shannon courtenay height and weight

I still love to throw around some heavy weights 3 days a week and instead of focusing on one muscle group I focus on two. In 2015, Courtenay was working in a pub, smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day and, more often than not, her evening meal would be a takeout curry or pizza. was actually the very first product of IFN I had tried and was hooked right away. Some people on social media can be nasty.”. She says: “I will probably stop boxing at about 32 or 33 so I can have children. Now, about my legs- although I do have some pretty intense leg workouts, I have always had big quads.

SC- I won't say I'm completely retired but as of right now. iFN- We know you are a huge proponent of iForce's COMPETE!. Do you feel you were extra focused on maintaining a balanced look and set up your training in a way to keep that balance or did that have more to do with a genetic disposition for great muscularity everywhere? Everyone tried convincing me to switch to bodybuilding but I didn't want to listen. Why is this such an important supplement for you and is it something that you would suggest for any athlete or just specific types of athletes? SC- Honestly, it's all about the training for me... And food.

“My style is fan-friendly. SC-  I have had to change up my training some to incorporate more endurance training on the track and on the trails.

The fight was televised live on Sky Sports[5] as part of the undercard for Charlie Edwards' world title defense against Angel Moreno. I see models on Instagram who are filtered to the nines. iFN- Are you retired from professional bodybuilding or are you just doing other things at the moment? “But it’s difficult for a woman. I stepped on stage 6 months later and placed 2nd in figure but it was out of two girls. Shannon Courtenay (born 3 July 1993) is a British professional boxer. And because I have only been in the sport for four or five years, I am loving every second of it. “But now I get messages daily from people saying that because of me, their daughter took up boxing or they’ve gone for a run. I was told to down size or move into the bodybuilding division where I would finally get a placing I deserved. This type of racing allows me to have both worlds I love, strength training and endurance. I was too lean and held too much muscle, I looked like a lightweight bodybuilder. My least favorite part would be some of the creepy schmoes I have come a crossed. “I drove home and had a chicken salad for dinner, which was unheard of for me,” she adds. iFN- In your experience are most people very respectful to a woman with muscle or do you find some negativity? “The next day I woke up at five o’clock in the morning and went running. Women’s boxing has been on a high in recent years through the success of Ireland’s Olympic gold medallist and world champion Katie Taylor, the most decorated female fighter active today, and Britain's now-retired Nicola Adams, the first female to win a boxing gold medal at an Olympic Games. and is always a staple in my supplement regimen is because it helps me perform at my best, by keeping me mentally focused, physically feeling good (energy), and hydrated throughout the day. The reason why I love COMPETE! Depending on where my physique is at I may do a physique show in the future. Later in her career, Shannon improved her assets with plastic surgery. “It got a bit difficult for me at first. At that point, she had a very attractive hourglass body shape. “I knew my face would fit the pro game,” she says. I had always been in great shape, always had abs, and genetically held more muscle mass. “My body is still fresh, I don't have that much wear and tear like others may have. She headed down to Finchley ABC for one purpose. It is not just Courtenay’s boxing ability which is proving popular. Courtenay raced to 5-0 with two big KO’s and her fast hands accompanied by her punch power will be sure to see her in some exciting fights moving forward. Athlete Profile on IFBB Pro Shannon Courtney Age 23: | Mother of 4 Year Old Boy . Three years after her first fight, she signed a professional contract with Matchroom Boxing. At that time I was a competing in cross country and track for a local college.

Athlete Profile on IFBB Pro Shannon Courtney. They’re photoshopped.

Shannon Courtenay joined her local boxing gym in 2015 after deciding she wanted to lose weight and get fit. I did an 8 week prep for The Fresno Classic in the figure category and placed almost last. If you’re a male boxer and want to start a family, it doesn’t affect you in any way. SC- COMPETE! [8][9] In June, she stopped Valerija Sepetovska by technical knockout (TKO) at 1 minute 16 seconds in the second-round of a scheduled six-round bout held at the York Hall. I’d rather she be inspired by athletes who are doing things.”. My physique was at its best it had ever been, but they had placed me 11th out of 13 because I was still 'too big'. I kept doing it every day and before I knew it I was winning titles.”. Our question is what do you feel was your secret to building your physique as it is? “I tell my sister that these women aren’t perfect. I have went back to my roots of running with a new twist of strength, Spartan Racing. I went from being a nobody to people taking pictures in supermarkets and suddenly social media blew up,” she says. You don’t really see women fight like that. What are you doing now? My physique was at its best it had ever been, but they had placed me 11th out of 13 because I was still 'too big'. iFN- It is our understanding that your focus has shifted into a new competitive arena these days. When the new division women's physique came out, I thought it would be the perfect division for me. Implants : Shannon Tweed was especially popular in 1980’s and 1990’s. I make sure I am always hitting every angle of the muscle. Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 128 pounds : Implants or natural breasts? I started getting an interest for competing in 2010 while working as a personal trainer at a Gold's Gym. From documenting her fitness regime during the coronavirus lockdown, to a hilarious video edit of retired former world champion Tony Bellew's parenting struggles,external-link her activeness on social media and willingness to interact with fans has helped build a loyal following. Despite her inexperience, Courtenay’s raw power and aggressive, come-forward fighting style was soon being noticed by fans and promoters alike. iFN- How has your training changed since switching your focus from professional bodybuilding to Spartan Racing?

Me being me I couldn't just rest, I needed something else in the meantime.

SC-  When I am training I don't just go into the gym and "kill it!" [13], "Female boxing star Shannon Courtenay reveals vile messages of male trolls before blockbuster 02 fight", "Shannon Courtenay Back, October 26 In London", "Edwards vs Moreno: Kristen Fraser welcomes future fight with Shannon Courtenay", "Edwards vs Moreno: Shannon Courtenay impresses on pro debut", "Nikita Ababiy, Shannon Courtenay win on Allen-Browne prelims", "ALLEN VS. BROWNE WEIGHTS AND RUNNING ORDER", "Allen-Browne: Live coverage, 1:20 pm ET", "JD NXTGEN: Shannon Courtenay extends unbeaten record in London", "Wins for Lee Selby, Lawrence Okolie and Conor Benn at the O2 Arena", "NXTGEN: Shannon Courtenay claims an explosive finish to debut year", "Shannon Courtenay beaten by Rachel Ball for first defeat at Fight Camp",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 August 2020, at 23:43. [10] Her next fight was a four-round PTS win over Jasmina Nad on 26 October as part of the undercard for the Josh Taylor vs. Regis Prograis world title fight, held at The O2 Arena. Her journey into boxing is far from typical; she is a latecomer to the sport, did not navigate through the youth ranks or Great Britain’s amateur set-up, nor is she living out a lifelong dream. The amount of L- Carnitine it has is amazing. “I’d laugh at the thought of it,” she says. News Phil Heath Officially Started His Olympia Prep. I finally made the switch and did my first bodybuilding show 5 weeks after The Governors Cup and won the overall. For me, I would have to take about two years out of the sport.


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