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I got his phone, too, so I got a direct line to him. [2], In an interview in 1992 with The Los Angeles Times, Rollins revealed he kept a plastic container full of soil soaked with Cole's blood. Cole started performing in Detroit and later relocated to Los Angeles in the 1960s.

His real breakthrough in acting came with starring role of Detective Jim Briggs in television series ‘Felony Squad’. Copy to clipboard. Two armed men, described as black and in their 20s, approached them demanding money. Selon Rolling Stone , après la mort de Cole, des centaines d'heures d'entrevues que Cole avait enregistrées avec des «personnages flamboyants de la rue» à Venice Beach ont été transformées en une heure de «séquences primo» que le magazine décrit comme «un regard sans faille sur le rêve américain disparu amok". Je lui dis bonjour tous les jours. [6][7], A book of Cole's collected writings, primarily tour journals, was published posthumously by Rollins's publishing company and titled Planet Joe. He is most remembered for The Love Boat. [2] Cole also worked as a roadie for the band Hole, filming the group's 1991 tour performances, and appeared in several films including Raymond Pettibon's The Book of Manson, where he also has a cinematography credit. Dennis Cole - Les acteurs. Cole et Henry Rollins ont été agressés par des voleurs armés en décembre 1991 à l'extérieur de leur maison commune de Venice Beach, en Californie, au 809 Brooks Avenue dans le quartier d'Oakwood. This page was last modified on 31 May 2016, at 21:47. He was shot to death in a December 19, 1991, armed robbery in the Venice section of Los Angeles. Cole initially forayed into modelling and then worked as a stuntman before commencing his acting career. [4][5] The murder remains unsolved. [2] Cole also worked as a roadie for Hole, filming the group's 1991 tour performances, and appeared in several films including Raymond Pettibon's The Book of Manson, where he also has a cinematography credit. Joseph Dennis "Joe" Cole (April 19, 1961 – December 19, 1991) was the son of actor Dennis Cole by his first wife, Sally Bergeron. Died December 19, 1991 (aged 30) Both his parents were alcoholics. During the 1960s and 1970s, Cole featured as a familiar face on-screen, whether in daytime soaps, prime-time series or mini-movies. Cole met actress Jaclyn Smith in 1976 while guest-starring on the set of ‘Charlie's Angels’. Venice Beach, California, United States. However, second marriage of Cole also culminated into divorce on July 23, 1981. However, Cole was killed outside after being shot in the face at close range while Rollins escaped out the back door and alerted the police. Dennis Cole is now deceased. Cole était le fils de l' acteur Dennis Cole par sa première femme, Sally Bergeron.

He forayed into real-estate broking and together with Marjorie launched and ran the real estate company Celebrity Realty, Inc. Joseph Dennis Cole (10 avril 1961 - 19 décembre 1991) était un acteur américain, écrivain et roadie pour Black Flag and Rollins Band , qui a été tué par balle dans un vol à main armée le 19 décembre 1991. The couple later ended their marriage on April 21, 2008. Son fils, Joe Cole, a été assassiné en 1991. Cole était le fils de l'acteur Dennis Cole de sa première femme, Sally Bergeron. Joseph Dennis “Joe” Cole (1961-1991) - Find A Grave Memorial Rollins entered at gunpoint. On se souvient de lui dans les chansons de Sonic Youth "JC" et " 100% " sur leur album Dirty . Cole married Sally Bergeron in November 1960. Cole made guest appearances in numerous television series, such as Medical Center, Police Story, Charlie's Angels, Vega$, The Feather and Father Gang, The Eddie Capra Mysteries, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Three's Company and Murder, She Wrote. Son meurtre reste non expliqué. His later career saw him getting into real-estate broking. His film appearances include in ‘Pretty Smart’ and ‘Cave-In!’ Cole became an activist and spoke against violence on TV after he lost his only son Joe in a home invasion robbery attempt. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? Rollins a dit: "J'ai déterré toute la terre où sa tête est tombée - il a reçu une balle dans le visage - et j'ai toute la saleté ici, et donc Joe Cole est dans la maison. HedgeLegal negotiates your agreements and get you onboarded with your Prime Brokers, Clearers and Counterparties He made his final television appearance in a 1998 episode of the crime drama series ‘Pacific Blue’. Cole also worked as a roadie for the band Hole, filming the group's 1991 tour performances, and appeared in several films including Raymond Pettibon's The Book of Manson, where he also has a cinematography credit. sally bergeron cole | Collaborative Extended Reality Transforms desktop applications to immersive VR/AR experience (CAD to VR).

Other notable television roles of Cole include in series ‘Bearcats!’, ‘Bracken's World’ and ‘The Young and the Restless’. Relation: Name: Birth: Son: Joe Cole: Apr 10 1961: Husband: Dennis Cole: July 19 1940: Spotted an error? Cole a également travaillé comme roadie pour la bande du trou , le tournage de 1991 spectacles de tournée du groupe, et est apparu dans plusieurs films dont Raymond Pettibon de Le Livre de Manson , où il a aussi un crédit cinématographique. film, According to Rolling Stone, after Cole's death, hundreds of hours of interviews Cole had taped with "flamboyant street characters" in Venice Beach were edited into an hour of "primo footage" that the magazine described as "an unflinching look at the American dream gone amok".,,,

Their marriage lasted till 1965. Cole was also associated with different charitable organizations. He also featured in plays like ‘The Boys in the Band’, ‘Lovers and Other Strangers’ and ‘The Tender Trap’; in the British farces ‘Out of Order’ and ‘Run for You Life’; and in his own musical revue that was showcased on the Sunset Strip and in Las Vegas. Rollins entered at gunpoint. So that feels good.

Angry that Rollins and Cole had only $50 between them, the gunmen ordered the two men to go inside their house for more cash. Dans une interview en 1992 avec le Los Angeles Times , Rollins a révélé qu'il gardait un récipient en plastique plein de terre imbibé du sang de Cole.

to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Nov 1960: Relatives. [11] Cole also appeared in Raves – God's Movie, Volume 1 starring Joe Cole. They had 1 child. It took him three years to recover. Dennis Cole was an American actor and model. The two married on October 29, 1978.

Cole’s only son Joseph Dennis Cole also referred as Joe Cole was born through Sally on April 10, 1961. April 10, 1961 They divorced when Cole was young. Incident and aftermath . I got his phone, too, so I got a direct line to him. They had been married for 4 years. Joe Cole, his only son from his first marriage with Sally Bergeron, was shot dead in 1991, at the age of 30, during a home invasion robbery attempt in the Venice section of Los Angeles. [8] It describes his time touring in the 1980s, in particular with Black Flag. Rollins said, "I dug up all the earth where his head fell – he was shot in the face – and I've got all the dirt here, and so Joe Cole's in the house. See

Over the years, he appeared in many low-budget action flicks like ‘Amateur Night’ (1986), ‘Pretty Smart’ (1987), ‘Dead End City’ (1988), ‘Death House’ (1988) and ‘Fatal Encounter’ (1990). Marriage: Spouse: Dennis Cole. Born Joseph Dennis Cole The page you requested could not be found.


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