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Bootcamps. All Star Projects Web Development Mobile Development Design Data Science. The student-faculty ratio at St. Edward's University is 14:1, and the school has 52% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Below we list majors offered at Saint Edward's University as well as diplomas and certificates available for each major. We know your college search doesn’t stop, so we’ve added virtual experiences to help you get the full picture of life at St. Edward’s. Find out the most popular majors and areas of study at Saint Edward's University. Located near Austin, Texas, St. Edward's was established in 1878 by Father Edward Sorin, the member of the Congregation of Holy Cross who also founded the University of Notre Dame.St. Faculty and upperclassmen will be available to answer questions. Ensure your college choice matches your needs with detailed degree and areas of study information available at The Majors & Minors Fair is a great place for you to learn more about the majors and various minors offered at St. Edward’s. St. Edward’s is committed to safe, personalized and vibrant experiences for our community. Featured Jobs and Internships. You can also learn about the various opportunities and co-curricular activities related to the majors. Back to St. Edward’s University Overview The most popular undergraduate major is . Home. Saint Edward's University offers 90 majors and allows you to earn your bachelor's degree, postbaccalaureate certificate, or master's degree. About St. Edward’s University; Recruitment Disclaimer & Policies; Resources; Events; Jobs & Internships. Share Options. We'd love to welcome you to our beautiful campus right now, but health and safety are more important. Rankings. Best Coding Bootcamps Best Online Bootcamps Best Web Design Bootcamps Best Data Science Bootcamps Best Data Analytics Bootcamps Best Cyber Security Bootcamps Best ISA … Saint Edward's University 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704-6489 (512) 448-8400 Internship Information; On-campus Jobs; News ; Careers and Majors. The event is informal, so stop by the event as your schedule allows. St. Edward's University is a private Catholic university with an acceptance rate of 86%. Top Projects. and are other popular majors. St. Edward's University Academics. Check out the most and least popular majors and programs at Saint Edward's University.


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