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All rights reserved. What is an annoyance at this point has the potential to become a rift if this goes on too long. Figuring that an “average” character (and that’s a very big abstraction, I know, but bear with me) probably has in the neighborhood of 75 HP at tenth level, even those high-damage spells are only spilling over into the character’s actual HP at less than half power. Realistically, even PC’s who manage to get into the Fane undetected will probably not get very far before being caught by the veritable swarm of yuan-ti who are milling about the place, so they will probably end up as prisoners anyway, although they will have at least some idea about the layout of the complex. It’s a no-win situation, and the best to really be hoped for here is that the players decide that locking their PC’s into mysterious chests isn’t worth the risk, which of course it isn’t. Wongo’s Tomb, Area 16. Tomb of Annihilation: Original Release Date: 01 January 2017: Updated on: 12 January 2019: Tags. When Acererak enslaved it, the aboleth … Okay, this one is actually cool, because there’s a tyrannosaurus zombie hiding in here and waiting to attack anyone who messes around with the painters. The first fix option is to have someone or something do the control room tasks for the party, so they don’t have to leave someone behind. If you or your players don’t enjoy high lethality adventures with constant pressure, or the prospect of having your head bitten off by an extremely rude archlich at the last minute after working their butts off to get to the end, Tomb of Annihilation isn’t for you. This is really simple to fix. Get your copy of Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games 2nd Edition... co-written by Shane and Matt Chat's Matt Barton! The crippling hunger effect is rather more severe than it needs to be, and burning up spell slots to end the effect (providing someone in the party has the spells to cast in the first place) isn’t a very equitable solution. Third, the players are going to know that this is the Tomb of the Nine Gods, and they’re going to realize very quickly on the first level of the tomb that each of those nine gods will have a personal tomb somewhere in the overall tomb. Dinosaur racing. I would like to mention that there’s information on pages 112 and 114 about how audiences with Ras Nsi and Fenthaza should work, and it’s fairly good information that provides a pretty accurate picture of how yuan-ti plan and plot. I don’t have the time or the space in this article to go through the entire tomb room by room, nor would it be super helpful even if I could and did. Shagambi’s Tomb, Area 48. If you gave the players a clue like the one in the previous blue box, that might be enough of a fix; at least they’ll be expecting treachery if they try to solve the gargoyle’s riddle. Required fields are marked *. Again, Acererak isn’t a particularly difficult enemy to run, although you’ll definitely want to brush up on his major spells and on how to control his sphere of annihilation. Let’s see what it’s all about! I’ll also give you some recommendations on handling boss encounters, as well as a little number-crunching to help make things a little more dangerous right at the end. I’m reasonably certain Wizards of the Coast from a corporate perspective is all in on the Realms as their main setting / IP, with major story lines rolling out across multiple platforms such as tabletop D&D, Wizkids minis, the Neverwinter MMO and the like. At least it gives you a nice, clean way to get rid of that pesky forearm so you can go about your business. And who actually does the making fun of people? Essentially, if the character needs to eat a snail or oyster, there needs to be a reason to try that: a wall carving, maybe, or empty shells. Compendium - Sources->Tomb of Annihilation Lurker in the Lake An aboleth named G’lyh’rul (guh-LEE-rool) lives in the lake. So, again, we get a Forgotten Realms adventure for 5E. While we’re talking about dick moves, the skull with the ominous timer and the lever that you’re not actually supposed to pull is standard Tomb of Horrors fare, but the pit trap probably won’t actually kill anyone who falls in, and establishing that this is a dungeon with the kind of traps that try to fake you out is a lesson worth learning early. In other words, forget about the murderously specific way they’re written, and adopt a non-specific attitude towards solutions, where anything clever and plausible will work. The general effect here is that by the end of a few rounds, the party is completely overwhelmed with devils, and more are arriving all the time. Master your heroes' capabilities and hone new strategies. Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation. Having a magic ring that can throw up ice walls and create areas of intense cold (which presumably are a problem for yuan-ti, who are snake people, and therefore probably cold-blooded and sluggish at low temperatures) makes the escape exciting but not very susceptible to failure. It forms the set Aboleth with ... Lvl 70 (Tomb of Annihilation) [Teak Tamima] [Teak Suljan] [Wootz Matraqa] [Wootz Bulta] [Teak Alqaws] [Wootz Hirawa] [Wootz Khanjar] [Wootz Jambiya] Lvl 70 (Lost City of Omu) For example, Acererak is pronounced ah-SAIR-ak. I don’t get this. It has me more excited and fired up with the atmosphere than the previous 5E adventure books, with Out of the Abyss being a somewhat distant second. This is one of those rooms that you enter but never leave. Maybe you could try it again in a year or two, when maybe people would have forgotten about the last time and wouldn’t suspect you of going soft. Popular user-defined tags for this product: Tales from Candlekeep - Artus Cimber's Explorer Pack, Tales from Candlekeep - Asharra's Diplomat Pack, Tales from Candlekeep - Birdsong's Entertainer Pack, Tales from Candlekeep - Dragonbait's Dungeoneer Pack, Tales from Candlekeep - Qawasha the Human Druid. ), 1 killer dungeon designed to attract foolish adventurers to their dooms like flies to honey, 1 extremely ill-tempered archlich who designed a killer dungeon to attract foolish adventurers to their dooms like flies to honey, An excuse to jump up and scream “You’re in the jungle baby, you gonna dieee” in your best Axl Rose impression at any given moment. If you have a TPK, you can turn it into some sort of paranormal precognitive vision that one of the PC’s has just had, in which she saw herself and all of her friends being killed by some monstrous and diabolical trap. The aboleth makes a Wisdom (Perception) check. Get the point? offered a wealth of new vegetation of various properties to the Underdark. The people and cities of Chult also have their own rich and exotic atmosphere. Yeah, that’s right… Tomb of Horrors was awful. I also made up a set of clues for Level Five of the tomb, because there is no plaque or player handout for that level, unlike all of the previous ones. It will seem to them like it should be avoided, and that’s a pretty natural thing to think when you’re being told that a mysterious spirit with an unknown agenda is trying to lodge itself in your mind, and would you like to make a Charisma save to not let it in? Don’t forget the image gallery at the end of this post! Well, it’s not an impossible battle. Craft powerful weapons, armor, and accessories. The control room is where someone has to be pulling the levers to rotate the cogs, and unfortunately the control room is also one of the places that can be cut off from the rest of the level depending on how the cogs are aligned, so in three of the five possible configurations, the control room is completely cut off from area 59 and everything else.


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