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One unit is like one share. UDF on the other hand seems to gain Aroor from LDF and  Kuttanad from National Congress. Corona crisis has hurt TN pulling back the AIADMK quite a bit. Stalin is nowhere when compared to his father in intelligence and planning. As usual, we used what is called the wisdom of the crowd method (small samples). Sun and Moon as the 10 th and 9 th lord for Scorpio lagan is the best Raja Yoga as per Sage Parashara. One full month of high drama will be seen in the state. As per Astrology 2021 Predictions, this year is going to be special for Aries natives in many ways. Venus as the lagna lord in Tamil Nadu foundation chart has made sure that film star are always welcome in politics. Of the 9 seats in 2016 LDF have won 7 seats. In the fantasy game, Mamata is ahead at 41 while Dilip Ghosh is at 31. If everything goes well, my prediction for 2021 is.. DMK and it’s alliance will be the clear winner for 2021 election. Earlier in 2014 general elections his party DMK had lost badly when he was under Saturn-Mercury Dasha in Vimshottari. See the lordship of Saturn here it is the lord of 3rd house which is 7th from the 9th house of father. In 2016 Tamil Nadu election it was then AIADMK chief, J. Jayalalithaa’s magic that helped incumbent AIADMK government to return to power once again. Arulsamy Thangaraja. Aries Horoscope 2021. The horoscope of O. Panneerselvam, who is now second in command in AIADMK, is also not confirmed. After poor performance in two districts, AIADMK seems to have improved its performance. No opinion Polls have been conducted in Tamil Nadu but if the local body elections and google trends are an indication it is DMK this time. 1 year is very long term with respective politics. They need to win at least 10 assembly seats out of 22 in the by-elections which will be conducted with the Lok Sabha polls. It is no surprise that Tamil Nadu has always been ranked high in the list of Indian states by Human Development Index. This is in line with the opinion poll results. On our platform, 100 means sureshot chance of winning the election and 0 means no chance of winning the election. Even if he forms the party, he will not win much. Until the transiting Saturn and Jupiter will come into Makar Rashi,  at the 4th house of Tamil Nadu foundation chart,  the AIADMK government will not face major setbacks in the state assembly. ; alone has powers to legislate laws covering state subjects in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. ... Black Friday Halloween New Year's Eve Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Columbus Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day Election Day. I am confident that, DMK will overcome all the challenges and emerge as single largest party in 2021 election. The prediction: Not only PM Modi, astrologer predicts Trump's re-election too . AIADMK was in pits during the Lok Sabha election in 2019 and had managed a recovery during the one year after that. We still have 1 year for the election. -->, Kerala election is around 8-9 months away. He has created this Vedic Astrology blog to share his published articles in various news papers and astrology journals. Should a prediction come true, you get 100 bonus points for each unit/share owned For every wrong prediction, the number of units/shares become zero Price of a prediction will go up if there is demand and more people believe that the prediction will come true. This is one of the lowest in the country. However, if one were to project on the basis of seats gained, DMK+ will end up with 150+ seats. Tamil Nadu’s chief minister’s visionary leadership during 1954 to 1963 in developing the infrastructure and improving the quality of life of inhabitants had set the high standards of social development. Among the both, ADMK will be the biggest victim. Among all the key regional players, PMK and Puthiya Tamilagam party will suffer in 2021 election. Stalin has a great Raja Yoga of Sun and Moon which would give him the post of chief minister of Tamil Nadu in the assembly elections of 2021. Let us look at the predictions. Our astrology website has a lot of Who Will Win 2021 Elections In India Astrology information. At the start of the year, the sign lord Jupiter is well placed in the 11th house of gains. The cast politics and celebrity hero-worshiping is another prominent feature of Tamil Nadu politics. Copyright © 2020 CrowdWisdom All Rights Reserved. The presiding officer of the Assembly is called the Speaker. A recent poll by Ormax Media said that just 48% of respondents in Tamil Nadu approved of the job done by Mr. Palaniswami. The biggest challenge for the NDA is the very ordinary performance of the economy in Assam apart from the chaos induced by CAA and NRC. You have insufficient coins to play the game. : The 234 seats of Tamil Nadu Legislative assembly will go on for polls in 2021. Stalin will become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu in 2021. In our last Bihar assembly election Opinion Poll analysis, it was clear that NDA was now heading towards a landslide in Bihar. Both Saturn and Mercury are in 6/8 position from each other. Tamil-Nadu Assembly Election Opinion poll 2021 Election Survey Result Who will win Tamil-Nadu Polls BJP INC CPI JDU LJP ABP News CSDS Voter Opinion/Exit poll Constituency Party Wise 2021 CM Candidate The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly ; alone has powers to legislate laws covering state subjects in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Rather than winning, he will be the biggest spoiler in the 2021 election. What are the Assembly Elections 2020-2021 Results Predictions? DMK should be very careful in handling the alliance partners in order to get the absolute majority. This will be the first elections since last 4 decades when people of Tamil Nadu will be voting in a political vacuum created after the demise of AIADMK leader  J. Jayalalithaa and DMK chief M. Karunanidhi. Of the 9 seats in 2016 LDF have won 7 seats. The seat forecasts in the opinion poll are as follows. Our very detailed analysis explained why BJP was in trouble in Assam. The 4th house in mundane astrology signifies happiness of general public and farmers. Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa have their roots into Tamil film industry. Alliance Partners, Political Strategy, Reactions towards the Anti DMK winning group will be key challenge before DMK. One hypothesis is that compared 2019, AIADMK was able to win seats that are on the outskirts of Chennai while continue to lose the ones outside Chennai. However the growing numbers in the state has led to a decrease in his popularity of Chief Minister K. Palaniswami. What this data suggests is that the AIADMK is most likely to lose power in 2021. He even said Rajinikanth will become Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister, after mid-term polls. The Lok Sabha 2019 election result was a clear indication of AIADMK losing grip over the state. In an opinion poll carried out in March, NDA was just about scraping through to form the Government in Assam (about 60 seats versus Congress at 48 Seats). Rajini has just announced that he will form his party and contest in 2021 election. Now see the Scorpio lagna horoscope of M.K. However, if one were to project on the basis of seats gained, DMK+ will end up with 150+ seats. After poor performance in two districts, AIADMK seems to have improved its performance. It will be like DMK vs Anti DMK winning group election. You can also sell a prediction if you are convinced it will not come true or you find a better alternative. AIADMK has literally destroyed the state of Tamil Nadu in all the means. 1 March 1953, 23:50 hours at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Sun 5 years 3 months 20 days. If alone in Alappuzha district LDF loses 2 seats , UDF may gain 21 more seats from rest of 13 districts of Kerala. However, this time the story is completely different. What this data suggests is that the AIADMK is most likely to lose power in 2021. The state is second most affected state after Maharastra in India and the cases are rising everyday. M K Stalin’s DMK winning Tamil Nadu Election 2021?


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