top mounted psu fan up or down
Having it face downwards without any modding like Paul described will cause the PSU to overheat. the cables were easily long enough so I didn't see a valid reason to not mount it fan up. That was Intel's solution to their cpu heat problem. Planning on building a computer but need some advice? As I pointed out in my original post, that is no longer the situation. Can't mount ex radiator fans to bottom of PC after swapping them for RGB Fans. PSU's mounted on the top have to draw air from inside the case. I would mount it fan down. 'Seasonic's Connect PSU Is for Cable Management Nitpickers' - Tom's. Problem is, the cases on sale are evenly split between top mounted and bottom mounted PSU slots. My novice experience. Like one of the other posts said, having an intake and dust filter dedicated for the PSU is great. Opened the case side and found the top of the power supply too hot to touch. Will it restrict the air flow to the PSU or anything? Also, the motherboard orientation is reversed, meaning the GPU is above the CPU, with the PSU just above the the GPU. Lots of options for cable management. If there is ample space between the PSU intake and the graphics card (assuming the PSU is at the bottom and the intake is towards the VGA) then there will not be a big problem. This means that they will run a bit hotter than a psu that is mounted on the bottom, which draws air from outside the case. A top mounted psu is like a 2nd exhaust fan, but if you want it to run cooler, go with a bottom mounted psu. If you have the option to run the unit without turning off the fan at low loads, then do that and mount it facing down. Antec 300, antec ew650. Other than familiarity, I can only think of one benefit of top mounted PSUs and that being that they are placed well above where dirt and dust bunnies sit which prevents them from getting sucked up into the PSU. Bottom mounted PSUs are able to suck in the cooler air from the bottom, have shorter distances for the cabling (can be really noticeable on full atx cases where the motherboard power connector is quite far from the PSU), and generally lowers the center of gravity of the tower, making it less likely to tip. Installed my power supply (Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply) on the bottom, fan side down, as suggested and two days later smelled the smell of burning components. Helps keep the PC clean while drawing cool air. Right now I'm taking the plunge to change out the PSU and case as a precaution before I do a motherboard/CPU upgrade (Vale FX-4100, you served well). Put my old PC in the 200R which works great. Should be down to draw fresh cool air into psu which then exhaust out the back. I prefer bottom mounted PSUs, but that's really just personal preference. It always depends on the case you are talking about. You really can't go wrong with it. This power supply has 135mm fan on it. Seasonic successor to the 'Focus Plus' series, ***OFFICIAL*** Ryzen 5000 / Zen 3 Launch Thread ***CONFIRMED***. Would very much appreciate knowing which type of case is better for noise/airflow/cable management. My seasonic gold ss-560-x has had the fan down inside a node 304 cases since I built it in 2012 and they run on 24/7 No issues whatsoever. Anyone is welcome to seek the input of our helpful community as they piece together their desktop. It's all dependent on usage. You have to admit, you set yourself up for that one. JavaScript is disabled. it had an upside logo on the side plus the information sticker on the top. There seems to be endless debates about whether a bottom mounted PSU should have its fans facing up or down, so I decided to do a test. But if the fan is on the top and there is little or no room between the power supply and the top of the case there would not be much air movement, so that would be the worst way to mount it. Quite a few of my clients have set their PC on thick shag carpet, which renders a bottom-breathing PSU fan rather ineffective.


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