toyota g54 transmission
1st 3.928, 2nd 2.142, 3rd 1.397, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.851. Ideally, It would have been great to have the r151f , but for what i need the w56 should be plenty tough behind my 22r . Where did you find the r151f transmission? Here are the gear ratios (thanks to Paul Kube: [email protected]): From Marlin Czajkowski's literature on Marlin crawlers: Rigs For Sale, Started by jeepish Reportedly, the second and fourth gear teeth and bearings in the 5-speed are the weakest. Check how clean the engine is (take the valve cover off). Problems I've had: transmission swap 1986 toyota g54 for r151f « on: Sep 02, 2011, 10:02:55 PM » Hello everyone . Toyota R151 5 Speed Transmission Input Shaft Drive Gear 29 Teeth. The alternators don't always last as long as they should. (1 st gear)  then 2nd ( 3rd gear) then D (over drive), 8:1 compression ratio, runs fine on 87 octane, 9.3:1 compression ratio, requires 90 octane unleaded, average mpg about 22.65, 26.8 on the highway, average mpg in 1986 4Runner (5-speed) = 20. 1 sold. For more information go to Let's see... We've "had" mine since new. I haven't heard anything about tranny coolers on them. Reverse: 4.743. Topic: transmission swap 1986 toyota g54 for r151f; Pages: [1] Go Down . The most common problem is simply worn brushes. Other people haven't needed to replace a single engine component in 60,000 miles. If all i need is to change the bellhousing ,that would be great . 1st 3.704, 2nd 2.020, 3rd 1.368, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.854. Reverse: 4.743. The 5-speed in my '84 4Runner has held up pretty well over ten years and 145,000 miles. The pump cost me about $98 to have replaced. I run only synthetic in mine to clean out the dirt the previous owner had built up in there. The Toyota service manual helps. One thing: there are two fuel filters specified for 1984 4Runners. And yes to find an r151f  is almost impossible anymore . It's a straight-through filter, the same one as the '77 Toyota Celica 20R. There are a couple electronic things under there, but the vast majority of the engine can be tweaked with good ol' mechanics. overheats whenever I go for extended highway trips at above 2800rpm (boost kicks in :-)). I'd rather have this engine than a Toyota V6, which gets about 17mpg and doesn't really add much torque - and my oil filter can be changed easily. 1st 3.954, 2nd 2.141, 3rd 1.384, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.850 Reverse: 4.091. Those two heaters come in handy as reserve radiators! I have, however, heard reports that over time the synchros (responsible for keeping the gear speeds matched, thus allowing shifts at any wheel speed and RPM) wear, often pretty badly. In fact, I think mine has some (very faint) bearing noise in second. Many of these engines develop leaks in the front and/or rear crankshaft oil seals. 1st 3.566, 2nd 2.056, 3rd 1.384, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.850 Reverse: 4.091. 5 per page; 10 per page; 15 per page; 20 per page; 25 … Never ran anything but BP regular unleaded and never had a ping or knock. There is a kit that puts a brass sleeve on the shaft, which stops the rubber seal from wearing a groove into the shaft. It's a win-win deal: As our team gets caught up, our website provides a lower discount price-point so we can keep our shipping department running at 100% effeciency! If you run really cheap, junky gas, you can go through three fuel filters and pumps within a week! Uphills in Utah in August had me turn the heaters on last summer. #K511 '85-'88 Toyota Pickup 4 Speed Transmission. It's accelleration is dramatically improved over the normal 4cyl, especially if you keep the rpms above 2800 (the auto should be calibrated for that - my 5 speed needs a brain at he wheel...). Returns Accepted. We offer 50% off shipping charges that meet the following requirements: The discount price is constantly changing! Print . © All Content Copyright 1994-2020 Marlin Crawler, Inc. transmission swap 1986 toyota g54 for r151f, Re: transmission swap 1986 toyota g54 for r151f, 5-Speed Transmission Swap for my 85 Toyota 2wd Pick-up, Instrument Cluster Swap from a 1986 Turbo truck to 1986 4 runner, Instrument Cluster Swap from a 1986 Turbo truck to 1986 4 runner, 1986 Toyota Custom Cab - Rare find - seats for 5 people with R151f - Denver, CO. Those cost $1400 as a spare part; Ouch! Ran nothing but regular unleaded till about 60k at which time I started to get pinging when it was warm and going up grades. Due to the uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), with health and safety being a top priority of both our employees and customers, we are doing our part in helping reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by closing our Store Front to the public until further notice. Factory turbos have stronger rear ends than the normal Toys, too. $115.00. Look at the emsissions sticker under the hood - should list the 22RT-E number. Doesn't seem to run any better after the tune than before. I found my R151F totally by accident. Reverse: 4.220. I have one in my 85 pickup and I don't think I will ever swap it for a bigger V-6 of any type. Have any questions? I changed the thermostat 1/94. One thing I noticed, which must be even more important if you live in warmer climates: the cooling system must be clean and working well! There have been some conflicting reports about this transmission. Reverse: 4.091. I got a tranny from someone here, and it turns out to be the wrong one. 1989 1994 TOYOTA 4RUNNER PICKUP TRUCK 3.0L V6 4WD MANUAL 5 SPD TRANSMISSION JDM 3VZ. 1986-1988 G54. At these ridiculously low prices we are unable to offer technical help with your transmission rebuild. But if youloose power to your 2 shift solenoid, you will be taking off  in OverDrive. David Snyder ([email protected]) says: Reverse: 4.743. Had a couple of oil leaks but new gaskets fixed that. Reverse: 4.472. There's one last conflict: The 4Runner's tow rating for later models is as high a 3500 pounds with the 5-speed, but only 2000 pounds with the automatic. G54 1986-88 (22R)Rebuild kit only G58 1989-95 (22R-E) Rebuild kit only W56-A 1985 (22R-E) Rebuild kit only W56-B 1986-88 (22R-E)Rebuild kit only W56-C 1989-91 (22R-E) Rebuild kit only $485 W56-D 1992 (22R-E)Rebuild kit only W56-E 1993-95 (22R-E) Rebuild kit only $399.99 W59 1995-05 (2/3zfe)Rebuild kit only R151F 1986-87 (22R-TE) Rebuild kit only R150F 1988-95 (3VZ-E)Rebuild kit … The 5-speed is also one of the components that should be put through its paces during any test drive. Many of 'em do this, and it doesn't seem to be much more than an annoyance. The G54 5-Speed manual. I put 145k miles on mine in about 7 years and only tuned it up twice and even then it wasn't running poorly it is just I felt it needed to be done. Best Match. What is more important is that the turbo is in good shape! I'm not sure which models used this, but its a sweet setup with an lower 1st gear and an extra high. The 22RE while dependable is not as bullet proof as the 22R. WARNING: Products we sell can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Simply add product to your shopping cart that exceeds the value listed at the top of our website, and then choose Standard Ground Shipment during Check-out. © All Content Copyright 1994-2020 Marlin Crawler, Inc. All products intended for Off-Road use.Prices & terms subject to change without notice. Any black grime in there means the oil wasn't changed as often as a turbo should be. 1st 4.452, 2nd 2.398, 3rd 1.414, 4th 1.00, 5th: 0.802. There have been some reports of valve tapping/rocker knocking. In short, if there's any part of a Toyota truck that would especially benefit from synthetic oil, it's the 5-speed. This transmission is a normal three-speed hydraulic automatic transmission. Thanks . What you should do is :  Select LOW 1 . (both 2wd and 4wd) or just doesn't feel like a good old long-throw truck transmission, there may be something expensive wrong with it. Find an automotive electric shop (that rebuilds alternators). will i need to cut metal to fit the shifters? Toyota 4x4 5 Speed Manual G54 Transmission For Sale Near Me; Used Toyota Pickup Manual Transmissions For Sale. I have a 91 4x4 extra cab truck - with a bad 5 speed. I know you can put in a r150 ,but you will need a bellhousing and adapter and some other parts that quickly bring the price up. In 10 years and 140,000 mi, that, occasional brake jobs, and 3-5k oil changes have kept it up. The water pumps generally last about 100,000 miles. It's carburated, so if you know what you're doing, you can run it for a long time, rebuilding almost the whole thing by yourself. 1989-1995 G58. Thought I was buying a W56 on Craigslist and it ended up being "THE HOLY GRAIL". Due to cheap gas, I went through three fuel pumps and filters in November, 1993. This is Toyotas ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission) automatic. In Wisconsin they have other benefits, too. (At least that's my plan for the current grinder down there). (Tip: Alternator brushes are usually available at Automotive Electric places--- where they rebuild alternators, etc.). Author Topic: transmission swap 1986 toyota g54 for r151f (Read 2682 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. My turbo is also running thru 2 1/4 custom exhaust pipes, a turbo muffler, and my nose tells me that the previous owner may have forgotten to install a cat... My turbo gets about 20mpg under all but severe driving conditions. I'm not sure which models used this, but its a sweet setup with an lower 1st gear and an extra high .


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