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Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. In 1996, he married Rebecca “Beckie” Jones, a dancer and choreographer. Up until 1974, she appeared an unremarkable gymnast with only modest achievements. “Yesterday I lost my universe, my best friend and my soul mate of twenty-four years. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These moves are considered legacies of Thomas’ dramatic and innovative style of gymnastics. The former gymnast died in her Moscow apartment in December of 2006, leaving a legacy both triumphant and tragic. Most likely they will not cancel the sale. Thomas also pioneered several other gymnastics moves, such as the Thomas tuck and pike and Thomas stretched moves of floor exercise. The “Thomas salto” was also named after Thomas. At the same championships, Mukhina took three individual titles on the uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, impressing the judges with the difficulty of her unique routines. Kurt lived his life to the extreme, and I will be forever honored to be his wife,” his wife told the International Gymnast Media. He attempted to come back to the Olympics in 1992 and qualified for the trials at the age of 36, yet did not make the team, International Gymnast Media reported and that same year, he was eventually inducted into the Indian State University Athletic Hall of Fame. Thomas also had Kurt Travis, a singer, from a previous marriage. Thomas Flair @bartconner, Kurt Thomas was a fierce rival, who went on to become a cherished friend. Thomas was successful in the Junior Olympic program and he received a scholarship at Indiana State University, where he earned 13 All-American honors, International Gymnast Media reported. I am devastated for the loss of my friend and gymnastics icon Kurt Thomas. ( Log Out /  Thomas, the Daily News reported, was “sickly,” and suffering from two heart murmurs when he was nine years old. [7] The feat would later be tied by Simone Biles in 2018. The pair had two children together, Kassidy and Hunter Thomas. Thomas’ Olympic teammate Bart Conner told the International Gymnast Media that he was devastated: Kurt was a fierce rival, who went on to become a cherished friend. Thomas helped lead the ISU men's gymnastics team to the 1977 National Championship. It was a move that involved multiple somersaults and at the end of the sequence, a half-somersault and roll-out. Thomas competed in the 1975 Pan American Games as a member of the U.S. team and he went on to compete in the 1976 Olympics. Thomas earned six medals at the 1979 World Championships, including gold on the horizontal bar and floor exercise, and silver in the all-around, parallel bars, and pommel horse, establishing a new American record for most medals won at a single worlds. Three gymnastic moves were named for him, the Thomas flair, a pommel horse move, and the Thomas salto, his signature skill on floor exercise, a tucked 1.5 backward salto with 1.5 twist into a roll out (a difficult and dangerous skill even by today's standards), and the Thomas on High Bar. He went on to become a sought-after star once he retired from the sport. I was on the operating table right after lunch. Thomas suffered a stroke in late May and died June 5, the website reported. At the 1978 world championships in Strasbourg, France, Thomas became the first American to win a world championship gold medal with his floor exercise routine. Not only the Thomas Salto but all roll out skills are banned for women, in fact, the rules now specificy that all tumbling passes must be landed feet first. Kurt Thomas with his medals in 1977. Kurt Thomas was born on March 29, 1956, in Miami, Florida. He was the first American male gymnast to win a gold medal at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (World Championships), doing so in 1978. In 1976, she won the Soviet junior all-around title, but after finishing 12th at the National Championships failed to make it to the Olympic squad, which was competing in Montreal. Coming off a stellar 1979 season, Thomas was a favorite to win a gold at the 1980 Olympics, but the games were boycotted by the United States. Thomas was survived by Kurt Travis, a child from his first marriage, as well as his wife and their two children, Kassidy and Hunter Thomas. Since 2003 their gym has hosted the annual Kurt Thomas International Invitational gymnastics meet, a competition endorsed by USA Gymnastics. Home / Elite / U.S. Men / Kurt Thomas, first US man to win world gymnastics title, dies at 64. Loading... Unsubscribe from ierbosser1? Thomas was well-known for bringing a certain “flair” to his routines and especially his pommel horse and floor exercise routines. Thomas suffered a stroke in late May and died June 5, the website reported. RIP @3XGold, All of us in the gymnastics family are sadden ,shocked and devastated by the passing of our ownLove to the family ❤️RIP Kurt Thomas Eleven years ago, former gymnastics star Elena Mukhina, whose life and sports career were ruined by a tragic training accident, passed away in Moscow at the age of 46. [7], In 1996, Thomas married Rebecca Jones, a dancer who also choreographs gymnastic routines. #legend, A post shared by Shannon Miller OLY (@shannonmiller96) on Jun 7, 2020 at 8:16am PDT, Remembering Kurt Thomas and good times with good people! Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you, Love story shattered by tragic death on ice: figure skaters Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov, Soviet double-Olympic champion gymnast accuses ‘monster’ former teammate of rape, Look away now: The 5 most horrific injuries in sports history (GRAPHIC), Young mother Mustafina eyes return to elite gymnastics in spring, Former Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut sells Olympic medals at US auction. She made history at the competition by displaying her revolutionary signature elements – a full-twisting layout Korbut flip on the bars and a double back dismount on the beam. … Mukhina was forced to use a wheelchair, and later said the disastrous accident had been inevitable, taking into account the conditions under which she had been pressured to train in. Thomas died on Friday after suffering a stroke on May 24 that was caused by the tear of the basilar artery in the brain stem. Thomas’ family said that Thomas had a stroke May 24 after the basilar artery in his brain stem tore, the Chicago Tribune reported. The most famous gymnast ever to compete the Thomas Salto was Yelena Shushunova who presented the skill over and over again during her career between 1984 and 1988. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Her coach Klimenko had left the training camp in Minsk for a few days, leaving the gymnast with other trainers from the national team. My heart is breaking for his wife Beckie, his children, Hunter, Kassidy and Kurt as well as the entire gymnastics community, who lost a true pioneer today. Thomas really shined at the 1978 and 1979 world championships, International Gymnast Media reported. My prayers are with you, Kurt, Kassidy and Hunter. Powered by. The flair involved, “in the midst of what looks like a typical routine, Thomas suddenly flies into a series of whirling midair leg scissors, as if blown around the horse by a giant fan.”. Mukhina, who was learning a new tumbling move, the Thomas Salto, which had only been performed by men, attempted to do it on the floor. Mukhina, the embodiment of elegance and strength, sacrificed her life and health in attempt to win an Olympic medal for her country. It movie followed an American gymnast played by Thomas who travels to the fictional foreign country of Parmistan to compete in a game requiring gymnastic and fighting skills; for his role in the movie, Thomas won the Razzie Award for the worst new star. Mukhina was forced to use a wheelchair, and later … Thomas seemed to enjoy the break from Olympic training and told the Chicago Tribune, “‘I’m running around like crazy, and it just started,’ he says with a small grin.”. In addition to his accolades on the world stage, Thomas had an extremely successful college career at Indiana State University, where he was a six-time NCAA champion; five times as an individual and one time with his team. He was named to the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1990, and in 2003, he was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. All of us in the gymnastics family are sadden ,shocked and devastated by the passing of our own, Love to the family ❤️RIP Kurt Thomas, — Nadia Comaneci (@nadiacomaneci10) June 6, 2020. [8] With professionals allowed to compete by the time of the 1992 Summer Olympics, Thomas attempted a comeback. In 1979, he won the James E. Sullivan Award. [14] Together, they had two children: Hunter and Kassidy. A mistake can involve a neck injury resulting in paralysis. All that changed, however, when she teamed up with coach Mikhail Klimenko, who had come to women’s gymnastics from the men’s team. Kurt Thomas was 64 years old. During that time, he wrote his book and became an assistant gym coach at Arizona State University. With professionals allowed to compete at the 1992 Olympics, Thomas attempted a comeback and advanced to the 1992 Olympic Trials at the age of 36. According to teh paper, “His mother was convinced (Thomas) was a midget.” At a genetic specialist, the doctor told him that he wasn’t a midget, but that he’d never “be a middle linebacker.”. ( Log Out /  He had suffered a stroke on May 24, two weeks before his death, brought about by a tear of the basilar artery in the brain stem. Who is Sean Harding? The skill is notably dangerous since its roll out characteristic requires exact precision on landing. Thomas and his wife, Rebecca Jones — also someone who choreographed gymnastics routine — opened their own gymnastics studio called the Kurt Thomas Gymnastics in Frisco, Texas, the International Gymnast Media reported. Thomas’ Olympic teammate Bart Conner told the International Gymnast Media that he was devastated: “Kurt was a fierce rival, who went on to become a cherished friend.


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