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The Devourer will occasionally launch 'sneak attacks' by tearing through the dimensions and eviscerating unsuspecting victims to feed its ever-growing segments.The Devourer came to be after Lord Yharim discovered that a giant sentient vibrant purple worm creature had killed and eaten a platoon of his best soldiers. While Terraria was initially released without a clear story component, its developers at Re-Logic wrote and released a story connecting its characters and gameplay elements in celebration of the 8th anniversary of Terraria's release. However, many of the clan's secrets were lost when they were wiped out, including the construction of their traditional armor. Eventually, it inevitably caught the attention of the jealous and insecure ruling family of that time. Calamitas does not spawn on her own and requires the player to summon her with the Eye of Desolation during the Night. Loosed into the Temple by Calamitas, the reactivated Golem’s trail of chaos swept through their hidden laboratory and breached the developing clone’s containment. In a terrible spiral of hatred, the goddess lashed out towards those who she thought had betrayed her, and consequently weakened her own power as faith burned away like the fragile thing it is.

Cryogen is what remains, a mindless frozen structure contained by Yharim due to its uncontrollable nature and powerful magic. Rather than waiting, she took her chances, and decided to make herself known to the forces of Braelor and Statis. Fire has no desires to speak of, nor does it have pains to lament. However, that day has not yet come. When Calamitas' health reaches 10%, she will resurrect both of her brothers simultaneously. Thus, she was naught but a legend. The golden age had passed. They tread carefully the borders of her mana, and practiced in reserved manners. Are you asking me if I want to play it with you or if I have made it my goal to play it through until the very end?

A horrific amalgam of steel, flesh, and infection, capable of destroying an entire civilization in just one onslaught. Following this, Calamitas wandered toward the Jungle, entranced by some unknown force. As the collective faith of humanity gathered, it gave rise to the manifestation of their belief: a true god of the stars, soaring through the cosmos. Trees spread their boughs over quiet hills, and algae crept its way along raging waterfalls, each leading their own, quiet lives. The large but docile crabs that once roamed the ocean floor sought refuge underground; instinct guided them to the dank caves most resembling their former habitat...but it was simply not enough. Now the Leviathan waits patiently for the next easily-infatuated diver to approach or attack its' precious lure. Increases the default item grab range by 50%. The Slime God, one of the very first creatures to ever come to exist in the Terrarian's world, is the core and control unit of all things slimy. As the walls of the city finally fell, and its people were massacred, Daedalus at last looked death in the eye, and triggered the explosives. All projectiles inflict. A storm unlike any seen before.

Everything seemed fine, at least, until the Jungle Tyrant Yharim corrupted the mind of the Prince slime and made him overthrow his father. He feared that he could not protect them all. However, the heat of the lava only caused the young dragon to mature more quickly.

It was with great reason that such a powerful witch, whose very title became synonymous with the disaster she heralded, was considered the prized jewel of Yharim's world-conquering forces. He would have become a warrior for the Royal family under these mislead conditions, had it not been for another man who had heard of his power.

The player gains 5% mining speed. Guilt. The gods blessed him with superhuman abilities, and unrivaled power over his minions. Although his thoughts were reduced to mad gibberish, she tore enough knowledge from his fragmented mind to confirm her growing suspicions of Yharim.

Long ago, a powerful ranger found an egg within the depths of the Jungle Temple.

However, if you were able to grasp one of her relics, a substantial core of her power, it would surely incite her wrath. They lost their eyes, their complexion, and so, were shaped by their environment. The water turned from crystal clear to a murky red with the blood of the animal within seconds. The being has not been viewed by the naked eye in eons and it is also written that a mere sighting of it would drive a layperson mad. Despite the fact that it was never intended for battle during its conceptualization, it’s notable strength and versatility lends it credit as equipment with considerable power. Archmage Permafrost was once renowned as the greatest wizard in all the lands. The sun was their god of warmth and life, banishing the darkness and offering hope. When the project’s lead necromancer was lost in a disaster gathering souls from the depths of hell, Calamitas took an interest in the skilled mage’s demise and personally dredged his soul from the void of death.

An abomination of comingled flesh, bone, and organ, infested primarily by blood-slurping worms. Yharim asked to learn from him in order to "peacefully" calm the denizens of the underworld. One clan revolted against the restrictive and greedy ways of the capitol - but like many others in the empire’s history, they were exiled. Braelor was born in a distant village far on the outskirts of the Royal Family’s kingdom. ", Reinforcing this, her entry on the official Calamity Mod forum post and her lore item refers to her as "Calamitas Clone" as well. Certain items contain lore in their descriptions, hinting at or stating pieces of the overarching story. The wondrous stream of stars that stretched across the sky on cloudless nights - the source of those lights was a divine serpent of incomprehensible proportions. I have to disappoint you then because I only play with people I know. Calamitas will behave primarily like Retinazer, firing lasers and chasing the player. This event caused the great sea worm, now known as the Desert Scourge, to go on a rampage. Statis Lore *wore the Statigel Armor*: Statis was born and abandoned by his parents, due to the fact they already had 12 children and couldn't afford to take care of another one. However, that day would never come. The player gains 10% damage, but their wing time is cut in half. All the while, weaving between the mounting howls of the wind and the cracking of the stone foundations, were the otherworldly wails of the goddess betrayed. Decades passed, and generations passed down the gift of brimstone magic, from parent to child. That will be fun. She practiced the forbidden magic of necromancy in order to revive her parents and 2 brothers, until she heard an unknown voice telling her to seek refuge in the Jungle. It is woven with the most pure and powerful form of nature magic, as Silva herself drew from the collective life force of every plant in Terraria during the fabrication of the armor. The gifted one that terminated my grand summoning so long ago with his uncanny powers over the arcane. He would never be able to live with the guilt that he had abandoned his duties entirely. Calamitas' true name is unknown. He needed insurance in the form of an unwaveringly loyal countermeasure. All rights reserved. The Devourer wields their strength, and they in turn are infused with the Devourer's might.

He sought no treasures, would take no captives. It was to be considered one of, if not the most difficult boss in the Calamity Mod.

The other, a sash containing the blessings and powers of an ancient god. Permafrost’s perception of others sharpened until he could read their intentions with the slightest glance; in his decades of seclusion and the thousands that approached him, only a select few possessed an integrity that assured the Archmage his teachings would not be misused. The newly christened Storm Weaver resides in the outer reaches of the atmosphere, preying on the wyverns that roam the skies with it. I feel unthinkable terrors are watching your every move. Charged with the essence of slain gods, those who bear the armor are said to experience apotheosis - standing above even the divine with superhuman strength and boundless durability. Through this, the core of Providence was born.


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