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Once in battle, there are six options available to the player on their turn, which function nearly identically to previous titles: Attack: Performs a weak physical attack that depends on the character's STR and the opponent's DEF. Apart from the standard edition, XSEED offered a limited "Lionheart Edition", which came with a sturdy box for both Trails of Cold Steel games, a paperback artbook and a pin of the "Golden Stallion", the emblem of Erebonia. G summoned a mighty bone dragon, and while quite the challenge, they were able to defeat it. Let me staaaaaay!’ His cries resounded endlessly throughout the crimson sky. Thus, Class VII splits up to look for the way out. Falcom officially announced Trails of Cold Steel for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita during their investor's meeting on December 14, 2012. You're a legend. Afterwards, they enjoyed a round of billiard and board games. The next day, the Noble Faction’s leader, Duke Cayenne, paid a surprise visit to the town. It was concluded that the fortress' disappearance was due to an attack by Crossbell State and it was shortly announced that Chancellor Osborne would be making a speech to the nation at noon. The attack was led once again by G, and Princess Alfin and Elise were both taken hostage. And knowing that war could break out over a misunderstanding at any moment, Group A motioned to conduct their own inquiry into the true culprits responsible. It wasn’t long before the Railway Military Police found their way into the catacombs as well, and the terrorists fled the scene, triggering an explosive in the process. While they were doing so, a more pressing problem arose—a fire at a military factory in town. It landed, and Rean entered its core along with Celine. These attacks require Bravery Points (BP), which is accumulated as normal link attacks are performed, up to a maximum of 5. The impossible performance was made possible by Elliot's efforts and Crow getting carried away, whereas the others prepared themselves for the worst. Several characters can ride through an equestrian course during the festival, where collecting flags and avoiding obstacles helps the jockey finish under the time limit. After the dinner, the groups split in two to soak in the hot springs. From this location, it was possible to access the prototype of the Old Schoolhouse discussed below. Alisa is satisfied with her work and Laura audibly wonders whether this look would not be a better fit for Emma in daily life. Practical exams: The Wednesday after the free day sees Instructor Sara test the mettle of Class VII with a practical exam. All performing to the best of their abilities, Class VII scored better in the midterms than any other class. And once they completed their field study tasks, they were instructed to meet with Group B and travel to Garrelia Fortress. A surprise visit from Elise, Rean’s younger sister, led to an argument between the adoptive siblings and when Rean saw her in danger soon after, he lost control of a strange power that dwelt within him. He explained his desire to cultivate the youth of tomorrow—those who could overcome the conflicts in the world. They had decided that Rean will play lead guitar, with Alisa on side guitar, Gaius on bass, Laura on drums and Elliot on keyboard. Dude Im so excited your making a walkthrough for CS4!!! As they watched the glimmering visions of the capital before them, a giant silver airship appeared from above the clouds. Trails of Cold Steel begins at Garrelia Fortress, located on the eastern edge of the Erebonian Empire. After lunch, as Sara and Class VII's seniors each explore the village and its hot springs on their own, Class VII decides to get some work done first: their performance for the Thors festival, for which Elliot and Crow had finished their proposal. Furthermore, the master quartz system first introduced in Ao no Kiseki returns, providing an additional orbal source of skills and benefits. Unfortunately, the party was brought to an abrupt end by a shocking proclamation from Principal Vandyck. Gloomy as her expression was in the beginning, she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders the longer they talked, and it was soon replaced by her usual sweet smile. Though the dragon had fallen, three more members of the terrorist group made their appearance: V, S, and their leader, C. C challenged Rean, Laura, and Fie to a duel, and his victory proved both swift and effortless. Elise curtly answers Rean that she is doing fine and greets the other members of Class VII, after which she is first introduced to Towa, Angelica and George. Flustered, Elise barges back into the house to clean up the tea. Rean found himself at odds with Machias for keeping his noble status a secret. Aren't you forgetting something?' They found and apprehended the group of bandits, but were immediately surrounded by the provincial army, who turned out to be in league with the bandits all along. Emma is similarly flustered, but Crow argues that having Alisa or Laura on vocals would not offer the twist he was looking for. However, they were all too shocked by what was happening to pay any real attention to her words. It features a three-room prototype of what would become the Old Schoolhouse near the Thors Military Academy in the final version of the game. He was standing in a strange empty space. As the day came to an end, Class VII gathered for a final meeting to discuss the concert being held the next day. Roer was a large industrial city, home to the Reinford Group’s corporate HQ and Reinford family residence. Regrettably, both terrorist executives were allowed to escape by the sudden arrival of an airship. Still, even this grand an undertaking is but a jewel in a greater crown...the second stage of the Orpheus Final Plan. Apart from the standard edition, XSEED offered a limited "Lionheart Edition", which came with a sturdy box for both Trails of Cold Steel games, a paperback artbook and a pin of the "Golden Stallion", the emblem of Erebonia. He ponders the meaning behind "The seventh form that I have taught to you is 'Void.' And his true identity was revealed to be a former member of Class VII: Crow Armbrust. They greet him with both 'Master Rean' and just 'Rean', demonstrating that the Schwarzer Barony does not particularly adhere to formalities. They even met with Elise before the gates of St. Astraia, and she elegantly led them to a stunning indoor rose garden. And thanks in part to the fact that they weren't all complete amateurs, they were finally ready to perform. It was decided that Class VII was to be taken to their field study location by airship, and everyone stepped on board. Alisa nods, removes Emma's glasses and calls out Sharon, instructing her to brush Emma's hair. Alisa later revealed to Rean more about her family and her concerns relating to Irina’s destructive work ethic. The battle for Trista began. Next, to enable the use of arts, orbment slots must be unlocked at orbal factories and equipped with quartz. In the blink of an eye, Emma had become a glamerous beauty albeit one with watery eyes. He asks if they are really willing to lose to Class I over something like this, which was enough to shut up both Jusis and Machias. With a bang, the humanoid that they found in the old schoolhouse came flying through the air towards them. Offensive crafts can unbalance unless otherwise specified. Alisa, surprised that Rean overheard her, tells him to mind his own business and inquires whether that includes jobs for the student council. They are very helpful and accurate! Meanwhile, Group B defeated V, revealed to be Vulcan, and together, they were able to prevent the worst case scenario. She calls him immature and wonders what the girls at Thors Military Academy could mean for Rean's future. Group A’s field study had come to an end, but on a much less positive note compared to their first. Can't wait to use this. The climax of each field study sees Class VII fighting an end-of-chapter boss as part of an attempt to stave off the immediate danger the various antagonists present. The press release also reveals the designs of Rean Schwarzer, Alisa Reinford, Elliot Craig and Laura S. Arseid. The two groups reunited soon thereafter, finally making their way towards Garrelia Fortress. The letter updates Rean on his current status, informs him that he won't be able to visit Erebonia for a while and expresses his surprise that Rean still hasn't found the way. Afterwards, Sara congratulates the students on a job well done and explains that their teamwork took advantage of the one the ARCUS units' key new features: combat linking. While Class VII is preparing to leave the old schoolhouse, principal Vandyck and a blonde-haired man dressed in red are seen overlooking the basement from afar and making small talk about their hopes from the class's future.


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