swgoh best first order team 2020
I use Lumi, Sid, Phasma, Savage, Kylo team. Hey guys. Reinforcements: Tie Advanced, Slave 1, First Order Tie Fighter, and if you have the last reinforcement unlocked Sun Fac's Fighter. Yeah FO sinks like a rock on defense, too many buttons for the computer to push efficiently... Best of luck man, that second zeta for KRU is nice when you have his gear level beefed up a bit and you are confident he can take a few starting hits. This is what your FO team is for. A: While this guide is specifically designed for players just starting out, it can be applied to any person at any point in the game as long as they are still working on legendary/heroic events. Being in the top 20 in ships nets you an additional 100 crystals a day, which makes farming your other characters/gear/mods much easier. Qui Gon leader You should easily be able to obtain Palpatine when your PS is at lvl 75 gear lvl 8 with a full set of mods on them (will cover mods below). After unlocking phoenix squad and getting them to 7 stars, you should focus on your Empire team and your ships. Dooku Luminara Unduli. 6 star Qui-Gon Jinn Daka: Stun on basic attacks up to 2 characters makes every assist from her dangerous. We’ll not be re-listing every character there but will rather add some different ones to each team composition. Extra turn procs their extra turn so most toons get 3-5 turns. Tarkin's Capital Ship leadership should be maxed by now giving you 20% turn meter every time a ship is destroyed. The Nightsister team. The focus of the plan is on unlocking the Empire Legendary Characters and the Rebel Legendary Characters. Sid: He provides AoE damage, speed and DoTs. Early and mid heck I still use them.my Jedi team sends to be ok so far with what I hv anyway. Hopefully you have several of zetas already unlocked for several of these characters by the time you unlock Revan, but if you don't put them on in this order. I am level 50 as of current and with luminara leader I can beat lv 57+ in the galactic wars section and maybe lose 1 person so I can continue and finish the whole board for lots of luminara shards. And a 3 star luke, I am also open to working towards characters. Talia: Another healer that couples self-heal, DoTs and mediocre hits. Best thing you can do is focus on getting your 5 dark side ships you got to 4 stars up to 5 stars to save time. Jolee's zeta makes any defensive Jedi team a nightmare to deal with. I'm curious, why zsthan? The ideal early Empire team would be Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, and Stormtrooper. No mention of Yoda, Windu, or Plo Koon? The only overlap will be your cantina farms. I'm looking to get top 100 to top 50, but my CLS team isn't holding up too well and they are getting kind of boring. 7 star Sidious -(Nightmare Sith with Traya): Traya (L), Sith Trooper/BSF, Thrawn, Sion, Nihilus. 75% Upvoted. Quin jinn 4 star gear level 4 You may be level 60, 70, or even 85, but you are still trying to organize yourself and create a plan to get R2 and CLS for an example. Also visit our new player guide with cheats and our farm guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. You Ashoka is not a nightsister. Zetas should be given to characters in this order. It will also briefly cover other aspects of the game such as arena, ships, mods, and raids. IE: best at x, not good at x, pairs with x, etc. Others:Nihilus' Unique, Thrawn's Unique. They are also all gear level 7, except Phasma is 6. Stun Teams: These teams are not really used and can be considered a niche pick however has potential. Rest hv own counter skill these guys work great with phasma as lead as well. I’ve been farming him since then, and he synergies well with phasma. Once you unlock mods, spend your mod energy on beating the first 3 levels. Luke: Has a chance to stun with his special but also provides solid DPS which the team lacks. Sid: This guy needs no explanation, does mediocre AoE damage, has healing immunity, he overlaps with Kylo in many areas ergo I’m not a fan. Thanks for any info you can give! Close. Some of them are good for the Arena and some of them are very strong for PvE and some are really good for both. Some of the characters you are going to farm for these legendary events are also used in several other areas of the game. Barriss: Doesn’t have a place in current meta since she is a non-factor without the heal and makes a fight 4v5 after the heal. On top of that they are THE best early F2P arena team you can put together. As always each player has different priorities in this game. Captain Han Solo 5* - 7* (ROLO TB Mission), Boba Fett or Storm Trooper 7* (Do in order depending on when R2 event is coming back, Fett is good for Chewbacca and on BH teams), Qui-Gon Jinn 7* (Yoda Event save farming if already have 5 7* jedi), Cassian's U-Wing (Ship for Jyn, Cassian, and K2S0), Jyn 7* (Pit Raid/1 of 3 characters need for a ship), Finn/Rey (If you don't have them 7 stars and JTR event is coming, you can farm extra shards here), Resistance Trooper (JTR Lead Raid Team/TW/TB), Storm Trooper Han 7*(CLS Team/Rebel/ Credit Heist), IG-88 (Scoundrel/Merc/CH Team/ship arena), Asajj Ventress (Night Sisters/HAAT Raid/Sith Raid), Magmatrooper 7* (ONLY if you think you will need him to get R2 next time his event starts), Biggs 7*/Biggs' X-wing 5* (Farm at same time), Following Ships until they are 5 stars (Biggs, TFP, FOTP), Ships (Always buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost and Phantom. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts. Geonosian Soldier: As mentioned above with Droid teams, he has incredible speed and damage output and his assist also works wonders in Phasma teams, one of the least utilised but perhaps the best characters to be included in one. Only use to buy gear. What do I use this character for other than for this ship? I topped out at 53 right before the Empire rework and currently hovering around 85 give or take about 10 ranks. Anakin: He has healing immunity but that’s about it, his AoE doesn’t do that much damage and requires a kill for the buff, his self-buff on ally death however is good but not potent enough to warrant a place. Area of Effect, means an attack or spell hits multiple enemies. My team increased dramatically by specifically trying to gear them up. The above two are very long term farms, but its worth getting them done before other Guild Event store specific characters do to speculative reasons. For example OG Lando is a great character for Credit and Droid Heists. 7 star Sid His buff on death is not important as he is almost always killed the last. My comment is not a question, but rather a suggestion for the writers of this page: Please explain your shorthand. General Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, The Ultimate Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Top Tips for New Players 2020 – Marvel Contest of Champions, Labyrinth of Legends Explored – Marvel Contest of Champions, Tempest Beginners Guide 2020 – CSR Racing 2, Act 6.1 Completion Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions, Best Champions – Marvel’s Contest of Champions, Guide with Tips, Tricks and Cheats – CSR Racing 2. He can also be farmed in the ship store if you have extra currency. Though those teams who debuff(sidious, vader, phasma) are incredibly easy targets thanks to Akbar who fully heales my team after his second turn. https://wiki.swgoh.help/index.php?title=Optimal_F2P_Farming_Guide&oldid=8853, KoTOR (Bastila, Jolee, Zaalbar) to 7* ,both on Ship Nodes and Dark/Light Side Battles, FOTP/Scavenger Rey 5-7* (You want to work on them somewhat here, but may want to finish them off in other locations. Ships are much more important now after the Ships 2.0 update. Very good lists, but I have one change. 5 star Finn You might be better of doing another zeta in your rebels or sith. This team allows you to heal completely before finishing a fight in galactic wars so every fight is like a new one. As I see it, KRU, FOO and FOST will continue to be the backbone of every future f2p FO team. Because you will most likely not be able to get Thrawn to 7 stars until the 2nd time his event rolls around and/or because Vader is a long farm, you will want to work on 1-2 additional empire characters. My team is poggle as leader, ig86, ig 88, geo soldier and poe. 3 star IG 88


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