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Serve med. Another concern is methylmercury, a toxic heavy metal that can hurt aquatic life and travel up the food chain to humans. The Oldest Duck Hunting Clubhouse in the State of California. San Francisco Bay’s Suisun Marsh is one of the largest marshes on the West Coast, providing rich habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife—including river otters like the one pictured here. All rights reserved. 20 years ago the number of clubs was much higher. I would look into the place. The Suisun Marsh is a dying marsh. Community See All. We worked way to hard for our few ducks. And I would certainly entertain the Delta vs. the SM. They were working my area 24/7 for the past 3 days. Forgot account? The Marsh serves as the resting and feeding ground for tens of thousands of wintering and migrating waterfowl, 40 species of fish including 80% of the state's commercial salmon fishery and is home to the majestic Tule Elk. This property is located located on Van Sickles Island in the heart of Duck Country in the Suisun Marsh where a variety of birds and animals call home including Ducks, Geese, Pheasant, doves and even Elk. I want to say close to 900. Yeah, welcome to the California Rice fields!!! Suisun Marsh. But that's a whole other story. Club house water is from a 5,000 Gallon fresh water storage tank. In addition, endangered salmon migrating through Suisun Marsh in the winter season have greater dissolved oxygen needs than other species. Lots of blinds did not get leased track these guys down and go shoot their club for a possible lease next year. I would try dairy lands upwind of the dairy. Sutter/Zamora are not too far out. rare. Suisun Marsh also hosts over 100 wetlands that are privately owned by duck hunting clubs. Create New Account . My place was slow on Saturday but today's shoot a few miles away was good at a friends club. Teal, Spoonies, sprig but nothing wide open ever. by Waterfowler7 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:01 pm, by mallard mulisha » Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:22 pm, by FMFdevildoc » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:33 am, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 4 guests. 5. We are strong supporters of wetlands conservation and active members of the Suisun Resource Conservation District (SRCD) as well as Ducks Unlimited, the California Waterfowl Association, and the Delta Waterfowl Foundation. Either way there was a boat load of clubs and today only 158. Moderators: OGblackcloud, duckman2000. The darker the fat, the nastier the bird. Rich Island is one of more than 150 private duck clubs in the 116,000 acre Suisun Marsh about 25 miles east of San Francisco. And no, geese really aren't that interested either unless it's dry ground. It's worth it to kill birds. Storms blast birds out of there in a hurry. Suisun Marsh also hosts over 100 wetlands that are privately owned by duck hunting clubs. I would agree that suisun marsh sucks. With a day hunt being that low in price i bet you could get a blind there next year for about $800. At the end of duck hunting season, the clubs flush the stagnant water into Suisun Marsh and its inlets and sloughs. 5 out of 5 stars. Low oxygen levels can also inhibit the growth of otherwise healthy fish. 510.735.9700, Protecting San Francisco Bay from pollution since 1989, San Francisco: Vote Yes on Prop A Seawall Repair, Scooter Company Agrees to Address Dumping in the Bay, One Step Closer to Ridding the Bay of Toxic Sediment, Protecting Wildlife and Public Access on Treasure Island, 1736 Franklin Street, Suite 800 - Oakland CA 94612, Advocating to Protect Suisun Marsh from Duck Club Waste. The regulation and government control on landowners is choking the efforts to maintain managed wetlands. I wasted a lot of money on this spot only to make the drive your talking about to the refuges to get my birds. I couldn't even sleep that machine is so loud and hence no birds fed in the surrounding fields. Log In. Do any of you guys hunt in the Suisun marsh? Baykeeper submitted technical comments advocating for stronger controls on, and monitoring of, the depletion of dissolved oxygen. 2 blinds were very good 2 were so so and 5 blinds totally sucked. Keep in touch and stay informed of SF Bay issues by signing up for our newsletter, Copyright © 2013-2020 BAYKEEPER. agreed to all. Excellent duck hunting, striper & sturgeon fishing, pig, pheasant and dove hunting. or. Why? I would have to agree with DK. The Suisun Marsh is the largest contiguous brackish marsh remaining on the west coast of North America and is a critical part of the San Francisco Bay - Delta estuary ecosystem. At least twice a year, duck clubs artificially inundate their wetlands to attract waterfowl. Club pond water source comes from Cat & Suisun Slough. 316 people follow this. I am not getting my bang for my buck … Hidden Cove/Meridian Duck club. Make the drive. The real test is to grill both breasts side by side on a really hot bbq. I'm including immediate surrounding areas in that number. just my .02. good luck. Should still have some nice red in center. Fish kills have already been reported in the sloughs of Suisun Marsh following these duck club discharges. Copyright 2020 Rich Island Duck Club, all rights reserved. 4635 Poleline rd (629.93 mi) Suisun City, CA 94585. Stronger pollution monitoring of duck club discharges is needed for the health of fish, as well as the wildlife that depend on fish as a food source. Privately owned wetlands are a major contributor of methylmercury in the surrounding waters. Theres no way in China that you can make a duck that eats animal matter taste as good or even close to a duck that eats plant matter. The Honker Club in the Suisun Marsh has day hunts for $45. by plumgold1 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:00 pm . 314 people like this. I wouldn't recommend the marsh. Let me tell you the only thing about potatoes that ducks like is late evening roosting. Consisting of 1000+ acres with approximately 350 acres of flooded marsh, these marshes are equipped with water control devices throughout allowing water level management for the best water-fowling experience in Oklahoma. 12 posts • Page 1 of 1. The rice stompers are not helping too! At least twice a year, duck clubs artificially inundate their wetlands to attract waterfowl. Outside of that, forget the blind until he rotates corn back in. Welcome to Northern Flight Duck Club. Club is in the Solano County Williamson Act program. If you can find a tule pond club birds will funnel back in after storms and that can be good. Right now, the best option is to begin mixing up your hunting habits. I would go to Los Banos before I went to the marsh. The bird patterns are really changing in the State. Granted its been a bad year for grizz wut with all the rain. One inquires why? Suisun Marsh clubs. If any place has gone down hill its the Suisun Marsh. "A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.". These oxygen drops can last for hours or days. The Teal Club's original clubhouse is still located at the old Teal Station, which was a whistle stop on the Transcontinental Railroad starting in 1879. 1736 Franklin Street, Suite 800 - Oakland CA 94612 - TEL. Duck hunting in California topics include: California duck hunting trips, the past hunting seasons, and share information about California duck hunting guides. 44 check-ins. Water quality regulators recently reviewed pollution control requirements for discharges into Suisun Marsh. Fish and other aquatic animals need oxygenated water in order to breathe. Join us for some amazing duck hunting! The release of large volumes of oxygen-depleted water into Suisun Marsh from duck club wetlands can trigger a precipitous drop in dissolved oxygen in the receiving marsh. When dissolved oxygen levels drop suddenly or last for an extended period of time, fish and fish larvae perish. refuge. Rich Island is one of more than 150 private duck clubs in the 116,000 acre Suisun Marsh about 25 miles east of San Francisco. Post a reply. Most of the concentrations are in the Northern portion of valley around Sac. Not Now. I leased a blind this year out there in a haste because I lost my rice blind from last year. Ducks have changed their flight patterns and are flying more toward the central flyway of the State. Give it time the birds will work down. The main reason for the decline in the duck population is that the whole marsh lacks habitat management efforts. Because, AMERICA !! BAYKEEPER®, the BAYKEEPER logo™, San Francisco Baykeeper recently advocated for stronger controls on polluted discharges from duck club wetlands to protect the Bay and local wildlife. A bit of pepper, garlic powder, and seasoned salt.


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