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Joey’s family lives in the Lake Windsor housing development. Paul is the protagonist and narrator of Tangerine. "Tangerine Characters". Despite this setback, Paul resolves to continue playing for the War Eagles. Little by little we get to see Erik’s dark side. [19] The film was released in a North American limited release on July 10, 2015. 2015 – Best Supporting Actress (Mya Taylor), This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 01:18. When it comes out that Antoine doesn’t have a Lake Windsor address, all the Seagulls games for the season are forfeited. Tino is on the War Eagles. But in both Lake Windsor and Tangerine Middle School he becomes popular when he proves his skills on the soccer field. He had informed them that he was working with Mark Duplass on the project; "It would let us shoot the way Sergio Leone would shoot westerns. As Paul and his mother leave the school, the kids outside express approval towards him for his actions defending Tino and Victor. She used to be an Olympic hurdler. Shortly afterward, it was found that Antoine Thomas, one of the star players and quarterback on the Lake Windsor team actually lived in Tangerine, causing all of the Football team's records to be nullified, and destroying Erik's football legacy forever. He also holds practice the day after Mike dies. Previous Next . He drives Erik wherever he wants to go. [7][8], Principal photography for Tangerine took place in Hollywood, California (including West Hollywood clubs and Santa Monica Boulevard),[9] on Christmas Eve 2013 and wrapped on January 18, 2014. After Erik’s downfall, Mr. Fisher distances himself from Erik. Joey’s family lives in the Lake Windsor housing development. But in both Lake Windsor and Tangerine Middle School he becomes popular when he proves his skills on the soccer field. She’s warm with Paul, but she's also defensive of her family when Erik attacks them. The driver knows about Razmik's interests, and while initially hesitant, Karo agrees to help her track down Razmik. She reconciles with Dinah as they smoke crystal meth in the bar bathroom, and Sin-Dee applies Dinah's make-up. When he arrives at Tangerine Middle School, he is shown around by a girl named Theresa Cruz. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. He’s a close observer of all the people around him, particularly his brother, Erik. In a prologue when Paul Fisher was in kindergarten, a few friends of Erik, Paul's older brother, calls Paul "Eclipse Boy," causing Paul to believe that was why he was visually impaired. It had a limited release on July 10, 2015, through Magnolia Pictures. On his first day of school, Paul meets Coach Walski, the coach of the soccer team, and tries out for the team, but is later told that his visual impairment prevents his eligibility, and blames this on his mother's revelation of the impairment to the school administrators. Then he hits Paul’s friend, Tino, over the head. It also doesn’t seem as though he’s as good of a football player as everyone makes him out to be. Erik, the older son, looks forward to a football scholarship at the University of his choice. [9] They used the FiLMIC Pro app, a video app (to control focus, aperture and color temperature, as well as capture video clips at higher bit-rates) and an anamorphic adapter from Moondog Labs (to capture widescreen). Back at the school, Paul and his mother meet with the principal, who informs him that Tino and Victor have been suspended for three weeks for attacking a student. When he moves to Tangerine County he thinks of himself as a nerd, because that’s how he was always treated. Victor is the captain of the War Eagles and an outspoken leader at Tangerine Middle School. Paul likes Mike. When Paul helps out on the farm, Tino comes to trust Paul. Lynch, Molly. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tangerine_(Bloor_novel)&oldid=984521769, Articles needing additional references from October 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 14:49. Razmik's wife is upset, but she tells her mother to mind her own business. He’s the chief civil engineer for Tangerine County. [20] The film was released in the United Kingdom on November 13, 2015, by Metrodome Group. His house has been struck by lightning seven times and he can no longer get insurance for it. Erik is Paul’s mysteriously sinister older brother. Then, when Erik attacks Luis, Tino loses his trust in Paul. [9], Tangerine made its world premiere January 23, 2015, at the Sundance Film Festival as part of their NEXT program. Joey’s brother Mike dies near the opening of the novel after being struck by lightning on... Tangerine study guide contains a biography of Edward Bloor, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. But Antoine lives in Tangerine rather than Lake Windsor. He is devoted to the groves and has been developing a new kind of tangerine that he calls the Golden Dawn. At lunch, Paul asks Theresa about the soccer team. He sees the beauty of the trees and this beauty is captured in his language. TANGERINE CHARACTER LIST Paul Fisher Paul is the protagonist and narrator of Tangerine. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. While everyone else sees Erik as the star football player, Paul knows that there’s more to him. Paul, the younger son, is visually impaired and legally blind but plays soccer. He meets Alexandra and fellates her in a car wash, then goes home to eat Christmas dinner with his family. Everyone on the football team is participating in keeping this secret. An original, dazzling, and unforgettable portrayal of betrayal and friendship that easily bests any other film this year. Paul is enrolled in St.Anthony's, a catholic private school, his only choice after his expulsion. She invites Paul to partner with her and Tino for their science project on their brother Luis’s tangerine. He insists Dinah means nothing to him and reveals that he and Sin-Dee are engaged. [24] Variety's Justin Chang wrote that Tangerine is "an exuberantly raw and up-close portrait of one of Los Angeles' more distinctive sex-trade subcultures. As they leave, they find the police, led to the house by Joey, waiting outside to arrest Erik and Arthur for the murder of Luis. Alexandra takes Sin-Dee to a laundromat to clean her clothes and wig, and gives her her own wig to wear while they wait. He is considered to be legally blind. Paul then persuades Joey Costello to join the school. He also takes his position on the team, garnered by his father's hard work, for granted. Paul has bad vision and is forced to wear thick prescription goggles. Razmik leaves his family to attend Alexandra's performance, saying he has to work, but discovers he is too late and searches for Sin-Dee. The time is around 1997, when the book was written. Every day he tells the events going on around him and reveals important details about the people of Lake Windsor and Tangerine. Mr. Fisher in Tangerine. Central Florida: Lightning Capital of North America. Mike dies early on in the novel after being struck by lightning on the football field. Many people, including Paul and Joey, try to rescue those trapped, and no one is seriously injured. The Fisher family moved to Tangerine because of Mr. Fisher’s job. Arthur is Erik’s sidekick who does his dirty work for him. Mrs. Fisher is Paul and Erik’s mom. Razmik, an Armenian cab driver, picks up a prostitute, but ejects her from his cab when he discovers she is not transgender. Hurt, Sin-Dee leaves and tries to pick up some clients; they throw urine in her face and drive away shouting transphobic slurs. This is witnessed by Paul, and Luis is found dead six days later from an aneurysm. Arthur gets arrested for the murder of Luis at the end of the novel. He goes around telling everyone he's "always regretted not being big enough to play football" at college (1.3.37). Sin-Dee, Alexandra and Dinah go to the donut shop, where Sin-Dee confronts Chester. Erik Fisher The antagonist, is Paul’s older brother. His older brother is Luis and his sister is Theresa. This marks is first introduction to the agricultural production and field workers, whom he will soon come to love. "[25] A. V. Wire's Seth Malvín Romero said, "Tangerine is a stylistic tour-de-force. But when Paul teases back, Victor likes it; and when Paul proves himself on the soccer team, Victor tells Paul that he has his back. Alexandra goes to the bar for her performance, but no customers have arrived. After Erik punches Tino, Luis comes to Erik’s school to avenge his young brother; but when he shows up, Arthur hits him over the head with a blackjack, causing an aneurism that kills Luis a week later. At first, Paul's teammates Victor, the team captain, and Tino hesitate to befriend him; but after a victory in the first game of the season (against the aggressive Palmetto Whippoorwills) convinces Victor to do so. [5] It received critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, performances and portrayal of transgender individuals. Paul confronts his parents about their concealment of the event. Dinah walks back to the brothel but is told there is no room for her. He cares about the team’s success above anything else. The story follows a transgender sex worker who discovers her boyfriend and pimp has been cheating on her. Soon after they unpack, Paul goes for a tour of his new school, where characters Mike Costello and his brother Joey are introduced. He puts a lightning rod on his house, which bothers Paul’s mom. This growing self-confidence helps Paul learn to defend the kids of Tangerine Middle, as well as to stand up to Erik. He tells Arthur to hit Luis with a blackjack ultimately dies from an aneurism. This terrain is drawn garishly, vividly, and with a sense of fun. [11] Magnolia Pictures bought world rights to the film on January 27, 2015, and confirmed they planned releasing the film later in 2015. In this way, he liberates himself from Erik’s hold on him, as well as from the oppressive culture of Lake Windsor Downs.


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