titegroup 357 load data
989 1,403 Max 1,202 start The content presented here is intended to inform, to educate, and even to entertain. 1,220 max well the more I read and research the more the general conclusion is that titegroup is certainly not the best for 357. User Loading Data. 1,278 start All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. 1,311 All Palmetto Reloading Gear/Accessories! 1,078 max I have about 3 bottles of titegroup and would like to use it instead of my hs6 which is almost gone lol any help is appreciated thanks Posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire Lil'Gun 18.0 gr. 1,240 HP= Hollow Point, RN= Round Nose), SP=Soft Point, Enforcer 17.0 gr. Actially, BHN has to do more with pressure than velocity. Titegroup 6.1 gr. Titegroup is not listed in Lee's Modern Reloading 125 gr jacketed section at all (only in his XTP section). Any idea why the 180's would be so much higher? 1,229 max 1,040 1,314 max 1,273 start Clays 5.3 gr. 125 grain JHP or JSP (Jacketed Hollow or Soft Point) 1,300 135 grain LRNFP (lead) 1,425 start 1,373 start Doesn't seem to be as dirty as Bullseye or Unique but anything that burns will leave a bit of carbon. 1,542 1,305 I'm looking at this because my bullets, at 18BHN, are leading in my SP101 with my old load of 8 grains of AA#5. Palmettostatearmory. Bullseye 8.7 gr. Bullseye 5.8 gr. I prefer the Unique or Universal as all purpose, Contact Form 7 or GravityForms plugin is required! These included match-grade .38 Special Norma 158-gr. HP38 & W231 5.0 gr. 1,402 1,550 FPS (this is very hot) I only asked about titegroup and berrys because I have the titegroup on hand and like berry's pricing but plan on doing more research and if there is a more appropriate powder I may just have to pick some up and give it a go. Testing out 15.0 gr of H110 for the 357 and testing some plinking ammo from Accura for the 38 special with Titegroup. No. cast, but bullet is unstable and not recommended) (you can try 3.3 gr. 1,457 max Clean and Accurate as jacketed and much cheaper. Palmettostatearmory. 1,900 max 909 http://rugerforum.net/library/29181-mysteries-smokeless-gunpowder.html, http://rugerforum.net/library/212881-powder-burn-rate.html, http://rugerforum.net/library/19869-lead-bullets-revolvers.html, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 1,414 1,652 max Titegroup 7.5 gr. W296 & H110 15.0 gr. Bullet Weight significantly affects vertical spread. Discussion: Universal and Unique are good for lighter bullets, but if you want a slower burning Berry recommends a max velocity of 1250 fps with their bullets and the Hodgdon site covers this adequately. True Blue 9.3 gr. No. W-296 22.0 gr. you may want to start with 13% less than amounts listed above (but not where it says "start" load), and work up to I also use the same amount of TiteGrioup for 125 Berry, Ok glad to see the titegroup powder issues have been discussed but I looked online @ MidwayUSA on the Berry's brass plated bullets I was incorrect max velocity 1250 FPS. 1,135 7 10.9 gr. No.9 10.4 gr. HP38/W231 9.0 gr. W296 & H110 13.0 gr. 1,307 max As our membership continues to grow we look forward to reading your stories and learning from your experiences. I have about 3 bottles of titegroup and would like to use it instead of my hs6 which is almost gone lol any help is appreciated thanks. ZIP 6.2 gr. No. True Blue 8.8 gr. Consider upgrading your membership for less than a box of bullets! Please go to Appearance > Sidebars and drag a widget into User Submit Sidebar. 1,060 Max Charge: 1,135 FPS 2400 16.0 gr. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. ---------------------------------------- It is listed on the Hodgdon Website as follows (below), as well as in Lee's Modern reloading. a Commercial JSP load averages 1,503 fps 1,370 start 1,260 max Universal 7.0 gr. 375 caliber (375 dia) 375 Winchester Handgun 235. Universal 6.7 gr. 1,453 max HP38/W231 7.9 gr. I use 4.4 grains of TiteGroup with the 125 grain Berry hp plated bullet to get a low recoil, low blast load .38 Special load, primary shot from Mrs. BassMan's 4 inch Taurus tracker ( she thinks the "V" shaped flame jets from the ports near the muzzle are cool). HP-38 & W231 5.5 gr. 2400 14.8 gr. 1,100 Enforcer 14.2 gr. I will start with I am a very new reloader! There are internet rumors about Titegroup and forcing cone damage. Titegroup has it all – low charge weight, burns clean, mild muzzle report and superb, uniform ballistics. 1,040 1,202 max Titegroup 5.5 gr. 125 grain Lead RNFP (.358") 1,108 (as of 2008 HP38 & W231 are the same) Lil'Gun 15.1 gr. 1,396 max 1,013 (Actual in 7" bbl revolver) 1,185 max I'm new and didnt make the leap to matching bullet type and weight and max velocity and go from there. I would suggest that you go to Hodgens Web sight or just google reloading information for .357 magnum. (I don't recommend lead at over 900 FPS) 1,102 FPS MAX Have fun. I only offer to the OP the reloading charges as per Hodgdon's online reloading data! Click "Get Data" to view results. (IMR 4227 is same as H-4227 if made in Australia) (WC= WadCutter, SWC= Semi-WadCutter, Add Cartridge. Universal 4.8 gr. While you can use titegroup, you're only inviting trouble. Universal 6.8 gr. 1,074 Unique 7.8 gr. A max load of 5.0gr hits 1108fps with 24,900 CUP. 1,042 For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 986 9 14.1 gr. 158 grain LSWC or LRN (Semi-Wad Cutter or Round Nose) 1,185 max 796 1,088 I read right on Midway USA in the advertisement from Berry's on their bullets that they can be safely loaded to so many fps that does approach several loadings with jhp/jsp bullets.


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