trees dying from chemtrails
Its just a sword, that can be used for good or ill. “This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur, so they were all collected in a large, wooden building, which they called a synagogue. Many who want to lose weight eat lots of salads. Well done! Children used to ask – ‘why is the sky blue?’ Soon, they will be asking why it is always white like cotton. I’ve read about this before (possibly here). But it gives me some comfort, and you all too I hope, there seems to be a powerful Resistance Movement battling the cabal. Sorry for long comment but these things need to be said. Yet, this tree species is rapidly dying off. Trees are absolutely vital to human and animal life; they provide shelter, shade, clean air, and also keep soil from eroding. Regarding trees, there’s been well below average rainfall in many parts of the country this last winter and spring (and that’s not normal either). Hopefully my other comment in last article will get moderated ok. Ive read there are infiltrators, saboteurs, in lots of organisations, working to disrupt the cabals plans. This is a subtle topic, but an important one. Driven by American demand for cheap furniture, China has become the greatest importer of illegal timber. You can forget clowns such as Russel Brand and Alex Jones, leave aside the lies of the ”Counter Jihad” and the fawning of controlled political movements, this is the big game, it is the game itself. On that site one wrote about Baroness Jane Birdwood. Last month Tap Blog put up a video about an elderly German lady who questions the Holocaust. There are more trees on Earth than Stars in our Galaxy! I think what we see around us, day to day, all the issues, is a proxy war On the east coast growing up, chem trails would start after each jet passed over, usually north and south, in the mornings with clear skies. This is a Spiritual war were in, on all sorts of levels, with all sorts of matters. By all appearances, plant life is purposely being slowly killed by way of blocking the sun, depriving them of water or flooding them through weather control, and by way of carbon sequestratiion. Julies question today about the SSP solar warden was interesting. Fruit and nut bearing trees provide food for us, and thousands of trees provide medicinal compounds that can tackle everything from halitosis to cancer. and Why., Why Are Trees Dying All Over the World? So dead grasses, dandelions, plants, weakened trees, beetles move in. Now I know the spirit worlds real, the etheric dimensions real and the US secret military industrial complex has technology to go in and interfere with the etheric dimension, Now, I ask when did you last take a close look at the trees--their bark, branches and leaves? Ungulates don't fly planes, come on. Educate yourself on this issue and learn how to protect yourself. Divers in Sweden have discovered a rare collection of Stone Age artifacts buried deep beneath the Baltic Sea. G’day Truth Hurts. In many places, the disappearance had happened within the last 20 years. I get wary because im wary and suspicious of organised religion. This hasn’t been seen prior to our times because humans haven’t lived near the trees until the last one hundred in any great numbers. As above, so below Adam, General Patton RIP learned the awful Truth far too late, having been preoccupied with war and ‘victories’, and it cost him his life – having unwittingly slaughtered hundreds of thousands of fellow Gentiles in the cause of International Jewry. “This has to be framed as a mystery,” says Warren. I try to keep them on topic, relatively speaking. Perhaps the most recognizable feature of a screwbean mesquite is its seedpod. Whether you call it aerosol geo-engineering or chemtrails, the poison that is raining down on our soil, air, and water is killing our trees. No doubt about it, its pleasurable, a wonderful mental lubricant and relaxant at the end of a day, or when issues get on top. Though the atmosphere is being changed in highly CLASSIFIED acts conducted by our government and NATO countries as a  DARPA-sponsored program, the evidence of this insane spraying is everywhere. The mystery of the screwbeen mesquite is definitely troubling. Reply. The EU HQ for example? Chemtrails affect the plants ability to use photosynthesis by blocking the sun! At first, Leonard Warren noticed a dying tree here and there as he walked along the river’s edge. We may not know the full ecological impact of its loss until 20, 40 or 100 years after it’s gone. This is all part of suppressed Tesla physics. Black-tailed gnatcatchers, loggerhead shrike, verdin, Bewick’s wren and many other species use the trees for cover year round. has written another book on Natural Healing and his latest book is about healing Lyme disease after suffering from it and healing it himself and he is sharing his experience with the public. The trees are in trouble. For instance, is the water table too low at times, if the answer is no, then strike that off the list. A quick intro. A powerful RM., The Temporal Power of the Pope is obvious, Cardinal Egan sitting before his two puppet Candidates. Dr. Ingram has since written over 20 books on natural healing. As a quick and unsubstantiated guess there isn’t one single cause of the trees’ decline but a combination of global warning, use of herbicide,drought and a change in natural water courses.


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