scomadi tt125 review

The planned Piaggio engine deal fell through so the dazzling Lancashire duo were forced to look elsewhere for a replacement. Space frame tubular chassis with steel/ABS bodywork, Double hydraulic preload adjustable shock absorber with coil spring and anti dive linkage system, Coil spring with adjustable preload (4 positions) hydraulic shock absorber, CBS combined (F) 220mm Disc, (R) 220mm Disc, Please note that the technical specification is subject to change without prior notice. Ok the plastic bodywork won’t take a ton of lights and mirrors but in my book that can only be a good thing, because they don’t suit a Lambretta GP and won’t look good on a Scomadi either. Be the first to review “Scomadi TL/TT 125 long stem rectangular chrome mirrors” Cancel reply. Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no. The pair also developed and sold a limited edition hand built run of 10 Scomadi branded carbon fibre scooters before moving on to a small run (20 bikes) of cheaper fibreglass Scomadis. Colour Options Oxford Blue Old English White Dual-White &Crimson Dual – White&Blue Panther Black Stratos Silver TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (mm) 1870(L)x620(W)x1115(H) Wheel Base (mm) 1370mm Dry Weight (kg) 125kg Max Load (kg) 169kg Ground Clearance (mm) 330mm Seat Height (mm) 780mm Displacement (cc) 124.6 Engine Type Single Cylinder, Forced Air, SOHC, 2V … Colour Options Oxford Blue Old English White Dual-White &Crimson Dual – White&Blue Panther Black Stratos Silver TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (mm) 1870(L)x620(W)x1115(H) Wheel Base (mm) 1370mm Dry Weight (kg) 125kg Max Load (kg) 169kg Ground Clearance (mm) 330mm Seat Height (mm) 780mm Displacement (cc) 124.6 Engine Type Single Cylinder, Forced Air, SOHC, 2V Bore/Stroke … Reviews. To help move things along Scomadi launched a crowd funding platform at the end of last year and the first 100 deposits were taken within a couple of weeks, despite the scooters not being planned until June this year – or at least that was the original plan. If you want one you need to be prepared to wait though, at the minute you’re looking at November if you put a deposit down now, or you can wait until next summer if you want to get the 200cc flagship model…, 124.6cc single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, Twin front shocks with anti dive linkage, rear single shock absorber. I belive this design never gets outdated and it easy to customize.

The Scomadi Turismo Leggera 125 takes retro styling to the net level. Author: Ian 'Iggy' Grainger Posted: 18 Aug 2015. It has a classic looking rectangular headlight and has an all LED taillights, LED turn signals front and back with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

Sitting on the updated seat it feels better than the rock hard 50cc Scomadi, it’s still quite high at 810mm but at 5’10” I can touch the floor easily enough and it’s only 20mm higher than a GTS. You’re buying into the next big thing, it may be early days for the company in terms of reliability, longevity, residual values and customer confidence but you can’t argue that Scomadi have tapped into a niche market and got the machine looking spot on first time. The fifty arrived just before Christmas and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the first shipment. In my opinion, the Scomadi looks fantastic, ok it might be wider and higher than the Lambretta GP its shape is based on but that’s to accommodate the larger capacity 300cc engine when it arrives. The clocks and headset have also been revised and the stand has been improved. Read More, I had been very keen on the look and beauty of the vehicle that I drive. But the company is still pitting Texas and Oklahoma against each other in an effort to […]. The bodywork may be plastic but that means it won’t rust away and it is also very light, easy and cheap to replace and can be removed if you are working on the scooter (not that you should have to very often). The brakes perform exceptionally well. TT200 (Liquid Cooled) Technology Data TT200 4VTC E4. and more will follow. The 125 has disc brakes at both ends and there’s enough feel at the levers to lock the rear wheel. The forks upfront and the suspension in the back do their job pretty well and absorb the bumps, the 120 section rear tyre give additional confidence while in turns or maneuvering the TL125. That top speed equated to 58mph on the GPS but I’d expect that to go over 60 once it’s loosened up a bit. Competition for market segment has never been this fierce especially with the trend of scooters above 110cc is rapidly growing. Tubeless tyres are fitted to the matt black alloy rims, the scooters come with Duro tyres as standard. The eagerly anticipated 125cc Scomadi arrived in dealers in June, if you’re paying attention you’ll not be surprised to hear that they were all presold and deposits were already being taken for the second batch due to arrive in September. In fact I think it goes very well for what is essentially a basic off the shelf air-cooled four stroke. Detailed Motorcycle Comparison by Price, Engine Power, Design, Specs, Features and more. This one is the demo bike from Midland Scooter Centre and is exactly as they come out of the showroom.

Your email address will not be published. The bike is not only providing you with a delightful I’ve not had chance to put any big mileage on the Scomadi but I was quite happy to take it down the A38 where it felt able to keep up with traffic easily enough and I’d be willing to take it further afield, I’ve certainly ridden slower and less reliable scooters to rallies in the past so it should be capable. The disc brakes in the front and back have plenty of stopping power and provide a good feedback as well. Its retro styling takes the cake and makes it a bonafide head turner. It’s comparable with a Piaggio Typhoon 125 and even whilst running in I was seeing a good 55mph on the clock and got 64.8mph with a slight downhill. Dealers have been taking deposits on the second batch for a couple of months and I expect in a week or so they’ll be as hard to get hold of as a new 50cc Scomadi, so get your name down on what is the current hottest new scooter in the country. If you’re prepared to accept this scooter for what it is and not look back at the past with rose tinted specs you’ll enjoy owning and riding a Scomadi.


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