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usa today It's a given that Facebook is listening in on our conversations, right? That's how the social network can follow up on our real-world conversations about products with ads that show up in our News Feed. With the pixel sitting, undetected on websites, ads can be created that show visitors "the products they viewed on your website – or related ones. Facebook knows your demographic, income level, where you live and the people you spend time with, and senses you might want a new mattress to go in the new apartment since that fits the pattern. Facebook knows who you call, where those persons live, their ages and demo information and how long you speak. Because of that, you'll see an ad for it immediately.'

An anxious nation prepares for Election Day unrest. Facebook generated $21 billion in revenue in the most recent quarter and now has 2.5 billion members, up from 2.45 billion in the previous quarter. USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, videos and VR. It didn't get there by recording people's phone calls. Location services is technically an opt-in feature that pops up after you've downloaded the Facebook app to your phone. Did you get our text? The good: There’s a lot you can. "They don't have to listen," she says. It won't keep Facebook's fingers totally out of your life, but it won't hurt. This is the feature in which Facebook  “can tell who you are and what you’ve recently purchased,” she says. Would Trump or Biden better lift economy, restore jobs? “Maybe you’re in an airport, lingering in front of an ad, and that signals to an advertiser that you might be interested in the product. The social button allow other third parties, like advertisers, marketers and data brokers, to watch what you're searching, visiting and clicking, "and use that information to target ads to you on Facebook," she adds. "Imagine if you opened the Facebook app, a little version of Mark Zuckerberg popped up on the phone and started talking to you. Facebook knows your searches outside of the Social Network because it tracks you even when the app is closed. Those are the personalized ads that show up in your News Feed that are so cannily on the money many mistake it for Facebook listening to them. Instead of the little Zuck on your phone, it's just all those hidden signals that Facebook picks up, without having to record audio and listen. Every vote matters, but keep an eye on these states as results come in, Here's how Democrats could win control of the Senate, Trump vs. Biden: Anxious voters step up in crucial election. He followed up by calling it a "conspiracy theory" that so many think Facebook does so. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked point-blank about it during a 2018 Congressional testimony, and he flatly said, "No." 'Oh, I see you've lingered on this website.

Readers: have questions about tracking?

News that's meant to be shared. USA TODAY Opinion, McLean, VA. 148K likes. The "like" and "share" buttons on other websites follow you on the Web, whether you have a Facebook account. But it's clearly great business for the company. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Click the three lines on top right, select Settings and Privacy, then Privacy Shortcuts, then Manage Your Location. Based on that info, "it's remarkably easy for an eerily accurate targeted ad to make its way to you.". 823,064 talking about this. Voting across US: Two early-voting New Hampshire towns split between Trump, Biden, Report: Birx warns of 'most deadly phase'; People with COVID can vote in person – virus updates, Judge strikes down GOP lawsuit to discard 127,000 drive-thru votes in Texas, What the final polls tell us about Trump, Biden and the Senate, Election Day, Limbaugh, mail-in ballots: Reader views, Manhunt launched after Vienna terror attack leaves 5 dead, many wounded, Obama sinks 3-pointer at Biden campaign stop, Presidential election: Here's what to know about Georgia, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy.

Meanwhile, Facebook's tracking pixel "allows Facebook to be a silent third-party watching whatever you're doing," she says. You're in your 20s, you order a U-Haul at the end of the month and plan a move. 1,367 were here. ", In a nutshell, when a product is purchased from the website, Facebook gets a notification about the transaction, and from there, "Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions.". Join the conversation on USA TODAY Opinion's Facebook fan page, a community driven by the ideas, stories and beliefs of Americans. Facebook has routinely denied that it records users' conversations in order to come up with personalized ads. Facebook's pitch: Location Services allows it "to provide more relevant and personalized experiences, like helping you check in, find local events and get better ads.". Click Location Access and turn it off, then turn off Background Location. Every time you click Like, share a post, look up directions or reviews of a local business, Facebook learns more about you, says Gebhart. Sign up for Election Day updates. It can figure out with those clicks who you are, where you live and what device you use to access the network. Indeed, a 2019 study by the Pew Research Center showed that 51% of the people surveyed said they were uncomfortable with being tracked and categorized by Facebook. The latest news and most interesting stories from USA TODAY. The latest news and most interesting stories from USA TODAY. It's a given that Facebook is listening in on our conversations, right? The social network asks for your approval, one of those pop-up windows that most people don't read and automatically click yes. Once clicked, you are inviting Facebook into your life. Wrong, says Gennie Gebhart, a research director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who has studied Facebook's targeting efforts.

"Like" to join the conversation. Data transparency has become a huge topic amid data breaches, stalking apps and personal health information acquisition by tech giants. Washington Bureau chief of USA TODAY. Or you’re in a bar, watching a TV show and you get an ad for the TV show. "For Facebook to use voice detection, to find keywords and then map them onto ad preferences, that’s Stone Age targeted advertising technology. 1,212 talking about this. The official Facebook page for USA TODAY Sports. The pixel is described by Facebook as a "piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns."


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