shantae and the seven sirens left bracelet

Treat other users with respect. Use Tortoise Bash to break stone block. You will earn this trophy on your way to the 3rd labyrinth in which you will find yourself having to gain access. The Empress Siren is the final boss of the game which you will find at the end of the final labyrinth that unlocks after deactivating all 4 towers.

You must complete the game with 100% completion within. Only available in Armor Town so comes much later in the game, but this is another must-have you want to purchase as soon as it becomes available because it reduces damage taken. Shantae also gains new Fusion Dances with different environment-affecting abilities. Throughout the battle, the boss will try to damage you via the electrical devices on the walls, if you use the shock ability, it will immobilise the electrical devices temporarily giving you time to attack the small brains without worry1.


You can acquire this as early as labyrinth #1 and what this does is pulls gems/food/cards towards you from a certain range. Once you locate the Sunken Ship remains, head inside to find the 4th labyrinth.

The full game was released to several platforms on May 28, 2020. This trophy is earned for completing the next part of the story steps shortly after completing the 2nd labyrinth, take a look at the spoiler text below for more detailed information on the steps required.

All you need to do is equip 3 monster cards, please refer to. Require Octo jet to jump onto out of reach platforms. Use Refresh Magic to rejuvenate. #1 Inside cave.

Requires Drill Fusion Magic to acquire.

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#2 Requires Drill Fusion Magic to obtain.

You can acquire this card as early as labyrinth #2 from the crystal crab enemies and this allows you to destroy pots on contact, very helpful for speed. I got the one in the mines.

The Empress is more of an endurance battle than anything.

Up to three cards can be equipped at once, allowing players to augment Shantae’s abilities to their preference.

Each siren on the island has its own dungeon to complete. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You will obtain each of these from NPCs on the World Map as a reward for finding fusion stones.

1. Do what you please there, you should be able to get another heart container here.

After finishing the 5th labyrinth and completing the escape sequence, you will find yourself back in Arena Town where you will be given this task.

#5 Inside an invisible container.

Grab it and exit the cave. You'll have to triple dash jump to the right and bash through the rocks at the end. This trophy is unmissable as you cannot progress naturally without finding all magical forms. #2 Requires Seer Magic to reveal chest. #1 Inside Cave. #5 In chest in the top left corner of room. Platformer, Metroidvania The attacks from the boss don't do too much damage, just be sure you come in with a small stock of food or potions so you can heal if needed. Download this game from Microsoft Store for Xbox One. as this indicates he will dive bomb you and will get stuck in the dug sand. Use Quake Magic to make a statue and Heart Squid appear. Single-player

Nintendo Switch $29.99 $ 29.

They're in roughly the order you'll encounter them in game, but there will be lots of backtracking to 100%. Genre(s) #1 Inside withered plant. Hello Daniel. Use Seer Magic to reveal. ake a look at the spoiler text below for more detailed information. Congratulations on your shiny new platinum trophy!

Dig up and open the chest on the left side for a Nugget. This is the final boss card, but doesn't become available until you have unlocked the warp point to the final labyrinth #6, you purchase this card from the Baron in Armor Town for 9 nuggets. #3 Use Quake Magic to make Nugget appear.

Use your Seer Dance again to reveal a hidden owl statue directly below the stones as shown in the image above. This will unlock the Dangerous Dances achievement. Below is a video showcasing how to do this and exactly where to find them. Help Shantae restore peace to the beautiful island so she can get back to her much deserved vacation!! You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Just a little subreddit for fans of the Shantae series. Shantae Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Please see the. Matt Bozon Dig straight down in the next room and go to the left at the bottom for a Save Room. This will unlock the Hidden Treasure achievement.

Requires Octo Fusion Magic to reach far end and then Tortoise Stomp on stone block.
#1 In the middle of this section. You should get this naturally as you play, but if not, you can find 1 of these monster in the Laboratory, a more precise location is shown in the video below.

You will find the Circus Squid monster in the Squid Pit labyrinth (#5) and all you need to do is use the shock dance on one of these and the trophy will pop.

You will need the quake dance to unearth these.

This will kill the golem and open up the path to the left. This is a boss card that becomes available once you defeat the 2nd boss 'Coral Siren' and you acquire this from the NPC by the save room in Tree Town in exchange for 5 nuggets. #2 Inside the chest.


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