stryker battalion organization
However you scale your vehicles in your Wargames orbits and I have variously used 1:5 or 1:3 in Rapid fire type games, you need the mix of capability in these subunits to come through. NTC Rotation 16-06 was different from previous rotations in several respects. In November 2012, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division deployed to Afghanistan to relieve 3-2 SBCT. Meanwhile, the combat medic typically rides with the platoon sergeant's vehicle (usually the one containing the weapons squad) as the platoon sergeant is in charge of coordinating CASEVAC. The Brigade was awarded the. 3–6. The second to be implemented would be the Follow-on Incremental Capabilities Package, which could modernize all brigades. Reach permits the battalion to reduce its footprint in the area of operations without compromising its ability to accomplish its assigned mission. H. Charles Hodges Jr. (retired U.S. Army colonel, former battalion operations officer, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team [BCT]), interview by authors, 11 October 2016. This was no small feat, considering the level of reliance Stryker formations had on fixed forward operating bases for logistical support in Iraq and Afghanistan. During tactical operations, the S1 section operates with the S4 section to provide CSS to the battalion, including unit strength reporting to higher headquarters and coordination of unit replacements as directed by the battalion commander. ", U.S. Army Stryker Combat Vehicles to be Equipped with Allegheny Technologies' ATI 500-MIL Armor Steel, US Army Outlines Future Improvements for the Stryker, "U.S. Army 'Moving Rapidly' To Add V-Hull to Strykers", "W-Shaped Hull Patent Application Publication", "US Army Awards GD $30 M For Stryker Double-V Hull Production", "Pentagon Tester Says General Dynamics’ New Stryker Needs Fix. Finally, the mobility of the Stryker platform and the light logistical support requirements allowed the battalion to operate across a wide geographical area and enabled C Company to conduct its flanking movement to the east across restrictive terrain. The M320 grenade launcher, a development of the Heckler and Koch AG36, was first fielded by the Army in 2009. [78][79] The remote turret requires a modification of the hull roof, and adds an additional two tons of weight[80] with an upgraded suspension and wider tires. Intelligence operations are the organized efforts of a commander to gather and analyze information on the environment and the enemy. The Organisation is interesting and quite different to anything else. (g)     Chaplain. Kongsberg, which makes the Stryker's M151 RWS joined with Stryker manufacturer, General Dynamics for the MCRWS in 2008. ", > U.S. Army Stryker Rifle Platoon (Current), U.S. Army Stryker Rifle Platoon (Current), The following is the current organization of the, mounted in the M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle "Stryker" effective as of 2016. [84] The Kongsberg turret and Orbital ATK XM813 variant of the Mk44 Bushmaster were officially selected in December 2015. The Javelin is normally stowed with 2 reloads in the vehicle when not needed. In addition, the Stryker platform itself proved to be very effective in urban combat. The battalion FSE (Figure 1-8) consists of the fire support officer, a senior fire support noncommissioned officer (FSNCO), an assistant FSNCO, and one fire support specialist. This information is disseminated through an internetted force in order to carry out effective information management and achieve the quality of information sharing necessary for multi-echelon planning and execution. Reached battalion strength with Strykers. Insurgents attempted to counter reactive armor by having teams fire multiple RPGs at once, but at close range these groups could be engaged and broken up. Each team is capable of providing the battalion with a full range of sniper support and is equipped with both the M24 7.62-mm sniper rifle (providing anti-personnel fires out to 800 meters) and the .50-caliber XM107 sniper rifle (providing antipersonnel and anti-equipment fires beyond 800 meters). Edward J. Ballanco (U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, commander, 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker BCT), interview by authors, 21 October 2016. Break up enemy troop concentrations (mounted and dismounted) and destroy the enemy's synchronization. However, Strykers can be effective and lethal when used in ways that emphasize their natural strengths. [25], The US Army plans to improve its fleet of Stryker vehicles with the introduction of improved semi-active suspension, modifications reshaping the hull into a shallow V-shaped structure, to protect against improvised explosive devices (IEDs). A notable example is the experience of 5-20 Infantry, which was shifted from Mosul to Baghdad to Baqubah over the course of 2007.10 By the time U.S. involvement in Iraq began winding down in 2010, there were eight Stryker BCTs, nearly a quarter of the active force. Integration of Special Operations, Mechanized, and Light Forces. (a)     Battalion Executive Officer. The FSE assists the battalion commander and S3 with planning, integrating, coordinating, and executing all types of available supporting fires during tactical operations.


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