titania speed build

Rhajat will remain a threat regardless thanks to her Keen Gronnwolf, but with heavy Resistance investment, Titania is capable of resisting Rhajat. I won't recommend other skills here because she has to have access to a speed boost in order to keep her KO ability up. Titania causes an enemy to be suspended in the air and attract other enemies to walk near it then circle it helplessly.

Razorwing blitz, Constitution, Primed Continuity, Fleeting expertiese (rank 4/5), Steamline (rank 4/5), Narrow minded, Flow Prime and i havent found out which mods would be best for 8th slot and exilus yet. More advanced parkour maneuvers are not necessary with Volt, as this will sacrifice his increased movement, making Volt one of the easiest Warframes to use when speedrunning. (+Atk IV) With her A skill, you have two options, Death Blow 3, which gives her a more optimal matchup with the Green lineup, and Fury 3, which allows her to have a permanent stat boost across the board, but doesn't quite match the Green coverage that Death Blow 3 provides. Reducing the range isn’t great for the other skills and reducing the efficiency isn’t a great idea either. # Volt Thorns – Reflects 50% damage back to attackers for 120 seconds while allies also benefit from the buff if they are in 35 meters of Titania. • Deviations: Every part of the build besides cast speed can be customised to preference. These builds are from recommendations by community members and are meant to be timeless as long as the movement stays consistent through Warframe's development. * **Helminth:** Cloud Walker speed does not scale off abilities like Molt and Fire Walker therefore his biggest downside cannot be overcome with Helminth. Still, Titania can certainly serve you well as your green unit on a cavalier team. As an A skill, you should try to use Fury because of its fantastic +3 boost to every stat. Infested Mobility duration perfectly lines up with [Razorwing Blitz] duration and works very well for a 1-stack build. The rest of her set is about helping her to perform well offensively. Also Check It Out Other Popular Warframe Builds, Visage: All VHS Tape & Mask Pieces Locations [WIP], Ghostrunner: Fixing Mouse Error Reaction Times & Input Lag, Teardown: Altering Detach Alarms, Alarm Times & More. This allows several abilities to be cast due to the increased ability efficiency and the high amount of energy. -DEF: Defense is the ideal flaw for a mage counter Titania as Defense doesn’t help Titania with tanking magical hits. There is currently no textual guide for this frame. This build emphasizes use for Interceptions and Defenses with a mediocre use for Survivals. Titania’s good Speed and great Resistance makes her a great choice for a magical wall. # Gauss **Difficulty:** Medium https://i.imgur.com/vXxg6yX.jpg Iceberg will give you much more dmg while moonbow, not that amount but a quicker activation. She does fine against physical blues if she’s using Draconic Poleax, but removing this axe will make her take quite a bit of damage from powerful blues such as Ephraim and Effie. Roar, Eclipse, Shock (with [Shock Trooper]) and Smite (with [Smite Infusion]) will improve boss and target damage. Rest & Rage (in the Rage form) will speed up many boss invulnerability actions and make them more susceptible to damage. Resistance will be her least important stat, making it the flaw of choice. Augment Mod: Razorwing Blitz causes Razorwing to have an increase in flight speed and fire rate by 25% for 8 seconds after using an ability which stacks up to 4 times.

You can achieve 95,2% status chance if you use all four +60% status chance mods, which might be super strong if you are planing to fight assassination targets or if you want to try out Titania and he weapons against the Profit-Taker Orb.

Good catch, I added the information to the guide! Razorwing Blitz is also too good to pass up on.

In the end, you're the slowest Warframe in the squad when in Razorwing mode, a bit of a shame for a flying pixie. An AoE-focused build utilizing Sound Quake as a form of crowd control with some damage. During this form she will be using her exalted weapons which are the Dex Pixia which are dual machine pistols and Diwata which is a heavy sword. Nova can only teleport few times and then have to stand still and wait for energy pizza to give energy , I just found out that i can also cast 1 on myself 4 times to give myself 4 stack Razorwing blitz so i don't even need ally or enemy lol, I added Beguiling Lantern to the build with overextended for 100% melee dmg buff but now my power strength is at 40% and i hope my melee dmg won't suffer more than 100% from it, I wish Aviator mod worked with titania though. [Preparation] is a prime QOL choice for long mission builds if you have the space. If you’re going Horse Emblem, you’ll obviously want one of the cavalry buffs. Also the movement speed makes me faster than Gauss by a lot lmao. Dust – Enemies within 30 meters will have their accuracy reduced by 50% which makes them miss more often for 120 seconds. [Arcane Energize] can be useful for certain missions like exterminates and some bosses but won't see a use in captures, spies etc. For the build, the mods added are just to further her velocity in the form of more Sprint Speed, further Bullet Jump, and less Friction. Weapon: Slaying Axe+ (+Spd) / Wo Gùn+ (+Spd) / Draconic Poleax (+Spd), Passive B: Guard / Desperation / Quick Riposte / Renewal, Passive C: Drive Spd / Cavalry passives / Flexible. Note that as you lower strength, your weapon effectiveness against capture targets and tanky enemies goes down, which can negatively affect these sorts of missions.For Duration, it is advised to base Duration off the intended situation. I think i will go with stretch and add Cunning Drift exilus to add a bit of range to my lantern for that 100% melee buff.


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