trivia for seniors pdf

chalkboard draw 2 horizontal lines and write your phrase above the top line. The first meal on the moon eaten by Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin included turkey.

(a) Tomato (b) Sweet Potato (c) Chocolate (d) Cucumber (e) Butter Bean. Who was US President at the start of the 20th century?

Easy Best Senior Citizen Trivia Questions: Fun Elderly Quizzes. Make 6 columns across the bottom of the board by drawing 5 evenly spaced vertical lines below the heading.



These questions and answers are great for general-knowledge trivia games and challenges. endobj 12 – 15 correct: WOW, You certainly have great long-range memory.

To draw your grid onto the chalkboard that will hold your word game, first draw 2 horizontal lines at the top of your board and evenly space the word.

Start the game by using your. How did you do in our remember when trivia for seniors? sing the same printing instructions from the Spring & Summer Trivia Board game. Start the game by using your, to help the seniors find words to fill in the topics using each of the letters in the word.

<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595 842] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> In between the 2 lines, write in large print all the letters incuded in the phrase that the seniors will be able to use when making their words. Try these questions for themed parties, specific trivia categories, and themed games. 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, 15 Purse Essentials That Make Life Easier. Keep a set on hand so you're prepared to liven-up the mundane at a moment's notice. Prepare and clean your chalkboard and gather together all the supplies you will need for the game. 1 0 obj ]�Ēb��,�"�۩c0D�E���:z(�Y�cT�;CAm�b/s�� 2��0�@U��J� ����6c����Fyvi�jӽR�m_�{�xYQ��R�V? Click here to print all Trivia Board games in one PDF file. Now draw 4 horizontal lines that are also evenly spaced across the board and leave room for a heading at the top. To create the grid on your chalkboard for this game, first draw 8 vertical lines evenly spaced across your chalkboard to create 9 columns that will fit all the letters in the word. �q �A�\�4܏�_Rᡩ����:�G��Y�X� ���c�F-D���#/t��G�[E�GQ��xs|$���O��r t�#�RW���TV�HyzL����q٧�x��1.�'��Q�?pX����z�b�Uo?��_͗*�mw��X�FH��� �h�N(��)@���;����E��U�ΰI(�qY@��� �U����>�E�Am �N���+.�� These printable trivia questions are challenging yet entertaining. Use the same printing instructions from the Spring & Summer Trivia Board Game. To draw the grid on the chalkboard for the Spring and Summer board game featured below, first draw 3 vertical lines to make 4 columns across the board.

Trivia Questions and Answers For Seniors, Elderly, and Retired Trivia Fans!


Turkey Trivia Questions True or False Questions: 1. List inside the columns all the words the seniors create using the letters from within the phrase, and use your.
If you need help, check out this guide for Adobe printables. Seniors Card. If you need help, check out this guide for Adobe printables. The objective of the Trivia Quiz is to answer the questions correctly in the shortest amount of time possible. Then you can download and print the PDF.
Then draw 6 horizontal lines below the heading.

In the first column, spell out the word, letter in the word Fall inside each box in the first column. Remember When Trivia for Seniors Scoring. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Then you can download and print the PDF. Please help us improve. First prepare your chalkboard and gather plenty of chalk, erasers, wet paper towels and bath towels to clean and dry your board. List separately all the letters that are not included in the phrase. <> Her husband’s name was Ricky and he was a South American band leader.


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