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". Ages 22-26: Slightly slower training than above. Ages 18-21: These players train the fastest. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. If you weren’t able to catch our Top Eleven 2019 beginner’s guide, much of the new game’s mechanics have carried over from previous versions, ensuring a familiar experience for those who’ve played Top Eleven titles in the past. You can also teach your player a Special Ability for either 50 or 40 skill points, depending on the ability. Similarly, by clicking on a player's condition bar, you can restore their condition by using rests. The highest skill gain value is always +10, +20 and +30. (They are usually found early in the day. By clicking the Training Intensity icon next to a player's name, you will be able to set his individual intensity. Every month we visit a Top Eleven Manager from around the World and ask them to share their story. Click Save to confirm the training. Top eleven 2019 gives us the flexibility to use several numbers of formations although only a few of them work effectively. If you invest in your youth academy it will also speed things up here.Ages 22-26:Slightly slower training than above. Also remember that your players will have a worse performance if they play a match tired, so don’t train close to the start of a match unless you have the Rest Health Packs to make up for it. Before we start we would like to inform you that this is not written by us, at the end of guide you will find the credits for the guy who wrote it. Top Eleven Manager - Special abilities & what you need to know about them! All you have to do is to determine the lowest skill gain value (not necessary for all 3 training types, Stretching will do the job and you can multiply it 2x for Cardio and 3x for Parctice Match). Training Intensity can be set for individual players, or on a squad level. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. It has three levels, each indicated by a green bar appropriate to the level. This may depend on their condition, chosen training intensity, age and development potential. That’s 1500% skill progress. The stars represent a player's quality when compared to everyone else in the league, so star ratings will change as you move up and down through the ranks. Here, you can select the type of training regime that you would like them to embark upon. You should avoid training if your players are tired because chances for injuries, especially if training intensity is high, are significantly higher. Practice Match and Cardio training would use those 15% again. Thinking that age was the be-all and end-all, I went out and bought all young players. COMMUNITY. These determine which positions your player can effectively use and cost 50 skill points each. Comparing to this… This is nearly always because you have progressed to a better league. Watch Now. When you are playing Top Eleven Trainer for extended periods of time without any breaks, your eyes can start to dry out and become sore. Required fields are marked *. In this screen, you can either allocate your skill points to one of three attributes, a new special ability or learning a new role. "Fast Trainer " & a "Fast trainer" that will have consistently good ratings. First, you’ll notice that you can invest in Defense, Attack and Physical & Mental. It seems obvious, but...some people just neglect it. First pic is how many rest packs you need to train the fastest of those 4 previous examples, and the second pic is calculation for the slowest of 4. Top Eleven Manager - Counter Formations & Orders Brakedown - How to set up your team for the Win! Players will have retired by the time they reach the end of this bracket, although in real life 34 is not necessarily the final years of a player's career.Finally, remember that a player who has match practice will also train faster. For a Star up your player will need 7500% skill progress, for FK, CK & PK 4000% and for other SA 5000%. I've found that, so long as you're training something, you will do far better. By clicking the Set Team Intensity button in the Training menu, you will be able to set team intensity for your entire first squad or your substitutions and reserves. By opening a player's details window, you are able to access the personal trainer in the skills tab. Each has its own skill percentage gain and condition cost. I should mention, that they went to 6 stars – it may be different next season once they are back at 5 stars to get to 6. As I already said in some other threads, there is pattern in skill gain for two types of players in T11, fast trainers and “flops”. With them selected, toggle the type of training on the right-hand side. Special Abilities Explained by The Prof. Aside from improving attributes, you can also spend skill points to teach a player a new role by clicking the “+” icon next to the “Roles:” entry. Top Eleven Football Manager Walkthrough and Guide. However, it does take a lot of time and you may prefer to let the computer do all of that work.Personal Trainer:The Personal Trainer is one area where your Tokens come in handy. I’m not sure where did you guys take this info from and how old is it. They can also be used to teach players a new role or special ability. They can be earned either by training or by receiving skill points as gifts and are assigned to one of three attributes manually or automatically, depending on preference. Therefore, it is important to take a 15 minute break from Top Eleven Trainer at least once every 2 hours. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Health tab in the same window will let you use health packs to heal your player's injury (in case he is injured), improve his morale or help him recover his condition. There are three forms of training: stretching, cardio and practice match. Training. "Nordgen players " are the generated players for the transfer marked they can be young or old players .You´ll find the players have no stats & come from "made up teams like "AC Unfortunate" "FC flabby" "AC Gold" ect. Training Intensity is used to determine how hard you wish to push your player during Training. By clicking on a player's name or skill point, a new pop-up screen screen will open. Because it displays the current skill progress and condition of each player, the manager can easily decide the training intensity of each player. March 18, 2020 Khris. March 10, 2020 Khris. This pic is pattern range of young fast trainers (age 18-21). The range can go up or down depending if player loses or wins a Star, but distance between the lowest and the highest value never change (If it’s not 10, 20 and 30, the player is “flop”). These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Next star he is only doing just under 3% average. Individual Training:You can tailor individual training sessions to focus on a particular area for any player in your squad. You should look to invest smartly, on players that will get you 1 star in 100 rests not 300. 1.1 Expand-A-Lung; 1.2 POWERbreathe; 1.3 Ultrabreathe; 1.4 TrainingMask VENT Filtration Breathing Trainer; 1.5 The Breather; 1.6 Airofit; 1.7 AirPhysio; 1.8 Bas Rutten O2 Trainer; 1.9 PowerLung Trainer PLT-K100; 1.10 Aduro Sport Adurance Breathing Exercise Device; 1.11 BreatheEasy; 2 How We Ranked the Most Popular Lung … Back to Top Eleven Football Manager Guide Index. We are back with another great and useful tutorial about Power Training this time from Steppenwolf. Ages 27-28: You can then move the slider to instantly improve them to that level - providing you are willing to pay out the Token amount specified!NOTE: Every so often you may notice that one of your players has lost a star of their ability. If you invest in your youth academy it will also speed things up here. [email protected]This aims to reduce the likelihood of injury when your players get into the match.If players are not training, then they will be Resting. It is more effective in token cost against the personal trainer but the downside is that it does take time to train the players the extra skill points and also it carries the risk of increased injuries. Nordeus, the company behind the popular Top Eleven series of football management games, is back with Top Eleven 2019 for iOS and Android devices. The most common way to improve your players’ skill is, of course, by training. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. You can randomly spam training events, or you can carefully plot it out, but DO TRAINING. ENG/ESP Once upon a time…. Remember, if you find this level of man-management too much, you can simlpy choose the Auto-Assign option. top eleven 2019,fast trainers, top eleven, top eleven guide, top eleven tutorial, top eleven hack, top eleven redeem code. This puts the computer in charge of selecting training for all of your players. Total Pageviews. Change this depending on how tired your team is and how they are performing. Your players regain 6% of their condition every three hours. It’s not common but I did find another player of mine at 21 had a higher value than some of his 1 star higher counter-parts. You can improve things further by investing in the training ground. This post is also available in: French German Italian Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Turkish Spending tokens will instantly give the player a certain amount of skill points to spend on improving himself. The most common way to improve your players’ skill is, of course, by training. They also seem to decrease in leveling ability as they go up in stars. When you have skill points to allocate, you can either just click “Auto Assign” in the training menu and the game will automatically allocate skill points in your respective players’ attributes. However, we all know that without training your team will be unfit and uncohesive on the pitch come match day. "Here we talk about 2 things, training speed, to increase the skills of the player, and, … To do this, visit the Training section. Join Top Eleven’s community and meet other Top Eleven … Each type consumes a different amount of player energy, but also gives a different amount of skill progress. The following special abilities exist in the game: Top-Eleven Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. We’ve already written about Special Abilities, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t so far. ENG/ESP Once upon a time…. So you can’t put value “X” on leveling up a character. French German Italian Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Turkish, Terms of Service  ///  Privacy Policy  ///  Cookie Policy /// Jobs, Nordeus uses cookies to give you the best experience. To assign individual training tasks, go to the Training Screen. It is more effective in token cost against the personal trainer but the downside is that it does take time to train the players the extra skill points and also it carries the risk of increased injuries. Pushing your team too hard by setting team intensity high will help them earn skill points faster, but the tradeoff is a higher chance of getting injured. This thread is dedicated to fast trainers, ’cause it’s expensive and pointless to power train “flops”. Special abilities are specializations that let players excel in certain situations. It is good for you to have an input on areas of strength and weakness for your team, as that obviously has a direct impact on tactics. This pic is pattern range of young fast trainers (age 18-21). The Training screen allows managers to improve their players by earning skill points during training, assigning those skill points and recovering them with health packs. Good luck! lol well, let’s say for those who didn’t play the old versions of Top Eleven, Continue reading. You can choose from Rest, Normal, or Hard training regimes. But it’s simply not true and very badly written and factually inaccurate. There are three forms of training: stretching, cardio and practice match. Do note that in case a player is injured, he will be unable to train regardless of intensity settings.


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