super tenere problems
This is an online automotive information provider ✅ of a detailed information on complaints, defects and recalls for Am privileged to have been able to spend a day riding the 201... 6 BM and a 2015 Super Ten on the same roads and tracks. Post up some pictures when you can!! I want to move from my air cooled RT to a water cooled dual sport platform. Simple answer is Yes.. Yamaha Super Tenere after 300 miles of dirt, mud and country road riding. Touring Package, Premium Package, Keyless Ride, Shift Assist Pro, ABS Pro, spoke wheels. Also, while this is a great site for water boxer questions/answers, you could check the ADVrider forum for threads that are more GS-focussed. If so, watch for quarterly "Riders Nights" there...last Thursday featured a solo woman rider traveling around the world on a 250 CRF. Everyone of these bikes were very good when tested, especially on road all tracked and handled well and would eat miles no problems and of course had comfy upright riding positions. This bie is the real deal.. Been a lot of places since my 1st review. Then, it was time for a new Super Ten – based on the same principle – parallel-twin engine and long-way travel capabilities. I love this bike. 2016 R1200GS, Triple Black. lighter and probably feels 100 lbs. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! Beautiful looking machine. That may be a deal breaker for me. I am only on my third Beemer, all have been reliable. What a motorcycle!! Found it to be a great bike, very reliable, comfortable, but also BORING, and sold it to buy another BMW. Get the ECU unleashed.. Not to steer you away from BMW or Yamaha but have you seen the new Africa Twin from Honda? THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE PARTNER. From what I have read so far the Ténéré is nearly bullet-proof. Maintain composure: the water people will come. Whatever you decide this may be of interest to you. (or Tenere). Congratulations on the new ride, you will enjoy every mile. Similar opinion? Dude rides more offroad than I sleep. It might be a mistake - and I may go back to the BM - but that's another 40,000 k away. This thread, Gelande Strasse, is very new therefore not a large post count.

Quadruple Black?

The GS is a bit lighter, handles better (though the Yamaha is not a slouch by any means) and has better fuel range. Still have an FJR but the XT1200z off road ability opens up a whole new bunch of roads. I've ridden 3 of them in Europe and they didn't break down there either. I'd ridden an 1150GS (2up) over there and the ride back to Highlands made me appreciate that the ten year old BMW handled better, had as much or more low end grunt, but mainly it was just more fun and involving to ride. Only negative could be slightly less ground clearance on the Super 10? Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z - a proven long-distance touring motorcycle for Australian conditions. Most of my analysis is based on whats best on dirt roads and single track, because for me, the adventure really starts when you hit the dirt. To my surprise I think the Super Tenere is the better bike for what I do. You'll take better care of it and enjoy yourself more, IMO. Riding around for a couple of hours or a long weekend is not the same as living with a machine everyday and experiencing it on various terrain, in a loaded state. Right in my back yard and I didn't even realize it was here!

A Yamaha will be sorted starting with the second model year. (PS the KTM had the cruise std but not grips & BMW opposite had grips but no Cruise and cant buy as a single option,had to buy Optional BMW "Tourer Pack"$$$$, ). Krista, drop by any of the BMW dealers near you for a test ride. I like visuals, both are good looking bikes. The power restrictions in 1st to 4th can be over ridden.. Powered by Invision Community. 2013 brand new Super Tenere for $8500.00 dollars. The Yamaha has a one year warranty versus 3 years for the BMW.

Regardless of choice, post your pics and tales.

xhaust note over long rides; confidence-inspiring, off-road handling. Sure it's heavy but feels like an XR650 weight when riding ( until youhave to pick it up) Tons of power, smooth gear box and a fuel tank that gets you there.

Fully-laden machine is HEAVY so don't drop it! Mad Mick the guy I rode with, also agreed. I read in an Bike magazine recently in a docs surgery, the test rider commented that there is a Upgrade for the Tenere which provides better mapping some hidden HP, it was not cheap around $400-500 odd.I have the latest model Super Tenere and Yeah noticed it on the first real run to Phillip Island 2018, when in Sport Mode the throttle response is touchy, especially in stop start traffic in the suburbs.Mine is still early days of Warranty so cannot play with the ECU stuff yet, but intend to get the extra HP once outside the factory warranty.Best place in the mean time to get info on Australian source is the SuperTenere Forums on line. I have decided that it is time to buy an adventure bike! This bie is the real deal.. Been a lot of places since my 1st review. I fitted Yamaha crash bar system / fog lights / Tank protector and all for $24K.

But since you now have one fine ride time to plan to get in on the fun. Yamaha SUPER TENERE. Just saw one at the bike show. Is there any ECU upgrades for this bike. Krista Wright, January 20, 2016 in Gelande Strasse. Fuel economy -so far its been between 4.8-5 liters /100Kms highway/ stop start stuff, giving a calculated range of nearly 470 usable kms for highway work. The new KTM and BMW GS & Triumph basically were $27K + ,out of the Budget range, once kitted with panniers and the heated grips & Cruise. The service allows to compare and analyze statistics for Read this in the Ride Planing section. As Pat says, ride and enjoy. Sign up for a new account in our community. Now, if getting into the ADV game price is important to you, take a look here. Can't put a price tag on that. Granted, shipping is gonna cost you a bit, but still a decent deal. Of course as the years go by an people repeat things, even Dewey might win the election. I am biased of course but nothing rides like the BMW. Resale would be better for the BMW I think. It has been 100% reliable everyday for the past 7 years! Still have an FJR but the XT1200z off road ability opens up a whole new bunch of roads.Traction control is great on 2nd setting, fuel economy, comfort, power.

Krista - What are the 2 or 3 primary reasons for your selecting the BMW over the Yamaha? Pic from another post, I think the new TB GS would look pretty awesome with these carbon covers. OK, got it!
Used prices for XT1200Z are reflected in the popularity of the newly-released Yamaha T700 - there are some excellent bargains out there in the marketplace for XT1200Z as owners trade-in on the T7.

Would be grateful for some advice as to which brand works best and is good value for money. Just regular oil changes, valve check at 24k. when i drive fast and go through the gears the tcs light goes on, why?


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