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Based on observations and analysis, they attempt to discover and explain laws describing the forces of nature, such as gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear interactions. 1 month ago. Graduates will be proficient at working in a laboratory setting and gain important critical-thinking and analytical skills. Astronomers use principles of physics and mathematics to learn about the fundamental nature of the Universe, including the Sun, Moon, other planets and moons, asteroids and comets, stars, our Milky Way and other galaxies, and cosmology. The program focuses on the fundamental interactions between life (including human societies) and the Earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere. Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes matter undergoes. Chemists play a key role in the development of drugs.

Chemists can also enter chemistry-related fields, such as materials science, biomedical sciences, bioengineering, chemical engineering, food science, pharmacology, toxicology, oceanography or marine science. The curriculum taught at UBC and BCIT will include courses in core science and provide a broad exposure in biochemistry, forensic science, chemistry and molecular biology. Members. I’ll see where Bio takes me without fearing that I won’t find a job. In Biochem they start throwing lots of Chem at you in second year, like: second year math, two semesters of organic chem (the chem version ofc), two semesters of organic labs (the chem version too). Biochem is nothing like Biology. Also if you can try taking some of your electives now to see what interests you if that's an option. 54. Megathread. Moderator of r/UBC . Consider exploring other upper year science courses, since Bio majors are pretty much done all required courses after second year. The business and IT sectors also employ math grads, especially in the software industry, actuarial field, investment and banking. It's no medical school. Cognitive systems explores how intelligent systems (eg. Zoology is the study of animals, their function and way of life. 801 comments. Other professionals continue to work in research nationally and internationally in industry and government. The short answer is that it depends. UBC's COGS program provides students with a thorough grounding in the principles and techniques used by intelligent systems (both natural and artificial) to interact with the world around them. Microbiology is one of the fastest developing fields of research in biology.
They also work to discover the full genetic code of humans (the Human Genome Project), and create genetically engineered crops that are supposed to be more resistant to adverse weather conditions, spoilage, disease, and pests. If not the cost of an extra class would be minimal compared to the job opportunities in CS. Some examples of what microbiologists do include manipulating bacteria to produce useful products like human insulin, and using other microbes that naturally feed on pollutants to clean up polluted water bodies. Mathematics is a powerful tool for solving practical problems and a highly creative field of study, combining logic and precision with intuition and imagination. 80% isn't bad at all for pharmacy and there is plenty of time to take GPA boosters since you need to fulfill breadth requirement anyways. Press J to jump to the feed. In March, students attend informational workshops such as “Beyond First Year” and the annual “Meet Your Major” event to learn more about specializing. I am currently in 2nd year majoring in biology. Could I get into ubc faculty of science or mcmasters life sci with a 90 average and decent extracurriculars? Today's geophysicists contribute their expertise to solving a host of practical and fundamental problems that range from locating buried contaminants to using high-performance computers to simulate the flow of Martian ice caps. Most physicists work in research and development.
The Human Genome Project relied heavily on computer systems to store the human gene sequence. Pharmacology is the science of drug action on biological systems. For the purposes of this requirement, courses for Science credit are separated into 7 categories by course codes: 1. Through SUS, we aim to create and foster a sense of science community and continually promote good relations with other communities on campus. Sure it has gotten hella competitive over the years but CAPS and Pharmaco are the most competitive GPA wise. Not too sure about other sciences, except oceanography. Students graduating in the program will also have an understanding of the basic concepts and quantitative skills of physics. The field is all about understanding how the earth works, from the core to the atmosphere, and from the distant genesis of our planet to current and future trends in environmental and global issues. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Many graduates find work in the geo-environmental sector (especially within hydrogeology) or continue on to advanced studies at the graduate level and research careers in industry and academia. 1874 East Mall

Statisticians work in almost all areas of science, engineering, business, government and industry.

It has also made possible the development of substances such as rubber, nylon, and plastics from other, completely different materials. Physics: All PHYS courses, except PHYS 100 The curriculum taught at UBC and BCIT will include courses in core science and provide a broad exposure in biochemistry, forensic science, chemistry and molecular biology. What would you say is a safe program to major in for students hoping for med school? UBC Faculty of Science, Office of the Dean Earth Sciences Building, 2178-2207 Main Mall, https://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/9940bsc, https://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/9940bsc#contacts, Combined Honours, Atmospheric Science and Computer Science, Combined Major or Combined Honours, Computer Science and Biology, Honours, Ecology and Environmental Biology, Combined Honours, Chemical Biology (See Chemistry), Combined Major or Combined Honours, Biology and Oceanography, Honours Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences, Combined Honours, Chemistry and Mathematics, Combined Honours, Chemical Physics (See Physics), Combined Honours, Chemistry and another science subject, Major Cognitive Systems: Cognition and Brain, Major Cognitive Systems: Computational Intelligence and Design, Major or Honours, Computer Science (with Software Engineering option), Combined Major and Honours, Computer Science and Biology, Combined Major, Computer Science and Another Science Subject, Combined Major or Honours Computer Science & Microbiology and Immunology, Combined Major and Honours, Computer Science and Mathematics, Combined Major and Honours, Computer Science and Physics, Combined Major and Honours, Computer Science and Statistics, Combined Major, Computer Science and Chemistry, Combined Honours, Biochemistry and Forensic Science, Combined Honours, Geology and another subject, Combined Honours, Geophysics and another subject, Combined Major, Mathematics and Economics, Combined Major, Computer Science and Mathematics (See Computer Science), Combined Honours, Mathematics and another subject, Major or Honours, Microbiology and Immunology, Combined Major or Combined Honours, Computer Science and Microbiology and Immunology, Biotechnology in Microbiology and Immunology, Combined Major: Oceanography and Chemistry, Combined Honours, Oceanography and another subject, Combined Major, Computer Science and Physics, Combined Honours, Physics and another science subject, Combined Honours, Physics and Mathematics, Combined Major or Combined Honours, Computer Science and Statistics, Combined Honours Mathematics and Statistics. In addition, I'm very worried about job prospects. Nowadays, due to increased computer use, massive amounts of data are collected and, thus, statistics has become one of the most pervasive of all disciplines. Oceanographers study the physical and chemical properties of ocean water, as well as the life within it, the sea floor and the ocean's connection to the rest of the planet. Strong, multidisciplinary foundations established through the COGS program provides our students with a unique, multifaceted perspective and prepares our graduates to think flexibly. Physiology provides the basic information for understanding the normal function of the body, explains how normal function may be altered in pathological conditions, and provides insight for developing strategies to manage and treat various diseases and conditions. For example, they research the male and female reproductive systems, the process of birth, and the physiology of the fetus and newborn. Those who are interested in becoming research scientists continue their studies as graduate and postgraduate students. Never wanted to work at a lab either. I'm in first year, but I'm beginning to think about what specializations I want to apply to.


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