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[38], On April 12, 2007, Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer said she received an e-mail from OPP commissioner Julian Fantino implying that the town was encouraging "divisive rallies" at the occupation site. Brown alleged that Native protesters threatened and harassed him repeatedly, and that rocks and mud were thrown at his family and their home. Last fall, Canada introduced new Patent Rules and associated amendments to its Patent Act that came into force on October 30, 2019. 1845 - Starting this year, despite the protests of Six Nations citizens, the Crown sells Plank Road and surrounding lands to third parties. May 22 - Early in the morning, native protesters removed their blockade on Argyle St. Traffic remained blocked by the Caledonia residents' counter-blockade. It simultaneously announces $1 million in additional compensation for businesses in the Caledonia area adversely affected by the protest. [62] The agreement outlined an accommodation for the construction, consisting of 42.3 acres (0.171 km2) of land across from Little Buffalo along Townline Road (170 Concession 17 Road in Hagersville) being transferred to Six Nations in 2016, as well as a transfer of $352,000 to the SNEC for use in future purchases of land, transferred in 2019. [11] By the end of 2011, several criminal cases related to assaults had been prosecuted. [7], On September 23, Haldimand County's police services board called on the OPP to step up enforcement of the injunction, claiming their current framework for responding to "Indigenous critical incidents" was not working, and characterizing the occupation as "acts of terrorism" in reference to the Canada Criminal Code. The Law Society of Upper Canada logo is a trademark owned by The Law Society of Upper Canada. No action with regards to your particular matter should be taken until you have first sought full legal or professional advice from a lawyer or paralegal fully retained to act on your behalf. The Government says it is seeking a stay of Justice Marshall's order, so that negotiations may resume while the appeal is being prepared. Later in the day, police arrived on the scene and eventually some work was allowed to continue on the site. [65] Two more arrests were made over the September 5-6 weekend, with the same charges as Skye and Dockstader.

They attacked him. [10] Direct action on the part of protesters over the years included blockade of roads and rail lines, damage to a power station resulting in an area blackout and more than $1 million in repairs, and low levels of violence from both sides, as well as isolated, more serious attacks. I was literally arrested within feet of our river in my homelands", "Yellowhead Statement Regarding Arrests At 1492 Land Back Lane", "It's Either A Terrible Mistake Or Something More Sinister", "Two more arrests at disputed Caledonia construction site", "Another Indigenous journalist faces charges tied to injunction at Caledonia development", "Oneida Woman 23rd person charged in connection with Six Nations land rights protest", "Haldimand police services board urges OPP to enforce injunction at Caledonia development", "Ontario police services board calls Six Nations members halting housing development 'terrorists, "Ontario Provincial Police have warrant for arrest of 1492 Land Back Lane spokesperson", "Ontario judge extends injunctions against what he calls 'lawless protesters' in Caledonia", "Injunction against First Nations land reclamation camp sparks skirmish with police", "Police violence spurs retaliation blockades, attacks on infrastructure in Caledonia land dispute", "OPP commissioner defends officers' conduct at site of Indigenous land dispute", "Six Nations elected council addresses controversial agreement with developer, condemns injunctions", "Banner drop protest on Hwy.


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