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), “platform neutral” (ie., Windows and Apple and are not proprietary to any single platform), follow universal programming style, and allow the use of tablets and mobile devices. In the First Read lesson for. Students answer the Think question and complete two peer reviews. Teachers are provided with language, structures, protocols, graphic organizers, and clear connections to the CCSS in The Speaking and Listening Handbook. Each lesson contains ten words that are related topically. Teachers can customize digital materials for local use according to student interests and abilities. The pacing guide is designed for 50-minute instructional days and divides each unit into forty-five days in order to be able to complete the curriculum in an 180-day school year. In the Core Program Guide, the publishers offer a general plan for an independent reading program. Literary texts include novels, poems, epic poetry, graphic novels, short stories, dramas, and scripts. The instructional materials reviewed for Grade 9 meet the criteria that assessments clearly denote which standards are being emphasized.

Other selections share stories of leaders in history, including two seminal U.S. documents in the 9-10 complexity band, the epic poem. Most questions are higher order and ask students to engage with the text directly. By practicing these registers, students begin to understand the differences in the expectations for their language with different purposes. Are the instructional materials user-friendly for students and educators? A society that lives under a dictatorial government is beset by a lot of fear. The Question and Answer sections of our study guides are a great Tuesdays with Morrie, Discussion Question. In this chart, texts are listed in order by unit.

At the beginning of each unit, students consider the Big Idea or essential question of the unit, and when they read and analyze the texts in the unit, they face further questions and discussions about this essential question. The Unit 2 lesson objectives are to learn the definitions of informational elements - important ideas and key details - and practice using concrete strategies for identifying the elements. Each unit provides both fiction and nonfiction selections to build student content knowledge; students are required to read and comprehend the complex texts independently and proficiently.

Teachers use technology to scaffold assignments based on students’ interests and reading abilities. ", The First Read lessons focus on comprehension and vocabulary. Digital materials are accessible and available in multiple platforms.

The instructional materials reviewed for Grade 9 meet the criteria that digital materials include opportunities for teachers to personalize learning for all students, using adaptive or other technological innovations. Short constructed responses that accompany all Close Read lessons in the unit help students demonstrate understanding of the writing skills necessary to complete this project. After modeling, the teacher reads over the Skills Focus question, so the students understand what they should pay close attention to while reading.

StudySync digitally delivers instruction in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language. Maybe it's your way of relaxing?
The rubrics support a sequential review process that reflect the importance of alignment to the standards then consider other high-quality attributes of curriculum as recommended by educators. A Speaking and Listening Handbook provides teachers with explicit instructions on teaching and modeling collegial discussions, and strategies and handouts to guide students as they practice and assess evidence-based discussions. Students then complete a Close Read of “Marigolds,” including a detailed reading and annotation of a selection.

The opportunities for speaking, listening, and presenting can be found throughout the unit in the Blasts, First Reads, Skills, and Close Reads. In Unit 3 of Grade 9, students research the creation and pursuit of goals as the process is portrayed in various mediums, including radio, recordings, photography, film, television, and print. Students are given numerous opportunities to explore the ideas and the texts through speaking and listening with their peers and the model discussions provided. [4] Were you convinced or persuaded by the writer’s argument by the end of the response? Finally, during the Close Read, the teacher models how to do a close read of the text using text-dependent questions that are focused on the skills taught and require students to analyze the text at a deeper level.

Included here is an analysis of the lessons in Unit 1 and Unit 2. These texts increase in complexity as the units progress. The students engage in all phases of the writing process. You may cover all of these lessons in class, or you may decide to divide the assignments between in-class work and homework. .”. Student Models are provided via multimedia introductions. While the materials are well-designed, the amount of time taken to complete what is identified as a year's worth of material in Grade 9 would clearly take more days than are allocated. Each Unit contains video and audio features to support text accessibility and comprehension.


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