technical poling skiff

Water that reaches the cockpit collects in a small well amidships, where it can be pumped out or drained overboard. site by overslot, Photos of the Deadrise Zero18 Poling skiff.

An optional large forward livewell can be built with a transparent, half-inch acrylic window in the forward bulkhead — a staple on large sportfishers but a first, as far as we're aware, on shallow-water skiffs.
SOUTH DADE SKIFFS is a Technical Poling Skiff Boat Manufacturer based in Miami Florida providing its customers with the best priced technical poling skiff on the market with there state of the art Vaccuum Infusion building practices and Easy to understand website pricing at

technical poling skiffs on the market today. But these three can. 2014 - 2018 Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award Winner for excellence in customer satisfaction. “For example, our Marquesa skiff is 18 feet in length and has a 6½-foot beam,” says Peterson. Maverick has been responsible for every significant breakthrough in flats boat technology.
Spyder Flats Boats & Technical Poling Skiffs Are Lightweight, Ultra Quiet, & Affordable. With a draft of 3.5″, it allows the angler to discover fishing holes where others can only dream of. world of shallow water fishing. Check out Sabine Skiffs … Here's what veteran boat designer Chris Morejohn said after reviewing our process: His deck mold has no hatches molded into it. Designed and built on the shores of Mosquito Lagoon by a fourth-generation Florida builder, this skiff represents the culmination of more than two years of exhaustive R&D. No one boat can do it all. 3.5″ Draft Fish Where Others Can Dream Of. We are currently answering questions and setting up demos via our contact form. Meaning better days of fishing for nano owners. It can be easily moved to the bow to serve as a casting platform. Sport Fishing Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Deadrise Custom Boats  |  Edgewater, Florida, USA, ©2017 Deadrise Custom Boats No matter which model is right for you, The new Zero18 from Deadrise Custom Boats combines state-of-the-art materials and techniques with an outside-the-box design approach, yielding a technical poling skiff we believe is second to none. The new Zero18 from Deadrise Custom Boats combines state-of-the-art materials and build techniques with an outside-the-box approach to design details, yielding a technical poling skiff we believe is second to none. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. © 1998 - 2020 Maverick Boat Group, Inc. All rights reserved.Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions. For example, you won't see a single hinge on deck; they're all hidden underneath the hatches. The first no-hull-slap aluminum technical poling skiff ever built. To me this is brilliant. All rights reserved. Because our deck mold has no hatches built into it, we can place a variety of hatches, lockers, and live and pitch wells wherever you want them without the excessive cost typically associated with one-off customizations. The console door and frame are molded, color-matched parts; no fasteners are visible.

Static draft ranges from 4" to 7", depending on options, power, and load. A Bonnier Corporation Company.


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