top 10 scariest kirby enemies

A Jinjo is a cute bird-character that comes in many different colors, each level in the original game had five of them and they were fun to collect. You thought Super Mario Odyssey was the first Nintendo game to feature controllable enemies? Running away doesn’t work against the faster Splitters, shooting them works, but they spawn so fast that it doesn’t make any difference.

The scariest part is yet to come though… once you actually kill one of these guys, all of his friends will slowly wander towards his corpse.

Which one is the best? It’s so awesome that some of the moves of the Suplex ability are even used as Kirby’s throws in Super Smash Bros. It can also light the fuses of cannons blasting you to hidden bonuses. I can probably do a whole article about the freaky stuff that appears in the Legend of Zelda franchise (and I probably will), I already wrote an article on Majora’s Mask before, but that’s just scraping the surface. It’s a truly epic ability that you should treasure whenever you find it.

It combines the Beam, Laser, and the Plasma abilities in one, as well as giving you infinite flight. Because of the inconsistent writing you can never really figure out any sort of tactic to deal with them, there is simply no telling what Square Enix will come up with next. There are only two enemy factions you need to worry about in Halo 3, but these two are also complete opposites of one another.


An early in-game sighting of a Reaper Splitter. You’ll walk into the once cheerful Market Square, which was the official safe-zone of the game, and find that all the characters are gone, replaced with these undead foes. The first is The Covenant: an alien alliance of multiple races that is led by a council of deceiving religious and the second is… The flood.

Number 8 on this list goes to Scarfy.

Some of the characters you’ll end up meeting again elsewhere, but some “mysteriously vanished” from the story. The normal enemies aren’t too scary, not even the ones that appear in the atmospheric sections of the game. Think again. The first form of Magolor is not creepy but his soul is A... monster with a eye in the mouth. That little kid pops it in and undergoes the most horrifying moments of his entire life. It’s one of the most powerful and versatile abilities, granting you many different kinds of speedy sword strikes. He literally cooks everything he finds.

I'm Assuming You Were High When You Did This, he's not even creepy, the only thing weird about him is his second phase, the second phase is where it gets weird. Marx Soul is not really creepy but some attacks are creepy but the most creepy is his death... the scream was the reason I had trouble falling asleep one night, A BIG ball (It's the sun? )

It also has a wacky multi-player and arcade mode, but the single-player decides to start you off in the underground labyrinths of a Russian science lab… with zombies in it. Usually these fights are also very hard and they use your own equipment against you. I hate these guys…. Instead I nominate the Splitters themselves. 10 Void Soul (Kirby Star Allies) TRUE FACT: void soul has watched over Kirby for thousands of years, gaining more and more info of Kirby, this is why he knows (almost) all of Kirby's faces.

ReDeads appear as your everyday zombie, but they don’t actually chase you or anything, they just stand perfectly still and moan a little. Berserkers aren’t very common, but they are always a challenge when they finally do appear.

No list of the best copy abilities can be complete without this one. There are music notes to open doors, jigsaw pieces to complete puzzles, honeycombs to increase your lives and the Jinjo-families for extra jigsaw pieces.

Synopsis It's Halloween, so Nick wants to make a list about what made him poop his pants. Most Nobodies turn pale, lose human features and just become all-around uncanny (I fucking hate how they move). This boss is creepy! Let’s start this game off with something a lot of people have probably undergone. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put this in an E rated game wasn't aware of how video game ratings work.

I was strongly considering putting Wheel on this list, but I found Missile to be much more fun. W3 EDGE, Optimization Products for WordPress. Despite that, Suplex is not only strong but very, very fun.

I like how chef kawasaki is on the list but meta knight and dark meta knight arnt. Unlike other regular enemies, the Scarfy can’t be eaten, meaning they are immune to Kirby’s main ability.

Time for the third best copy ability. That's right, it's the infamous Waddle Dee battle from The Arena in Kirby Super Star, as well as the battle with Waddle Dee in … A young lad from the Dutch countryside. Also, Kirby just looks so epic with that headband. How could anything be scary in a Kirby game?


Then his dad comes home and hands him a game, a game called “Time Splitters 2”. And last is the heart of NOVA. The scream he lets out at the end is nightmare fuel. One of the best ways to do this is with the Fighter ability, giving Kirby a ton of powerful punches and kicks at his disposal.

Perhaps that would be better too, because then I won’t see the Reaper Splitters and I won’t scream like a little girl.

The Witcher 3: The 10 Most Horrifying Enemies (And How To Defeat Them) The Witcher 3 has tons of terrifying monsters that serve as enemies to Geralt. Top 10 Lists: The Top 10 Worst Kirby Copy Abilities Now, I LOVE Kirby games. What is your favorite Kirby copy ability?

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Let’s talk about Gears of War. with a eye, and he likes mirrors and... he is 100X more big than kirby, (PEGI 3), Dark Matter is a single eye boss (yes again) a eye into eye? September 18th, 2012 at 2:16 pm; by Casper Bronmans; ... That might be the reaction of an outsider, but those who play the games know that Kirby titles tend to have some pretty out-of-place stuff. Don’t ask me how to pronounce this, but spot number 3 goes to the Ichthyosaur from the original Half-Life. KABOOM.

The zombie now jumps on Link’s back and starts clawing at his face, causing a small amount of damage per second, but leaving you immobile for a few seconds too. All Rights Reserved.

TRUE FACT: void soul has watched over Kirby for thousands of years, gaining more and more info of Kirby, this is why he knows (almost) all of Kirby's faces. Previously a military-student, but now a full-time IT-student and part-time game-designer and writer. Haltmann's soul in there. HE SHOULD BE NUMBER 582! Instead my pick for number 5 is the Berserker, especially in the first game. They are pretty strong, but they also tend to come in packs with a variety of different types. Creepers don’t die in sunlight, they have plenty of health and they can ruin a perfectly good shelter without even trying. yes he showed me the eye (I am the one who said "show me your eye"), This boss don't have a single eye but MORE THAN 15 EYES, he can't take some forms like kirby, but the most creepy is the background... for me.

The idea is that at some points in the game you’ll be forced to go underwater to progress, that is when Ichthy shows up and starts circling around you, often charging in for a quick bite before rushing off again.

If that doesn’t make you reconsider blindly charging in, then nothing will.

Doppelgangers are usually used as a major story-event, such as the character overcoming their fears by beating himself or defeating their inner demons.

With that said: Enjoy! Games should stimulate your mind and nothing is as stimulating as a good scare.
One creepy face he makes is when he makes a hideous smile with dots for eyes. WHY IS HE SO CREEPY!?

Video games are all so colorful and fun. It’s a treat when you get a UFO ability because it’s found very rarely in the games it appears in. The enemies in question are Doppelgangers or copies of the player’s character. Most regular enemies are swatted away like gnats with a single hit and bosses are easily crushed. Reminds me of the Charger from Left 4 Dead… except deadlier.

once you fight him, he turns into Kirby's worst nightmare (dark matter) to show that HE IS THE BETTER KIRBY! The other faces are very cartoony and kind of adorable. We have the 10 scariest here and strategies on how to beat them. 10. Assuming you didn’t go after the Sun’s Song already, you’ll first see these enemies directly after the dark plot-twist in this game. Unfortunately it has only appeared in Kirby Super Star (as well as its DS remake).

It doesn’t sound too bad, but there is a glitch that happens all too often. WHY!?

And in Kirby: Planet Robobot, you can even suck in enemies with a tractor beam.
A third creepy face is when his eyes disappear, his mouth turns huge, and a yellow eyeball appears in his mouth (he looks a bit like Dark Matter when he does that). Sure there are some shooters like Medal of Honor, but they aren’t too scary and very exciting from time to time. It’s this combination of Kirby’s most fun and useful abilities that make the Smash Bros. ability the best. The Yo-yo ability combines yo-yo tricks with breakdancing for a truly fun and surprisingly useful ability. When I first ran into these creatures I hopped over them and moved forward, but that is exactly what they want you to do. The NOVA thing is creepy. Take the power of the Fighter ability and the raw, unhinged bravado of a professional wrestler and you have the Suplex ability. His belly turns into a monster mouth, and a certain scale down phase of dark mind appears inside of the monster mouth when he gets serious.

once you fight him, he turns into Kirby's worst nightmare (dark matter) to show that HE IS THE BETTER KIRBY!

Thankfully it’s returning in a big way with Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is holding a poll to find out the world's favorite copy ability for Kirby. Evil Otto.

Dedede's stomach tears open to show a set of teeth or a giant eye. What's with HAL labs giving everything only one eye?

Read on to find out. The only downside is that you can only damage bosses with the Pinpoint Kick until they launch a projectile that you can then throw back. Today we’ll be focusing on enemies exclusively, but maybe we’ll do bosses sometimes too.

While not too difficult to kill with any other ability, the Scarfy still gets this spot for the initial scare they give you and their tough nature.


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