the triangle offense for dummies

(I recommend: 5-Out Motion and 4-Out 1-In Motion). This player is likely the other post player but should be capable of interchanging with all positions on the floor.

First and foremost, the triangle is a "read and react" offense. Some of the greatest players to ever step on the court thrived in the triangle offense including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal, and Pau Gasol to name a few.

There are no set routes or patterns. He can’t create off the dribble for himself right now and he has zero ability in the post.

As soon as the pass is made to 4, 1 sets up their defender by walking towards the key and then cuts to the top off a down screen from 2. If you’re playing against a team with a great rim protector, have the player they’re defending step out to set the screen.

For the Lakers, 29% came from the mid-range, while 6% came from the corner three and 16% came from the above the break three.

When running the pick and slip, the screener dives to the rim just as they’re about to set the on-ball screen.

So that spreads the offense and makes the defense have to work harder. The next variation is a good option if you’ve got a highly skilled and high-IQ player at the 1 position. The #1 cause of illegal screens is because the dribbler is impatient and attacks too early.

They’ve had guys in-and-out of the lineup all year, yet haven’t missed a beat on offense.

That’s another reason why it’s crucial that teams never allow the on-ball defender to slip under the screen on a pick and roll.

Stats mean a lot but only in context. TS% 55.8, eFG% 52.4, WS/48 .140.

The back screen for 1 must be set as 3 is driving to the hoop. These 5 spots on the court are the main positions within the triangle offense structure and must be filled whenever the triangle offense is set up. For example, it’s much better to pass to a shooter on the perimeter than a player who struggles from long range. I think as defenses adapt to taking away 3s and close 2s offenses will respond by generating awesome mid range 2 point looks and focusing on ORebs and maybe the Knicks will be ahead of the curve if they install the Triangle post haste. This can be a good option for teams who don’t play in a league with a shot clock and there’s a less-skilled player in the opposite position. This is incredibly important for developing well-rounded players. "Leon Stein’s gripping narrative of the Triangle tragedy is one of the classics of American history. I think that is probably where the Knicks missed Kidd so much this year. • The defensive team is not allowed to switch. 2. 3 slides to the top of the key and 4 moves to the mid-post area. When this is run, there will usually be one off-ball player in the short corner and the other two offensive players behind the three-point. It also helps the ball-handler as it’s difficult for the screener’s defender to provide help due to the threat of the quick pass and open shot. A very simple but effective play that can be used for all levels of basketball.

The most important thing about the Triangle (for the Knicks) is that it totally de-emphasizes the PG. This involves 4 stepping out and receiving the pass from 3 at the top of the key.

Houston, Oklahoma City and Miami are all top-ten offenses this season, but they rank in the bottom-third of the league in protecting the ball. There have been teams that have gone far in the playoffs using this offense but we’ve seen plenty of teams flounder in the playoffs once they face a good defense because the offensive system is simple. I think JR could potentially thrive in the Triangle and realize his immense potential because it will minimize all the iso, step back jumper shit he does when he’s allowed to freelance. If not, the 5 will step out and set a back screen for 2 who cuts to the rim looking for the basketball and an open layup. phil jackson hobbies As it is, the Knicks are going to miss the playoffs, Denver will be in the lottery, all because nobody had the obvious idea of replacing the one guy that was fireable. If 2’s defender is on split-line, 4 shouldn’t screen inside the key and congest it with players. The second screener (4) pops out to the perimeter. Choose 2 or 3 of the above entries that best suit your coaching style and the team’s personnel while putting players in different positions to succeed.

Inside Cut 2. These principles, as Phil stated, have nothing to do with the Triangle. There are a lot of actions to memorize. If you think your team has what it takes and you’re willing to commit long-term to teaching it and practicing with your players, I highly recommend implementing the triangle offense. 3.

He commits stupid reaching fouls all the time, though these have decreased in frequency since the beginning of the year. Players are asked to follow "the path of least resistance." From this position, you can send either the lead guard, trail, or opposite to the low post position. In this sense, the triangle is very much like a motion offense. 1. When dribbling off the screen, the dribbler must drive by the screener shoulder-to-shoulder and use at least two dribbles to create separation and see how the defense reacts. Shump also seems to have this ability to show up in big games, moreso than JR, who almost singlehandedly brought us to a game 7 against Boston last year. That mark would rank as the 9th best offense this season.

On the weak-side of the floor, 4 down screens for 2 to make the help defense move.

This will often lead to 1 getting an open midrange or three-point shot, a drive in for an open layup, or a pass to either 3 or 5 on the drive to the hoop. If the defender half-fronts from the high side, the trigger passes to the corner and then the corner passes inside. If the defense decides to trap the pick and roll with both defenders, the dribbler should take two long retreat dribbles to create space between them and the screener. The Triangle is an offense that primarily operates out of the post. The system is set up to have players make decisions independently of any pressures from the defense or pressure from star players.

And though this may not be the case by intention, the Triangle counteracts its propensity for generating mid-range shots in other areas of the offense.

Don’t allow the opposition to simply slip under the screen.

Etc, etc. can successfully implement the system with Anthony as the centerpiece, New York will be just fine offensively. Bob Schlosser: Comprehensive Guide to the Flex Offense -pg. (This option is simply reversing the roles of both players from the original option). (TIP: These cuts must be made hard and with purpose!

Basic Motion. Here are the 5 most common reads ball-handler should be aware of….

The logic behind this concept is that as long as the trigger (2), the low post (5), and the basket form a straight line, the defender will be forced to play behind the post player. It involves 1 making the pass to 2 and then cutting in-between 2 and 5 to the corner position. You still need strong post play and good mid range shots.

The three-angled, two-dimensional pyramids known as triangles are one of the building blocks of geometry (however three-cornered they may be). The most important thing to know about the sideline triangle is that the pass from the ‘trigger’ position will dictate the next movements by all players on the floor. 3.

The sideline triangle is formed by a post player on the block and two perimeter players, one in the corner and one on the wing, and can be set up on either side of the court (diagrams A and B).

4. During this time, the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers used the triangle offense to captured 11 NBA championships. If this isn’t done properly, there’s very little chance the pick and roll will be successful. I’ll cover these option in the ‘two-man game’ section in part ‘B’ below.

Your post players must practice being the ball-handler.

Spike Lee’s What is the Triangle Offense is a short film created by Spike Lee to give New Yorkers and Basketball sports fans a look into the triangle offense. After screening, 2 clears out to the weak side corner. From here, the ball-hander can make the pass screener who will have a lot of space and can shoot the open shot or attack the rim 4-on-3 and make a play. The most important thing about the Triangle (for the Knicks) is that it totally de-emphasizes the PG. JR initiates into an ISO that gives us that wonderful step-back fadeaway two we all love.

I do highly recommend the triangle offense for the high school level and up.

Develops Basketball IQ – As players are required to read the defense throughout the offensive possession and make decisions based on the other players on the court, this is a great offense for developing basketball IQ further. It can be customized to take advantage of the strengths of the team as a whole and the strengths of the individual players.

Finally, Tex linked up with Phil in Chicago and they put the triangle in play with some of the greatest Bulls teams ever seen.


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