after the first one was worn up after 1200 hours flying all Europe.


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