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Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Holden has no choice but to fire upon the Marasmus crew lest they infect the rest of the system with the protomolecule.

However, there is one way to save all the bloodshed; view the destruction of the Canterbury and Donnager as a criminal act instead of an act of war allowing for a trial incriminating a group that both the Outer Planets Alliance and the Martian Congressional Republic can agree on. Afterwards, they find one of Strickland’s test subjects.

The least they could do is get it right. With three hundred Belters eager to escape certain death, Melissa and Naomi are sadly forced to cull those who can be saved to 52 and quickly depart Ganymede. Naomi is cagey about her past, even with her closest friends. Gender,, Especially if they're smart enough to remove the countermeasures.The missiles could be re-targeted, and sent right back at the Inners, or anyone else in the system, for that matter.
And in the fourth season, the Belters find their very existence threatened by the hundreds of potentially habitable planets on the other side of the Ring Gate. She is also in a relationship with the Captain of the Roci, James Holden. Alex admitted he failed as a father several times. They do have SOME tall belters, but the show introduced medical treatment to have normal growth. Ultimately, the Somnambulist and the Rocinante depart Ganymede together. For the TV incarnation, see Naomi Nagata (TV). The Rocinante lands on Eros and the crew make their way to the flophouse where the Scopuli crew member is registered. Either way, it is always hard after you become a fan of the books.

She then tells the port supervisor to either give the crowd the food or the OPA will just take the whole ship. He comes off to me as Jon Snow lite and he just squints alot when he's trying to look intense. Portrayed by Lucia deserved to be sentenced to death or life in prison for what she did, same as Murtry, yet the whole crew, Naomi included, treated Lucia so much better than Murtry just because she's a Belter. But this hope that obviously people have, and why they go to new lands new places," Tipper said. The three make their way back to the ship where Prax tells them his story. This 100%. Family He was a good man. Jonathan M. Gitlin - Jan 24, 2016 5:15 pm UTC Because I think too often when we try to diversify in Hollywood or on shows, we try and portray the most wholesome version of that or the most palatable version of it, and that's where you run into problems.". Physique isn't all, he's got Alex's personality just right. Alive Holden and Naomi work to track down the prominent scientists on the Jupiter moon who might be responsible for the contamination. Then you add Prax searching for his child. Upon arrival, she refuses a handgun from Holden just prior to their meeting with Fred. In "The Monster and the Rocket", Naomi and Alex approach Melissa, the captain of the Weeping Somnambulist, to offer their help in getting civilians safely off Ganymede.

The Belters' motive is survival. The Expanse is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. A love story. Photo Credits: Amazon; Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW. In "Remember the Cant", the Martian Navy detains and interrogates Naomi and her crewmates over Holden’s public accusation that the MCRN destroyed the Canterbury. With the Roci traveling at high G, Fred contacts him with a plan to paint Eros with a targeting laser while Earth fires their nukes at it. When Holden and Miller do not return in time, Naomi has the crew return to the Roci. They receive an offer of help and refuge from Fred Johnson.

"The fact that we don't just want to see a strong Black woman trope. Murtry is there on behalf of corporate profit and is using "law and order" rhetoric to take revenge. While Amos does recon and gathers supplies, Holden forces Prax to eat a meal and take a shower and Naomi attempts to hack into the stations crippled security system. ", "It is it is such an intimate moment between these two," Strait added. This page is about the books character. Portrayed by Afterward, Naomi accuses Holden of acting like Detective Miller but before their argument could escalate they are approached by Praxidike Meng, asking for their help. The seemingly irreconcilable conflict between Marco's political radicalism and the inners, as well between Marco and the other factions of the Belt, comes to a head in the Season 4 finale when Marco and Filip (Jasai Chase Owens), his son with Naomi, execute Klaes Ashford (David Strathairn) before sending asteroids crashing into Earth, causing unheard-of devastation. She abhors violence, but has witnessed enough injustice to understand the necessity of it. Upon Holden's return to the crew, their room is punctured and Shed is killed.

In "Critical Mass" and "Leviathan Wakes", Naomi and her crew compare notes with Miller. You might want to reread the novels, I think you'll be surprised.

Saying that though, Holden is a weak and insecure leader and Amos is a massive liability and an asshole, but people don't mind because they're nice/cool respectively.

Arriving at asteroid BA834024112, the crew of the Roci finds the Anubis, the Protogen ship that had boarded the Scopuli.

In "Safe", in the aftermath of the Eros station disaster, Naomi and the crew of the Rocinante are once again on the run, this time with a sample of the protomolecule, the extrasolar lifeform responsible for all of the havoc on Eros station. After much debate, given Fred’s reputation, they decide to take him up on his offer, shortly before disguising the ship with the new name of the Rocinante.

Naomi Nagata is the worst offender for me. "It's such a strength of the writing that there isn't any kind of monolith in terms of being right about any of this. While Shed is killed, Naomi, Holden, Alex and Amos escape the destruction of the Donnager aboard a Martian attack ship, the Tachi.

However, before any damage can be done, Eros stops jamming radar sensors and heads toward Venus. So after binging Season 4 today, Naomi retained her position as the most obnoxious main character in the series. She abhors violence, but has witnessed enough injustice to understand the necessity of it. She is Japanese by name and a belter. I loved the 1st season, but damn I was hoping they'd tighten up the casting for the 2nd season.

Gunnery Sergeant Roberta "Bobbie" W. Draper is a member of the Martian Marine Corps.

And I think Miller's death hit her harder than she admits. Anvar is much fitter than Alex is described in the books. Holden's appearance wasn't unusual/didn't standout for me from the books, his face was mostly a blank slate for me. "I think sometimes when we talk about representation we forget about the flawedness of humans," Tipper said.

Holden begins yelling at Miller, telling him to find his own way home. "Even when you look at the Belter side, Naomi is always in this place — which also speaks to my own thing of being mixed race — of like, are you for the Belt? Later, Naomi and Holden discuss Miller shooting Dresden.

Affiliation Everyone in The Expanse -- including Marco — has a valid reason for doing what they do, and the show takes careful pains to present all the viewpoints fairly, which doesn't mean the series excuses anyone's actions.

Lucia deserved to be sentenced to death or life in prison for what she did, same as Murtry, yet the whole crew, Naomi included, treated Lucia so much better than Murtry just because she's a Belter. Once there, Naomi asks Holden if he'd like to come home with her which he accepts. Murtry is also a raging hypocrite. With their information, they pay the hacker and head back to the ship and discuss a plan: Naomi will monitor them and take care of any electronic threats, Prax will be there for Mei to recognize and to give any details on her illness that affects the rescue, leaving Holden and Amos to do the violence. After discussing it with Naomi, they realize that they can use the radio waves from the OPA ships on Eros to target Earth's nukes without endangering their crew, which receives approval from both Fred and the UN Naval Command. Self-educated with multiple advanced degrees, and having risen to the rank of Chief Engineer aboard the ice hauler Canterbury (which supplies water for the Asteroid Belt's residents), she appears to be a model Belter success story, though she carries with her a secret pain. Her complicated relationship with violence and her troubled history have led to an unlikely friendship with the Canterbury's mechanic, Amos Burton.

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Afterwards, Naomi admits to Holden that she gave their protomolecule sample to Fred Johnson instead of destroying it. Naomi had no evidence at all though about whether Lucia meant to kill anyone or not, and always gave her the benefit of the doubt.
Alex, Naomi, Holden and Amos take off with the massive generational ship the Nauvoo in tow, which will be used to destroy Eros and the protomolecule.


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